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The premiere of “The Jazz Singer” in New York at the Warners Theater, October 6, 1927, the first talking motion picture and quite the event in its day.     The American Tobacco Co.
By the late 1940s, Chesterfield cigarettes were the dominant brand being pitched by Hollywood celebs, here by Gary Cooper in 1948, also plugging his film, “Unconquered” by Paramount.     Nearly a decade later, in the early- and mid-1940s, the FTC once again turned its attention to investigating the advertising methods of American Tobacco and R. The Pop History Dig is a website offering historical and topical stories on business, politics, and popular culture. The one marketing technique that has been wildly popular with advertisers and continues to be to this day is spokesperson rhetoric.
Celebrity spokespeople have become commonplace: empirical evidence indicates that approximately 20 to 25 per cent of advertisements feature some famous person as a product endorser.
Serena's cut throat attitude in her words about getting back on top also has a lot of appeal with consumers. One of my main concerns is that I tend to stray off topic or repeat my points over and over.
1.Identify the writer's main claim about the rhetoric, ideology or and subtext of the piece.
I really like how you began the paper by talking about Serena Williams and her accomplishments, (maybe you could expand on her accomplishments). Since it is known that ethos is appeal based on character, reputation, or credibility, it can be concluded that spokespeople are well known or usually celebrities. Although that sounds naive, it is a statistical finding that people buy more through popular association. Maybe just rearrange the position of the paragraphs, but they are all very strong and make good points without repeating.
Famous Advertising PhotographersFAMOUS ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHERSPhotographic studios, and celebrity photography for. Ask about advertising or create your own page on famous advertising slogans! GO TO: a€?What is Advertising? A Diamond is Forever This De Beers slogan created in 1948 has stood the test of time just like their jewelry and has inspired songs to movies. This spokesperson ploy that advertisers use to draw their audience is purely based upon the idea of ethos.
Also a big stipulation about this type of advertisement is that public image or ethos plays a major role in sales. There is a competitive streak in each and every one of us and the advertisers are trying to make that side of the consumer come out when they look at this ad. Her mentality can transcend into all different sports and can even be applied to life in general.
Identify and comment on the writer's introduction of a context (rhetorical situation) for this piece of rhetoric (think of the Starbucks and Cheetos paper) Name one thing that might be added, deleted, changed, or moved. The way you transitioned from talking about her personal achievements to how she is sporting a€?Nikea€? was really really good. Many buyers are also followers who are always trying to follow new trends and if they see their favorite athlete with something made by Nike they are going to want to purchase it purely out of its association to that athlete.
By following the guidance of the advertising masters of the past and present who came up with these slogans, it is possible for you to begin the process of turning your brand into a legacy as well. This slogan does not promote the company or speak directly to customers but is rather hinged on something more fundamental which is permanence. Perhaps you have implemented a new ad campaign that is working really well or have insights into how traditional advertising is being supplanted by newer methods.
If this wasn't important than people like Chris Brown would have never lost endorsement deals with Wrigley's gum, after the Rihanna domestic abuse incident.
The paragraph beginning with a€?Everyone who plays a sport plays it to wina€? may work after the first paragraph because you are discussing Nike in the first one, and then jumping to the words in the ad in the second.

What other possible arrangement strategies might make more of the material and develop arguments more fully? If not that, then we should at least strive to use the formulas that have so successfully combined copywriting with strategy in order to create such enduring messages. Successful advertising as depicted in these famous advertising slogans seeks to convey a single message instantaneously and in a way that creates a lasting impression on your audience.
In this particular ad the spokesperson used is Serena Williams, world renowned tennis champion. The shot in the ad was purposefully made to look like Serena was at the top of her game at that moment to increase interest in the product. The concept is simple, it capitalizes on that fact that most, if not all people hate to lose including pro athletes do. Questions of the reach of your advertising message depend on what media channel(s) you use and are secondary to the key idea you are trying to convey. As well, what this slogan is saying is that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you can make Coke a part of your lifestyle.
Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Considering that this ad is for Nike which sells mostly sport related products, it was a smart marketing plan to use someone who has a high ethos in the field of athletics. On the one hand the celebrity has to have high credibility and on the other the product also needs to be of high quality. The rhetoric of the ad is the idea that the Nike gear prevents them from losing or assures them victory. The first thing you must do in sales and marketing is understand the needs of your customers and create messaging around the central customer problem(s) you are solving or the customer benefit(s) you are providing.
Something all Nike ads have which has become some what of a household saying is the "just do it" statement. Then, it is a matter of applying creativity to come up with an advertising technique to deliver your key message succinctly and powerfully.
Just like with Coke, McD's is among those famous advertising slogans that seeks to make their brand a part of everyday life. That slogan alone subjectively sends messages to consumers that they must buy their product in order to fit in. When consumers are looking to buy athletic gear they want something that is associated with being the best and ultimately winners. Overall, Nike along with many other companies know that ethos is key when advertising a product with a celebrity endorsement.
Just last year Tiger Woods was caught up in that huge scandal which depleted his ethos, regardless of how good of an athlete he was at the time. When people see ads like this they immediately recognize the athlete then their attention is brought to what the athlete is wearing. Once again, we see a brand becoming more than just a product: having a KitKat means taking a break from the stress of life, relaxing and unwinding, taking time out.
Through her words and fearless perosona of knocking down the competition she makes the Nike product look even more appealing.
This slogan is similar to McDonald's equally iconic a€?I'm Lovin' Ita€? slogan but with the added in-your-face attitude of anti-system rebellion that the MTV culture perpetuated.
If you think about sports, challenges, discovery and the other themes that are part of the Nike image, it is easy to see why this saying has become such an endearing part of that whole mindset.
This is one of the only famous advertising slogans that uses this approach and putting yourself down is not the way most companies approach sales and marketing.
The reason that this approach is so rare is that marketers know that any negative can be amplified millions of times over (in the wrong way!). Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there Advertisers like nothing more than when you trust their brand and think of them fondly, just like you think of friends and family. If you think about it, the benefit you get through a phone service is connecting with people and that is what this message is all about. Where do you want to go today? Microsoft's famous slogan is, once again, not linked to a specific product that they provide but to the idea behind the power of computing and technology.

