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Facebook recently began allowing advertisers to choose where they wanted their ads shown on Facebook. However, since Facebook is cautiously ramping up the number of ads in the mobile feed to keep the user experience healthy, mobile ad inventory is far from infinite. Advertisers may need to play around with different targeting combinations to reach the maximum number of users through mobile since Facebook won’t let you hammer a small audience with a high number of ads.
This optimization gives cross-Facebook placement conversion rate with 75% of clicks turning into fans.
The #1 mobile feed,  #2 desktop feed, #3 cross-Facebook ad placement strategy is the best one for most businesses there’s a little more nuance than that. Simon Mansell, CEO of longtime Facebook ads server TBG Digital, concurs that fans are not equal. Nanigans‘ Calvillo explained why desktop fans are so valuable especially those from non-news feed ads, “Being a less prominent ad unit, there’s a certain intent threshold that may need to be met before a user will engage in the first place.” That means they’re more likely to click, like, comment, and evangelize. Some businesses still question whether Facebook fans are a good investment, worrying that only around 16% of their fans see each of their news feed posts. Facebook has also been deleting fake accounts and fake Likes, meaning Pages might have fewer fans than they thought. But considering that businesses can publish to the news feed as frequently as they want, as long as they have some direct or even indirect way of turning views and clicks of their marketing messages into dollars, there’s likely ROI to be had.
That means Facebook may get twice as many clicks on a single mobile feed ad than an entire page of desktop ads. Facebook is an online social networking service that allows its users to connect with friends and family as well as make new connections. The path to success on Facebook Ads is being able to grab the attention of the readers and making them click. Here are a few quick tips from the Facebook Ads team on how to create a winning ad campaign. How can you find some of the best running ads on Facebook, and how other advertisers are targeting users of all interests on Facebook?
As I mentioned, in the end it all comes down to creativity and grabbing the users attention when building Facebook Ads. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Facebook has more than a billion members across the world, wherein more than half of them are active users. Marketing Cloud, conducted a study based on cost per click (CPC), cost per impression (CPM), and click-through rate (CTR), and presented benchmarks for each type of Facebook ad. The Facebook ads benchmark report investigated the Facebook advertising scene on a comprehensive research worldwide to help social media marketers get a better picture on where to put their money, how to reach the target audience, and learn the most effective advertising methods.
The report showed the most cost-effective regions and industries for Facebook ads, and compared sponsored and non-sponsored stories. The study was conducted from January 1 to March 31, 2013, and examined the top 25 countries and top five countries in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA based on impressions. Facebook’s carousel ad format has been popular among its advertisers, and the social network shared seven tips for brands looking to tap into carousel ads. Use thumb-stopping creative: Remember that the main image or video is the first thing Facebook users see. Imply continuation: Use images that tease users into feeling the “need to complete” viewing the ad. Develop creative consistency: Facebook suggests making sure that every image within a carousel ads shares similar visual styles, including lighting, colors and composition. Don’t forget the copy: While Facebook as a whole and carousel ads in particular are a visual medium, text is important, too. Demonstrate brand identity: Brand identity should be part of the visual execution for the ads, and more so for smaller brands.
FAIR USE NOTICE: These pages contains copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. If you do it right, you can spend mere dollars a day to bring in thousands of people to the location of your choice. If you do it wrong, you’ll end up with hundreds of low-quality visitors eating up your budget with no benefit in sight. Facebook ads all include images, which isn’t something you get with most other PPC networks, specifically networks like AdWords. Show what the user is getting, or the results of what they would be getting if your product is more abstract. Test different images with the same targeting options, copy and landing page, to see which works better. There’s a lot to learn about properly using UTM parameters, but it mostly comes down to actually using them.
Facebook offers a unique type of optimized CPM, which allows you to spread your ad budget around in the most effective way possible.
There are a number of mistakes people make constantly with Facebook ads, and they can cost you money.

