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If you are a small or even a big business owner or website a site owner, you might want a logo or an icon for your business. You can insert different elements and you can arrange all those elements in layers, rotate, turn, increase, reduce, move and paint the appropriate color, piece by piece. Online Logo Maker: Online Logo Maker is another free service that lets you create nice logos and icons for your business. Online Logo Maker has an interesting and a user-friendly interface, which will be proved to very helpful when you go about creating your logo. If you have suggestions for other free online logo generators, please do share them in the comments. The open source applications are a better way to save time and start a business very easily and cost effectively. But open source software's don't guarantee quality, for this reason our open source customization team, consisting of experienced graphic designers and web developers help our clients in designing templates, creating skins and integrating design, installing them, installing their modes, and also make custom modification as per client needs.
As 2010 drew to a close, we wrapped up a pretty important project that’s gonna make designing professional emails even easier in MailChimp. These new templates help newbies and pros alike make some pretty sophisticated designs quickly. In this set of 36 templates, we have examples of basic newsletters, sophisticated photo gallery layouts, stationary style layouts, and even mobile specific layouts among others.
And I like the use of the space up top for a summary of the email and to give the right text for Facebook posts.

FYI – I love MailChimp service and use it frequently, but find little in the blog updates that I can understand or use because I am not technical enough. I’m not too familiar with the terms of the license, can I customise these templates with my own graphics and maybe move the layouts about a bit and then sell as a template? No need to spend even a single penny on professional Logo Creators, you can use free online logo creating services, and by using them, you can design your own logo perfectly without any limitations. Have a look at the following list of 3 free online logo creating service. LogoMaker has a huge library of predefined logos, each of the logo being perfectly designed. Online Logo Maker runs on Adobe Flash, so you will need to have Adobe Flash installed on your machine. I found that Online Logo Maker has more features as compared to both the other two free online logo creators. With Online Logo Maker you can insert different layers and edit them easily. He loves to try out new Windows based software and gadgets and is currently learning JAVA.
We created 36 new Start From Scratch email templates that introduce a plethora of layout options, and a host of new controls to repeat and hide content modules, auto-resize images to fit in a template, and a whole lot more. Since these templates are so useful, we’re releasing the source of all 36 of them as an open source project called Email Blueprints on GitHub. With all of the hard stuff already done for you, you can focus on making really great designs and writing content that’s going to get you and your clients better results from your campaigns. At the moment, that preheader text does not appear when sharing the email using the Like button, primarily because of how Facebook pulls in that data.

Logo editing and Logo creating is awesome with LogoEase, as you can insert text and you can design the text too by selecting the font, size and colors of letters. This huge collection of logos can be especially useful if you are just unable to get an idea of what kind of logo you want to design, or how to go about designing one. Fabio, our resident email template master, already blogged about all of the fancy features and layout possibilities, but you may have missed it while sipping eggnog by the fire and enjoying your favorite holiday program on the tele. But all 36 of the templates are already in the app for you to use without touching any code. The predefined logos are very nice  and you can complete your task of creating beautiful logos. I would definitely say that Online Logo Maker is the online logo creator that I found the best among these 3. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software is always recommended, he feels. If you’re a coder designing and building templates for your clients or even just yourself, these starter templates will help you big time. In the campaign builder, you will see them in the Start From Scratch section of the template library.

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