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Demo BuyGranda is really well delevoped template which offer many features important for marketing. Way, way way back in the Day, Dove did that thing where they revealed the extreme photoshopping that goes into the presentation of most models. This stunt from comedy group Above Average creates yet another spoof but this one goes a bit further creating its own full blown experiment spoof illustrating how real women might react to the tricks Dove plays on them in their stunts. Are you a young college aged student hoping to land a dream internship in a New York ad agency? At first you may freak and lock things down like a 13 year old hiding their social media profiles from their parents. When it's time to build your brand, promote your product, or rollout the next big thing, you'll need to engage in a media buying strategy. But how will you know if you're getting the best value for your dollar and reaching the largest number of potential customers? No, this isn't another item about Robert Scoble taking a showers while wearing Google Glass. There happens to be a long history of babies and young children being used in advertisements; it's a practice that dates back to the 1800's, though it would be quite some time after that until actual photographs of babies became fodder for ad campaigns.

In this second outing, a couple of guys, Jesse and Luis, get to hang with NBA All Stars Alonzo Mourning, Karl Malone, Penny Hardaway, Bruce Bowen, Darryl Dawkins along with Benny the Bull and experience a basketball lover's dream. Detailed information about your event can be presented using this professionally designed and developed Pro-Conf Landing Page.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If so, you may have noticed a creepy looking dude named Donald Buscando has visited your LinkedIn profile. Whether you carefully plan a formal launch or dash off a back-of-the-envelope proposal and forge ahead immediately, everything will hinge on optimizing price and placement.
To steer clear of the usual hockey advertising trope that's usually filled with "rampant heavy metal, distressed footage and highlight orgy's," Arnold Worldwide crafted a couple of beautifully serene spots that capture an entirely different side of the game. The ad, created by TDA_Boulder, illustrates the idiocy of dealing with Google Glass-like technology and signs off with, "The FirstBank Mobile App. This template can be used effectively for business events, seminars, professional meet up, authors, speakers and industry experts. It's bad enough we're all glued to our phones when we could be interacting with those around us but check out what happens during dinner with this four-eyed family.

Did your boss just ask you to organize a one day conference and the closest thing you've ever planned was a trip to the grocery store?
To me it just comes of as if it were an overzealous ad school student version of the original.
You see, Donald is the creation of Mother New York and it's all part of a summer internship recruiting program. From the moment a woman dressed in a short black miniskirt and high heels struts into view and says something along the lines on, "In the game of love, there are times of war," our focus was, shall we say, distracted. If you recall, the brand launched a celebrity-studded version of this ad during the Super Bowl in which the likes of Don Cheadle, Minka Kelly and Arnold Schwarzenneger along with One Republic show one guy an epic night. Formstack, a company that does just what it sounds like it does, is out with an infographic (hey, they're easy to digest) entitled The Anatomy of A Perfect Event that will give you a few basic pointers.

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