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The platform also allows the sales team to access up-to-the-minute customer information using quick lookups or filtered searches and connect with their calendar of activities, take notes, schedule meetings, and complete activities. The software publisher provides the hosted environment and basic technical support to the CRM administrator. Take advantage of existing network capability: Microsoft SQL database and IIS web server capability exists. Compared to other cloud vendor solutions you havepeace of mind that your data is secure and only accessible by you, not intermingled with data of thousands of other companies by using the SalesLogix Cloud.
Plays well with others since the SalesLogix cloud is built on a flexible, standards-based platform that enables integration with other business management solutions such as Microsoft Outlook on your desktop. Your IT department has the capability to create a cloned system so upgrades can be tested before placing into production.
You can move from an on-premise implementation to the cloud subscription implementation and receive credit for original purchases. Likewise the cloud subscription provides the capability to back up the full database and deploy on-premise.
You know how your business operates effectively and we know how CRM gets implemented successfully in various types of businesses.
Our value is in providing useful suggestions for improvement, transfering knowledge to your organization and essentually guiding the design, implementation and support of CRM within your specific business.

Communications (externally with contacts and internally among staff): Handling meetings, phone calls, tasks, scheduling calendar, email, etc.
Of course, every business has different skills of their people, different operational processing, and different priorities that are considered in getting to a good solid fixed price for the professional services component.
What will be the number of expected users, their departments and primary job responsibilities as it relate to CRM?
What are the expected time requirements that your project implementation team is planning to devote to this CRM initiative?
What operational processes do you foresee being affected by this upcoming change initiative with CRM? Will you have some internal power users defined as first line of CRM system support?
He likes to have some numbers and a positive feeling where future sales revenue will be coming from and when. It's been designed from the ground up with the features and functions that will help salespeople easily and quickly act on opportunities. Greg's Quality Assurance and product departments need more advanced capabilities such as tracking product defects, RMA's, product sales per business account. The 'concurrent' license option will reduce the cost to Greg's business because a pool of split-shift and part-time users can share a smaller number of licenses.

He has a strong need to keep company information near by because of security and data integration concerns. You own and control your data right from the start and can switch from a cloud-based solution to an on-premise solution. The SalesLogix Cloud gives you control of upgrades so you can perform them when it's right for your business - not when the IT department or vendor decides. We are change agents that work hard to understand your business environment: the people, processes and technology, so the business can make significant improvement with the CRM system. SalesLogix Mobile allows salespeople to manage accounts, take and update orders, and see opportunities remotely, all from their mobile devices. We'd recommended to Kurt to include a Business Care plan so the business will obtain software publisher updates and access basic support. There may be some minor customizations and personalization on some data entry forms he'd want to have done. Also sales teams are more competitive and only specific user teams should be able to see only their specific accounts, contacts, communications and opportunities.

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