The question opens up you mind to think about goals, visions, possibilities and then automatically linking all of that back to Microsoft and the idea that they can make all of that possible (similar to Apple's slogan, a€?Think differenta€? and HP's "Invent", although I would have gone with "Create" for the second one because inventing is not something most people can see themselves doing).
Most everyone knows that "snap, crackle and pop" is the sound the cereal makes when you add milk to it. What a simple idea that made an ordinary breakfast cereal into one of the most well-known brands in the world! What I mean is that this is how friends talk to each other and is not the kind of messaging that you would expect from a a€?seriousa€? brand. That is why you may not have seen this message in today's more politically correct climate but it is still one of the most famous advertising slogans of all time. It keeps going and going The iconic Energizer Bunny is what put the battery company's message on the list of famous advertising slogans.
As with most other famous advertising slogans, the message here is simple and what American Express is saying is that your credit or charge card is just like your wallet and keys, an indispensable part of your life. Nothing Runs Like a Deere John Deere probably had no idea when he made the first ever steel plow back in 1836 that the company bearing his name would become the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in the world. It is definitely one of the most famous advertising slogans and logos in the world a€“ playing on the saying, a€?nothing runs like a deera€? - backed up by quality products that do as advertised are the foundation for the brand's success. When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight This is another one of the relatively rare famous advertising slogans that is focused on feature rather than a transcending cause or the customer. Again, it is a simple, you-centric and transcending concept, that most desired of human values which is self actualization. That was easy The Staples slogan along with their famous easy button is centered around the single concept of simplicity. Customers want solutions but tend to shy away from complexity and don't want to run into problems trying to solve an existing problem.
Then I discovered that composer Walter Werzowa wrote the iconic 4-note chime based on a€?In-tel In-sidea€? which turns out to be another simple yet great slogan (by the way, the four notes are D flat, G flat, D flat, A flat!). When you are looking at the picture of the fingers and see the slogan, you are intrigued and it takes a couple of seconds for you to figure out what it all means. You then have an a€?aha!a€? moment and create a positive association with the brand because of their ingenuity. Solutions for a small planet Computer giant IBM came up with this slogan in the 1990s and while it is not one of the most famous advertising slogans out there, it is worth talking about because it ties into a theme that the company has been building on for decades. Gillette uses the advertising techniques of a superlative and making you feel good about yourself for using their product, not to mention disqualifying other brands with an approach that is usually more suited to higher-priced items. Australian for beer I don't like alcoholic beverages but I do like Foster's slogan which is one of the famous advertising slogans that seeks to define a product through a brand.
Inferior marketers would seek to tie the statement into the brand itself by saying, a€?Our Relentless Pursuit of Perfectiona€? but there is a quiet confidence in just saying it the way it is and leaving it there. There is another layer to this which is that Lexus and you, the customer, are both driven by the same pursuit. Drivers wanted Another great automobile slogan is the Volkswagen one which turns the buyer-seller relationship around as if customers are getting paid to drive VW rather than having to pay to drive one!
The point is that the cars are so good that people should be lining up to drive them, just like we line up for jobs.
The beauty of the Mastercard ads is that they sell convenience, lifestyle and being cash a€“ and hassle a€“ free in a single word (similar to another Mastercard classic, a€?There are some things money can't buy. By equating their brand with the color brown, UPS was trying to make it an ubiquitous part of the everyday lives of their customers. Similar to the Charles Schwab a€?Talk to Chucka€?, it is also meant to be friendly and informal (where UPS may have got it wrong is the confusion of what a€?browna€? is: the package?
The delivery person?). This is your brain on drugs The Partnership for a Drug Free America (or simply The Partnership) also deserves mention among famous advertising slogans for its iconic 1980s depiction of a fried egg as your brain on drugs. This is a singular example to show how imagery can be used in advertising far more powerfully than even 1000 words! If you think about it, the phrase could apply to pretty much any product or service out there (besides which being the classic ending-an-argument-in-a-huff line!).
The reason this is so and why it is such a powerful slogan is because it is not really about the burger at all but all about a€?youa€? (read about Burger King's subservient chicken). Friends don't let friends drive drunk I am going to finish with this well-known message from the US Department of Transportation which has become a common part of our lexicon as a society.
What is it that makes this such an appealing message and one that has been forefront in the public consciousness for close to three decades?
It just is a great sentence and a powerful message rolled into one. If you need more famous advertising slogans, there is a huge database of them here!

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