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Facebook has just released some new research that shows us just how well Facebook ads play with others, like paid and organic search channels, to lift traffic and conversions.
So sit back, relax, and let me take you on a magical ride through Facebook’s awesome new data. There’s no “Batmobile” without “mobile” – and mobile is a big part of the equation here, too. 2. Financial services: Research found a 19 percent lift in paid search conversion volume and a 10 percent improvement in CPA with exposure to Facebook ads! Like we’ve known for years, multiple channels work together in your customer’s journey and Facebook ads are no exception. Of note is the impact of the mobile device in all of this, which, as the research points out, is no surprise as people go on to search from their mobile device when they’ve been served Facebook ads on mobile. I’ll leave you with a few recommendations based on the data, and you can download the full research here. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. Lately Facebook has gone all in to provide businesses with tools and targeting options to connect with customers and prospects when it matters. In this article I’ll share six tips for creating super eye-catching, effective Facebook ads using recent updates and features. Facebook launched a local awareness initiative in 2014 that gave advertisers the option to add a Get Directions call-to-action button to their ads. This is an important lead generation tool for businesses of all kinds, but especially local businesses. As powerful as Google Shopping ads are, it only made sense that Facebook would enter this arena, too.
Though they serve a similar purpose, Facebook’s product ads do not work in the same way as Google’s product listing ads.
The ads are template-based, meaning you don’t have to spend time on new creative for each ad.
Best of all, these templates work for news feed and sidebar ads across all displays, so you don’t need separate ads for desktop, tablet and mobile.
Facebook launched carousel ads last year, but this summer they extended the option to mobile. This mobile carousel ad from Tinker Crate spotlights different features and views of their product. This spring, Neiman Marcus used carousel ads to showcase shoe and handbag collections and reported three times more conversions and 85 percent higher click-through rates, compared to standard ad units. Given the natural inclination to swipe sideways on mobile, carousel ads are an intuitive, seamless ad format for mobile users that gives you a creative, engaging way to tell stories. A June overhaul gave Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor facelifts, as well as added functionality. On the Power Editor side, this release offers a more logical interface, but also enhances bulk editing and advanced search capabilities. Ads Manager has a more streamlined feel, with performance metrics featured more prominently.

What’s particularly awesome about this update is that you can bulk-edit the targeting and budgets for several ads at once and use the Create Similar option to duplicate ads and campaigns.
Small- and medium-sized advertisers rejoiced earlier this year when Facebook released the stand-alone Ads Manager app.
The stand-alone app also lets you receive push notifications, save new ad drafts, create ads using photos from your phone and more. Now, you can be as mobile as the people you’re trying to reach and not feel chained to a desktop computer to monitor your ad campaigns. Lead ads might be a good option if you want people to sign up for your company’s newsletter, request a follow-up phone call or receive a price estimate. This summer at Cannes Lions (an annual ad industry festival), Facebook gave a sneak peek at an immersive mobile ad format they’re working on.
This ad format will demand a great deal of creative and will probably suit larger brands, at least in its early days. Mark Zuckerberg was of the longstanding opinion that GIFs were a disruption to the user experience, which was a pretty poor excuse for keeping the old ban in place for so long. We’ve found that adding video in Facebook News Feed Ads increases post engagement by 3 to 5 times, on average, but often by even more. Ideally, you’ll have tons of video in your Facebook advertising arsenal, but one of the challenges there is the time, effort and cost required to produce great video. If you use these in your Page posts and pay to promote the update, those higher engagement rates will increase your Facebook Relevance Score, which will increase your impression share dramatically, reducing your cost per engagement by 5 to 10 times. You can only use GIFs in Page Posts and Boosted Newsfeed Ads — they won’t work in the sidebar.
If you’re using other people’s GIFs in your advertising, if possible, property attribute the creator! Good news for Facebook: The social networking site seems to be knocking down the naysayers who didn't think it could produce advertising revenue fast enough, especially on mobile platforms, to justify its high stock market valuation.
Facebook said late yesterday that it posted earnings per share of 19 cents on revenue of $1.81 billion for the second quarter of 2012-an increase of 53 percent from the same time last year. The rise in sales and profit, which outpaced analyst's expectations, was fueled in large part from growth in mobile and local ad sales. According to Brad Schaefer, an analyst with Sageworks, the average small business spends a little bit more than one percent of its annual sales on advertising. Facebook's daily active users hit nearly 700 million in June, a 27 percent jump from the previous year. Scott Morris, the business manager at Elyse Harney Real Estate, in Salisbury, Conn., said his company has been advertising on Facebook since May. But other companies said there weren't sure if their paid advertising would actually translate into sales. As a long time search geek who has just recently gotten really into Facebook ads, this data makes me really happy.
Consumers who were exposed to Facebook ads were more likely to conduct a new search on mobile. The average lift for desktop search referral traffic was less than 1 percent (but the study points out that since 70 percent of Facebook ads were in a mobile format, this data is consistent with the “same-device stickiness” in the consumer journey that is typical for e-commerce). Facebook says the result of this search behavior made search ads almost 2 percent more effective for those studied (because branded keywords cost less than other keywords).

Retail space: Findings show significant boost in search return on ad spend (ROAS) in markets that included Facebook ads exposure. Research suggest that “coordinating the timing, copy and messaging across both digital marketing channels, Facebook and search,” can help in driving traffic and conversions.
He serves as company CTO and is the author of 4 Award-Winning Books on Software Development. Adding the Call Now button gives people a direct link to convert from the ad, no extra steps required.
The templates pull images, product names, pricing and other attributes from your catalog, based on the keywords you’ve provided. This format has a lot of interesting possibilities, thanks to its ability to display multiple images with different links within one ad unit. Facebook said the update means “advertisers can quickly reference how their ads are performing in the same environment where they create and edit them.” Essentially, you now create your ads and manage them in one place.
You can now track ad performance, edit ads, revise budgets, adjust scheduling and create ads, right from the app. These ads auto-populate some form fields on mobile devices using information that’s already known about the person. Once you get in front of motivated consumers on their mobile devices, you don’t want to risk losing them by asking them to type in a bunch of information.
When it expands to full screen, the ad becomes a browsable microsite, but it keeps the user within the Facebook ecosystem. Even a stupid, boring post can be made interesting using moving imagery, via a video or GIF. While it's difficult to gauge its effectiveness so early on, "We've had reasonable good activity of people who have liked or clicked through some of the ad campaigns we have done," Morris told ABC News. Rather than send people to your website or Facebook page hoping they’ll contact you, the Call Now button allows you to let people call you directly from your ad.
They use Facebook’s targeting parameters, or the consumer’s history on your site or in your app to serve ads. This catalog integration also means your ads will stop running once your product is out of stock.
This makes the submission process much easier, as the user can just verify the accuracy of the information and click through. See the example above; no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make a salad “look” as good with a few lines of text and a static picture. Try to find GIFs that are funny and original and somehow align with your messaging, or create your own. The problem, he noted, is that since the organization also has a Facebook page, it's hard to discern what business comes from that and what comes from paid advertising. Facebook itself supported auto-play videos, which really made the “but UX” excuse ring hollow. The GIF makes it eye-catching, but also shows off the layers that go into the making the salad – use your imagination and apply this technique to your products.

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