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A colleague of mine forwarded me the email below, I can only speculate how this could have happened.
On Facebook and across their site, Marketo believes I am actually Lauren, one of my colleagues. When personalizing an email, handling contacts without a name in your database is one of the most basic steps. No list of marketing technology failures would be complete today without including Bank of America’s recent string of automated twitter responses.
About Eric WittlakeI am a digital and B2B marketer with a background in online media and analytics.
I agree with you on the above as you pointed out not covering off all iterations of content is only going to become more prevalent. BTW: congrats on the recent launch, nice to see this level of sophistication in an initial program launch.
I am a digital and B2B marketer with a broad background in media, marketing technology and analytics. The Oracle Eloqua AppCloud is moving to the vendor’s Topliners user community site, enabling customers to more easily share, comment and follow apps, and receive updates from a single location, according to company officials.
The integration also enhances users’ ability to learn about AppCloud partner offerings as well as interact with Eloqua, partners and other organizations from within the familiar Topliners community. Channel Marketer Report (CMR) is a targeted e-media publication covering the latest solutions, trends and strategies to help companies optimize their marketing, both to and through their partner networks. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Explanation : Email has become very prevalent in most people’s lives and many use it to cheaply and quickly communicate with friends, family, and co-workers. Length: A number of experts have a wide range of opinions on how lengthy an email should be.
Explanation: The main point of this slide is to help participates understand the importance of tone. Explanation: Attachments can sometimes cause more headaches than help, and it can be difficult for the recipient(s) to figure out why they are unable to download an attachment.
Explanation: When writing a complaint via email the writer should provide a very clear picture for the recipient mainly because there is a tremendous amount of room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding. Explanation: It is important for the writer to provide a context for his or her audience and to show the audience that he or she has taken all the necessary and required steps to resolve it. From marketing automation to demand side platforms to content management systems, technology puts the right message in front of the right person at the right time.

When my colleague’s email was assembled by the system, it just pulled the default placeholder text. When you can no longer actually review every single iteration that may be produced, you need to build checks and controls into your system, which just makes your system that much more complex! Now Lauren looks far more engaged with Marketo’s content than she actually is, breaking their lead scoring and causing them to recommend content to Lauren based on my content preferences. And when you are a marketing platform (one that includes email), announcing your purchase by one of the premier marketing technology stacks, you really should be able to handle the basics. As these examples show, almost all from companies that should know better, it is far easier for a problem to slip through when the technology is now creating the marketing your audience sees. I work with B2B clients on media and integrated marketing programs at Babcock & Jenkins. Based in Portland, Oregon, I am currently in charge of the media group at Babcock & Jenkins. Working closely with industry analysts and experts, Alicia reports on the latest news, technologies, case studies and trends coming to forefront in the channel marketing world.
Although this technology is available to everyone, and most people are accustomed to using email, people still are not very savvy when it comes to understanding how email functions in a relationship both personally and professionally. Some say that it does not matter and others say that an email should be as long as the text box without scrolling.
One way to help is to provide all of the important information about the file so that the recipient can trouble shoot to something more serious if there is a problem other than incompatibility. It is important that the writer provide a context and state clearly what the problem is and how he or she would like to see the problem resolved. When a person takes the time to show that she or he is contributing to the solution the message takes on a positive tone that is generally received with greater ease and optimism by the audience. Keep in mind that asking long questions can be irritating to answer, especially if you were not clear and the reader does not understand exactly what you are asking. Purdue students can schedule one-on-one tutoring sessions to work with specially trained tutors for any of their professional writing concerns. With a focus on emerging marketing strategies, including social, mobile and content for demand, Alicia hones in on new ways for organizations to market to and through their partner networks.
How we interpret email : While most people are aware that the computer is not a person and that emails do not have a character of their own, many people still react to them as though they do. While it is important to follow rules of punctuation and grammar in email, using contractions can create a conversational style that isn’t intimidating.
Also, due to viruses that spread via e-mail attachments, it’s important that the recipient know that the sender meant for an attachment to be included with the message, and what kind of attachment it is, since opening unknown attachments could cause serious damage to the recipient’s system and spread viruses further.

Everyone does not agrees on what is considered to be a “problem.” When writers clearly state what they perceive to be troublesome it reduces the possibility of disagreement between them and their audience. If you want to discuss a complicated matter, it’s best to speak to your teacher outside of email. The Lab staff can also be reached via the Grammar Hotline or through email to answer brief questions. Through her work with G3 Communications, Alicia also acts as Associate Editor for Retail TouchPoints, a digital publishing network focused on the customer-facing area of the retail industry. Readers assign meaning to everything that people write and tend to perceive it as concrete because it is in black and white (or whatever color you may choose). Always check any attachments you are going to send for viruses, and never open unknown attachments!
It is also a good idea to check out the Writing Lab web site, which offers a variety of online handouts and workshops related to audience, tone, and organization. This response, coupled with a lack of nonverbal cues, poses a serious challenge for email writers. Reminder: The tutors at the Writing Lab are not able to help with technical problems students have with their email preferences and accounts. It is easy for emails to be misinterpreted because people write as though they are having a conversation; however, the receiver does not read that way. Writers should strive to respond to emails as quickly as they would a phone message, which tends to be immediately. Most often when people receive complaints the natural reaction is to ask “so how does this involve me?” It is vital that writers prescribe courses of action to motivate their audience. If the email requires a longer message than the writer is able to provide at that moment, it is considered proper etiquette to let the sender know that the message was received and that the writer is planning to respond as soon as time permits. First, writers should concede that they may have overlooked an option; perhaps there are other ways to resolve the problem without calling meetings and sending out intimidating memos.
Grammar and Punctuation: For the professional work world it is imperative that writers use capitalization, grammar, and other traditional ways of writing to include neutral fonts. Second, writers should show how they are willing to participate in the solution by suggesting their willingness to meet with a third party, the party in question, or others.

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