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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. DTM 09-026, February 25, 2010 ATTACHMENT 2 GUIDELINES FOR USE OF INTERNET-BASED CAPABILITIES1.
DTM 09-026, February 25, 2010Component senior management personnel to ensure that Internet-based capabilities areused responsibly and effectively. Technology has provided educators with abundant resources that prevent online students from feeling detached and disengaged. A recent survey about artists’ use of the internet by Xanadu Gallery drew a geographically diverse group of respondents from throughout the U.S. Popular alternatives to hosted domain names include Facebook pages, Google sites or blogs like WordPress or Blogger.
This memorandum establishes DoD policy and assigns responsibilities forresponsible and effective use of Internet-based capabilities, including social networking services(SNS). Assist their respective Component Head to ensure effective implementation ofcomputer network defense mechanisms as well as the proper use of Internet-basedcapabilities through the use of existing IA education, training, and awareness activities. Videos bring value to online courses by increasing interactivity, fostering engagement, and contributing real-world content.
Many of the respondents feel the most important functions of their artist website are to market work to buyers, and inform existing customers of new work. This policy recognizes that Internet-based capabilities are integral to operations acrossthe Department of Defense. It is DoD policy that: • The NIPRNET shall be configured to provide access to Internet-based capabilities across all DoD Components.
Establish and maintain policy and procedures regarding Internet-basedcapabilities use, risk management, and compliance oversight.
Selling is important as well, but only 20% of respondents listed selling as being of critical importance in their online marketing efforts.
This DTM is effective immediately; it will be converted to a newDoD issuance within 180 days.
Establish risk assessment procedures to evaluate and monitor current andemerging Component Internet-based capabilities in order to identify opportunities for useand assess risks.

Those artists who sell from their website report that most buyers visit the artist’s website to learn more about them and their work. Be actively monitored and evaluated by DoD Components for compliance withsecurity requirements and for fraudulent or objectionable use (References (d), (g), and(i)).3. Provide implementation guidance for responsible and effective use ofInternet-based capabilities.
Provide policy for news, information, photographs, editorial, communityrelations activities, and other materials distributed via external official presences.
In coordination with the Component Public Affairs Office, assist theirrespective Component Head in evaluating external official presences’ intended use.6. This DTM applies to: • OSD, the Military Departments, the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Joint Staff, the Combatant Commands, the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, the Defense Agencies, the DoD Field Activities, and all other organizational entities within the Department of Defense (hereafter referred to collectively as the “DoD Components”). Integrate guidance regarding the proper use of Internet-based capabilities withinformation assurance (IA) education, training, and awareness activities.
However, because these interactions take place in a public venue,personnel acting in their official capacity shall maintain liaison with public affairs andoperations security staff to ensure organizational awareness. The CDRUSSTRATCOM, in addition to the responsibilities insection 4 of this attachment, shall: a.
Establish mechanisms to monitor emerging Internet-based capabilities in orderto identify opportunities for use and assess risks. In accordance with Unified Command Plan 2008 (Reference (l)), direct thedefense and operation of the DoD Global Information Grid (GIG). Data mashups that combine similar types of media and information frommultiple sources into a single representation. In coordination with the Heads of the OSD and DoD Components, develop aprocess for establishing enterprise-wide terms of service agreements for Internet-basedcapabilities when required.2.
All publicly accessible information capabilities and applications available across the Internet in locations not owned, operated, or controlled by the Department of Defense or the Federal Government. Ensure that the information posted is relevant and accurate, and provides noinformation not approved for public release, including personally identifiable information(PII) as defined in Reference (e). Ensure the implementation, validation, and maintenance of applicable IAcontrols, information security procedures, and OPSEC measures.

Provide links to official DoD content hosted on DoD-owned, -operated, or-controlled sites where applicable.
Develop procedures and guidelines to be implemented by the OSD and DoDComponents for OPSEC reviews of DoD information shared via Internet-basedcapabilities. Ensure that computer network defense mechanisms that provide adequatesecurity for access to Internet-based capabilities from the NIPRNET are in place,effective, and compliant with DoD Instruction O-8530.2 (Reference (k)).
External official presences shall comply with Reference(a) and clearly identify that the Department of Defense provides their content.
Educate, train, and promote awareness for the responsible and effective use ofInternet-based capabilities.
Receive approval from the responsible OSD or DoD Component Head.Approval signifies that the Component Head concurs with the planned use and hasassessed risks to be at an acceptable level for using Internet-based capabilities. Internet-based capabilities used to transact businessare subject to records management policy in accordance with Reference (h). Integrate guidance regarding the proper use of Internet-based capabilities intoOPSEC education, training, and awareness activities. Monitor and evaluate the use of Internet-based capabilities to ensurecompliance with this DTM. All users ofthese Internet-based capabilities must be aware of the potential record value of theircontent, including content that may originate outside the agency.5.
Coordinate with USD(I) regarding the use of all Internet-based capabilities thatcollect user or other information, to ensure compliance with Reference (j).5. Paragraph 2-301 of Reference (b)permits limited personal use of Federal Government resources when authorized by theagency designee on a non-interference basis.

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