New Orleans-based Knud Berthelson, a strategic consulting and social media specialist who has run an extensive number of successful Facebook ad campaigns, recently shared with Higher Ed Live a wealth of information on how colleges and universities can best take advantage of Facebook advertising.
When a user logs on to Facebook, running down the right side of the screen are four or five pictures with a brief descriptor for each. For example, Berthelson’s own efforts include ads for a new Energy Masters program at Tulane University that recently targeted its alumni in the energy industry near the Gulf of Mexico.
Budgeting for Facebook ad campaigns varies greatly, depending upon the size of a school’s intended audience, the number of ads used, and the amount of traffic the ads generate.
A Facebook ad campaign should fit into a larger marketing strategy with specific, predetermined goals, depending upon what individual schools are hoping to achieve. Setting up an ad and defining which groups to target is technically not very difficult, but enlisting professional assistance might help make a school’s targeting more effective and keep costs down. Using Sponsored Stories, a new type of Facebook advertisement, a school can place an ad on its fan page based on what users mention, talk about, or “like” on the school’s site. How does a college or university evaluate the success of an ad campaign, or even of specific ads within that campaign? Their options are across all of Facebook, desktop (feed and sidebar), desktop news feed only, mobile and desktop news feeds, or mobile news feed only. Placements can be chosen to find the highest CTR and CVR possible, which gets them the cheapest effective cost per thousand ad impressions and cost per fan. Once relevant audiences were exhausted on the desktop feed too, AdParlor found it was best to choose to advertise to all of Facebook. However, the click through rate on these ads is just 0.091% so your campaigns might not be as cost effective there. AdParlor CEO Hussein Fazal tells me that fans bought on mobile Like statuses more frequently but are less likely to view a business’ videos and photos. If Facebook can subtly ramp up mobile ad frequency without scaring off users, the shift to mobile might not be the death sentence everyone’s calling it. It provides its users with the ability to create a profile, update information, add images, send friend requests, and accept requests from other users. In the last post we talked about how important it is to target the right audience, which is now the easy part of creating an ad campaign, but what really counts is creating a winning ad copy that gets people to click.
Through the use of multiple ad copies and attention grabbing images, you can greatly increase your overall click through rate. One of the best ways is through the use of StackThatMoney forums, which has a full forum of Facebook Ads case studies and tools for mining through Facebook Ads. Some of the best ad copies are of crazy images that grab peoples attention and gets them to click.
You will want to keep your targeting tight, and build ad campaigns for small niches and what people are interested in, then removing out low performing ad copies and sticking with the winners. As a social media marketing professional, you have to make sure you allot a sufficient Facebook ads budget to reach the target audience at the right time.
CTRs are above average for sponsored Facebook ad types, including Sponsored Pace Check-In Stories and Sponsored Page Post like Stories. Application, Click ads, Event RSVPs and Inline Likes receive very small CTRs, but are all very cheap in terms of CPMs.
Sponsored App Action Stories cost 25 percent more per App Install compared to their non-sponsored counterpart but drive App Installs at a higher rate of 5.7 times. This website distributes this material without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. You need to consider targeting, copy, images, landing pages, audience demographics, display location and much more.
What general rules can you follow to make sure you’re always on the profitable site of the equation? These significantly change the behavior of the users you’re reaching, and they have different points at which an action is considered successful and your budget is used.
This is useful to reach your existing audience to boost the likes, shares and comments on a given post. This is the traditional, link-to-off-side ad style that funnels people from Facebook to your landing page. This is a more expensive version of website clicks, but it only counts as an action when the user actually converts.
These are only useful if you’re running a Facebook app, and you want to promote it to Facebook users. Typically best used by Pages that center on events, you can also use it for business events you want to promote. When using a tab app to promote a special offer, you can run this PPC ad in order to get users to claim your offer in higher volumes. There’s no shame in changing up your image to something a little more pandering, if it makes you a profit. Specify each variable, add the parameters to the URL using Google’s URL builder, and share the URL with the parameters rather than a bare URL. Rather than trusting yourself to choose all of your targeting options optimally, Facebook’s OCPM gives Facebook that control.

