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Email ads and newsletters are still big converters mainly because you can directly reach your target audience and keep them informed of new products and services you are offering. I’ve sprinkled great email creative examples throughout the article that demonstrate these principles and hopefully offer some inspiration for your next email design project. There is a lot of trial and error when it comes to developing a successful email marketing campaign, but there are a few elements that have been proven to work time and time again. Along with relevant content, images are an excellent way to communicate your message and an easy way for your customers to engage with the email quickly. Branding is the best way to tie your site, service or product into your email creative so make sure your name is all over the thing. Without a clear call to action the email creative is worthless, despite your attention grabbing subject line, informative content, its beautiful imagery and clear branding. Designing and building an email creative can be a beast — and you thought it was hard to build a website browser compliant. So, forget everything you know about modern web design layout and stay away from using any CSS if possible. Since CSS layouts aren’t cool anymore and table layouts are back in now, stick to grids and columns so that your creative will be presented in the way you designed it — no matter what email box your user is using. Besides making it easier for you to render your email creatives, grids also offer a better way to present your content and layout your information and images in a clean and methodical way. Like we talked about above, images are awesome elements for email creatives, so don’t be afraid to use them. Because CSS can be hard to work with in emails and because tables are also hard to work with, try to avoid background images.
Beyond optimizing you images and content so that your email creative loads quickly, design you email to be scanned quickly by the reader. Basically, you want your user to scan down your email in a few seconds and still understand the overall message you’re presenting. I believe you can easily be ignore by the large amount of content you have in a newsletter! Is better always to have the latest kickass project with a small description and a big button linking back to your website. Newsletters to your clients are a great way to let them know the new things that you are doing and the ways that you can better your services for their company. In my opinion & Experience, usually simple emails generate more results, as they look like personalized and less like millions of newsletters or marketing emails we get every day. Would you happen to have articles on constructing an html email letter from scratch that has grids and images? Find great discounts for many useful services and resources on our Deals & Offers page! Email Marketing – Is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business, you can communicate with your customers informing them of new products and services or just give them up to date information. You can tailor your messages to specific customers and help build customer relationships and acquire new customers through relevant, well targeted emails that interest recipients. MonkMailer is an opt-in email marketing facility which will automatically keep your mail list up to date and give your all the statistics you require to see how effective your marketing campaign has been.
There are two ways to use the system either a pay as you go (PAYG) or a subscription service for companies wishing to send frequent newsletters and promotional material.

All the MonkMailer email marketing systems are Free to set up and have no minimum contract with the monthly subscription you just need to give one months notice. Ideal if you are sending multiple email campaigns every month.  You are simply billed every month based on the size of your subscriber list and can send as many emails as you like per month. No matter how you pay, there are no contracts, setup fees, or nasty lock-ins, and you can cancel at any time.
If you are looking for an additional service like Graphic Design, Animation, or Mobile Apps, please provide details below.Please tell us what you require? The start of the new year is the perfect time to get a newsletter designed and ready for your big year. We at The Print Shoppe are here to help with the design of your newsletter and can offer advice on how to go about distributing these marketing tools. Our team at AlphaGraphics will help you create a successful email marketing campaign, with messages that people will actually read and act on. Today, people are smarter and now understand that the Nigerian Prince really doesn’t want to give them ten million dollars and only if you claim it in the next ten minutes. However, even though people are smarter, the methods of building and rendering email creatives are not. Despite whether you are sending out a monthly newsletter to your users or sending out a creative to promote your new product release, these elements will all contribute to a successful campaign. Columns and grids separate and present content in an easy to read and easy to scan way, so that your user doesn’t have to work hard to pull your message out. As long as your images are hosted on a good public URL and are embedded via the HTML img tag, you’re safe, so go ahead and use them. Despite the fact that your images are most likely gonna be hosted on your public server somewhere, don’t make the images so large that they take a second to load. Take advantage of visual hierarchy to guide the user through your email, use bullet points and headers, use infographic style imagery or other visual cues to present you message and always design a clear call to action. If you can grab their attention in those few seconds, they may stick around to read the email in further detail and hopefully click through. Mobile inboxes are just an entire beast all by themselves so they may actually require a whole new article to tackle them. Sometimes I wonder how my boss sees a “newsletter” width more than 8000px height!
This will also show them that you are working to make sure that you are doing the things necessary to ensure that you are providing them the best bang for their buck. You can send HTML emails with Thunderbird and can easily set it up with an online account like Gmail and AOL.
Am I still stuck in the old mind frame that a lot of images can be distracting especially since a lot of email clients have images turned off by default? I am doing Email marketing for long time, but this article was still having lot of juice for me to grab. Using email is an ideal way to communicate your messages quickly and cost-effectively without the expense of postage and brochures. The MonkMailer system can be integrated into your enquiry and contact forms so that customers can opt in to receive information from your company. However, with so many messages exchanged daily, how can  you make yours stand out?

But email creatives are still a very important part of legit online marketing campaigns of high quality products and services. Tables layouts, catchy subject lines and clear call to actions are still the email creative standards so let’s talk about some ways to design and build better email creatives and campaigns.
If the subject line isn’t compelling or interesting enough, no one will even get past the first click. Whether it’s a newsletter or ad, the content needs to be relevant to them, it needs to be useful and it also needs to be informative enough (but not too much) so that your users will trust your expertise and want to learn more. The best way to build trust is to show them that other people use your product or service — hopefully their friends. The first rule of email creative design is just to make things simple and the second rule is to keep things simple.
Keep in mind, email creatives are kind of an older beast so there’s really no need to have live text unless where necessary. Use something like Lastpass so you can easily get logged into all of your test accounts quickly across browsers as well.
Not sure if I am a rare case since the institution I work for uses Notes (a shiver runs down my spine whenever I say that name).
Any design methods you use to entice the user will be worthless if they don’t know what the next step is or where they need to go. Add your social icons or even feeds to your email creatives so that they can see you’re not just some sneaky snake oil salesman. But with so many email rendering agents out there, it’s impossible to know whether any of your floats or display properties will render correctly. It’s totally cool to use embedded text in images so take advantage of this and be as creative as you want.
Stick with JPGs and GIFs instead of PNGs — some viewers still don’t like PNGs… I know, pretty lame. Typically, most clients use up to about 600-700px of their real estate to the email viewing window so avoid going too wide. Make sure you are using proper alt and title tags for your images if you embedded important text into them. If you want 2015 to be the BIG year for your business, a newsletter is one of the most highly leveraged marketing activities you can do.
Don’t guess, just fall back to your old table layout, HTML only design layouts — even if it breaks your heart. Also, consider designing your table layout to be flexible (if you can) so that when someone shrinks their email client they will still be able to view your entire email.
If you just don’t have time to test a bunch of inboxes, make sure you hit the major web clients like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail — then make sure you hit the major desktop clients, Outlook and Apple Mail. Like I said, mobile email creative best practices probably deserve an entire article to themselves so stayed tuned for that.

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