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ViewNX 2 is a powerful and easy-to-use Mac OS X application that provides the required tools to import, browse and edit multimedia files from your DSLR. What is more, ViewNX 2 also integrates Nikon’s image storage and sharing website, Nikon Image Space, formerly known as My Picturetown. Moreover, ViewNX 2 offers you the option to upload your edited videos on YouTube or share your pictures via Facebook with just a few mouse clicks. As follows, you can crop, straighten, remove the red-eye effect, correct lateral color aberration and other imperfections that hide important details. You can change the look of the interface from white to grey, dark grey and black depending on your image brightness.

Furthermore, ViewNX 2 comes with handy movie editing features that might come in handy for extracting still images, editing the video and removing unwanted parts. 500 MB of free space on the start-up disk ( 1GB or more recommended) 50MB required for installation.
Consequently, you can upload your favorite pictures and share them with your friends and followers. Before sharing your shots with your friends, you might want to enhance your pictures with some of the image editing functions ViewNX 2 has to offer.
The top toolbar offers you access to three different workspaces that enables you to browse your photo and video library, to view the location where you took the pictures and to edit them using the above mentioned editing tools.

On top of that, you can display or hide two different panels, which can help you browse your folders and edit your pictures. You also have the option to add transitions and join videos with pictures in order to obtain the desired result. This file stores incomplete and complete downloads (the latter only if you set IE to remember your last completed downloads).

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