Facebook will see that you receive a lot of clicks from mobile users and will preferentially spend your budget on mobile viewers, even when those clicks are comparatively less valuable. Rather than make those mistakes yourself, learn from the experiences of others and skip the wasted time, effort and money. Unless you’re specifically targeting your ads with a lookalike audience to get more Facebook followers, you’re not doing yourself a favor when you target non-fans. Always be testing, whether it’s a change in image, a change in copy, a change in landing page, a change in headline or a change in audience targeting.
The Facebook logo, the Like button and thumb, the Instagram logo, the YouTube logo, and the Twitter logo are all registered trademarks of their respective owners. With well over 500 million users, the website’s advertisements are also growing in reach across the internet—in fact, they comprise fully one-third of all ads that web users check out. Clicking on one of these links the viewer to a more in-depth ad; these ads are Facebook’s main source of revenue. Another campaign for Tulane’s MBA program focused on alumni and prospective graduates, and connects with a Tumblr blog that current MBA students manage. A school might launch a number of similar ads to different intended audiences that vary slightly in appearance or message; the institution can then examine the results and redirect its resources accordingly. Some schools create a “fan” page on the website and direct users to it, wherein they share information about the school. That’s a strong sign that Facebook has the potential to turn small screens into big revenues. But until now there hasn’t been much data on where to place ads if you’re trying to buy fans. This lets Facebook automatically see what placement is working best for your particular ad and get your more views there. That means a movie studio or web TV network looking to hook users with video trailers might want to focus on buying fans from the desktop placements. While Facebook might show seven ads per page on the desktop, mobile news feed ads have 14X higher CTR than desktop ads.
Since you are bidding on a CPC or CPM model, you will want to focus on your click through rate, as the higher your click through rate is, the more money Facebook Ads will make on a CPM basis, which means more delivery for you as an advertiser. The perfect ad is the right combination of image use, a one line header that grabs the users attention, and an honest yet click worthy description. To make it harder, most social media marketers have no inkling about the Facebook ads they need to focus on, and which ones have the best performance. Typically, you will want to target very specifically in order to minimize the number of clickfarm-level followers you attract.
A good landing page is essential here; linking to a blog post just won’t cut it most of the time.
This applies regardless of what you consider a conversion, whether it’s an opt-in or a product sale. It just gets downscaled and looks identical, or perhaps worse, than if you sized it yourself. It looks messy, but it gives Google Analytics a bunch of data to track the people who click that ad. You still control all the targeting options you normally do, but within the audience you choose, Facebook then steps in and choose the most likely people to convert first and displays the ad to them preferentially.
Yet few marketers in higher education have yet to capitalize on this new trend for the benefit of their schools.
Unlike Google AdWords, which target people who are actively searching for a specific word or phrase, advertisers on Facebook can target specific audiences on the site based on viewers’ particular interests, their geographic location, their education level and other specifics. Typically, targeting a school’s own alumni is rather inexpensive, since the audience is quite limited. Targeting people who have given certain information to Facebook allows those people to share a school’s information with friends of their own. Facebook itself offers some very good analytical reports, having recently revised their own dashboard design.
It’s also a good idea to use a tracking pixel to keep track of the users you funnel in and what they do.
By using parameters, you can track who comes to your ad from which sources, using which ads, and what they do on your site.
Since more users seem willing to visit a fan page than to wade through a school’s website directly, a school might want to spend some time building out its fan page, creating custom tabs that could include videos, links to other sites, or an email form through which a user might contact the institution. If an institution is directing viewers instead to its own website, Google Analytics can help show the effectiveness of that effort.
The school can use that information, in turn, to further target specific groups that are responding to ads more readily.

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