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Pointing to the success of Chinese movies like Tencent-backed Monster Hunt, Chinese internet companies are restructuring the countrya€™s burgeoning film industry with their technology and online platforms, pundits say. Some go further and predict that internet companies will take over the industry altogether. Monster Hunt is a genre-straddling fantasy comedy that blends live-action and animation over two fun-packedA hours. If that is not enough, it earned more in a single day at the Chinese box officeA on July 18A than any other home-grown movie to date, reaping 180 million yuan. And as the market changes, consumers would rather have their favorite dish made to orderA than wait to see what the chef serves up a€“ a goal that industry experts say is very achievable in an increasingly democratic internet age. Chinese internet companies have been involved in most of the top-grossing movies at the domestic box office since last year, serving as producers, distributors, exhibitors and even ticket vendors, Feng said. In March 2014, Alibaba Group, the powerhouse behind Chinaa€™s now-dominant online shopping channels Taobao and Tmall, obtained a majority stake in ChinaVision, since renamed Alibaba Pictures Group, for over US$800 million.
Alibaba continued its eclectic shopping spree this year by snapping up aUS$382 million stake in Beijing Enlight Media, a production company that specializes in filmmaking. Enlight was the lead producer and distributor of Lost in Thailand, the 2012 smash hit that topped the Chinese box office helped spur a tourism boom in the "Land of Smiles". Online ticket seller Maoyan saw its movie ticket sales reach 5 billion yuan in 2014, a number it expects to triple this year, media reports show.
But production plans and promotional campaigns ground to halt after its lead actor, Taiwana€™s Kai Ko was arrested with Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan for possession of narcotics in August of last year. In China, any actors, industry professionals or entertainers who are convicted for taking illegal substances, engaging in prostitution or committing other such misdeeds are given lifetime bans from appearing in future filmed productions. The promotional campaigns that subsequently played out onA the Chinese internet companies'A mobile and online platforms were crucial to the filma€™s success, she said.
Maoyan is an online-to-offline (O2) company, which means it focuses on connecting users of its internet site to physical goods and services nearby. The tickets it sold online made up 40 per cent of the 171 million yuan the movie earned in revenue on its opening day in China, according to EntGroup. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Eclipse provides a full business communications service including corporate video, business television, web video production, broadcast multi-media and communications consultancy.

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While United States enjoys a big range of production companies, there are those that prove to be the more famous than the rest. Who can forget Walt Disney Pictures when it comes to producing our most loved cartoons that both the kids and kids-of-heart have come to enjoy?
So now that you know some of the most notable production companies in USA, which one is your favorite? At Sovereign Media we are a TV Commercial Production company that produces top-quality content for film, television, commercials, digital, IMAX, web content, and branded entertainment.
We’re masters at collaborating creatively and in the physical production with the goal of bringing your vision to the screen while satisfying the needs of your client. Jim oversees every aspect of Sovereign’s business, from creative development to physical production. It was in 1992 when Jim set out to create a company that offered a full suite of production services – the kind of place where talented people unite their efforts in all phases of production. He has worked and continues to work and develop content for:Vanguard Animation, Vanguard Films, Disney TV Animation, The Disney Channel, Goldenring Productions, Gunn Films, Temple Hill Entertainment, Amazon Studios, The People’s Production Company, Dolphin Entertainment, NKS, ImageMovers, United Artists, Sunswept Entertainment, Walden Media, Stars Road Entertainment, Davis Entertainment, New Regency, Overbrook Entertainment, 100% Womon, Original Film, Mandeville Films, Out of the Blue Entertainment, Gran Via Productions, Riche Productions, Disney XD, Team Todd, Blondie Girl Productions, Fox Animation.
The movie, which cost 350 million yuan (US$56.35 million) to make, has already set several milestones in China. The movie about two men who go hunting for their boss in Thailand earned over US$200 million at the Chinese box-office.
But the company, which recently announced a US$1 billion buyback of its shares after seeing its market price slide, is involved in movie production largely through iQiyi, the online video platform it launched in 2010. This is the reason why USA has many filming locations which are usually developed by these large film production companies. The company does not merely work to produce films because it also specializes in television programs and video games.
The company has been producing high quality films for very long and through the years, it has been winning the heart of many people all over the world. Easy search tools allow location managers to scout and shoot film in residential and commercial film locations. He is an active, participating member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS).

His start came in the post-production world as a Sound Designer and later Post Production Supervisor. With an IMAX Division, Commercial Division, Television & Feature Film Department, Music Video Department, Visual Effects Studio, Edit Suites, and an ever-increasing array of some of the most talented Directors, Designers, and Editors in the business, Sovereign Media is poised to continue strong in the ever-evolving environment of the entertainment industry. In addition to his creative talents in marketing, development and writing, Brian is also experienced in raising investment capital. It has been in the market since 1994, and it has been known for their phenomenal films and animated movies. Basically, 20th Century Fox was created after the collaboration of two companies: the Fox Film Corporation and Twentieth Century Pictures. What makes the company well-known are their beautiful environmental feature and their superb production abilities. It started in 1912 but after two years of its existence, the name was changed to Paramount Pictures. LOL brings location scouts and filming locations together using powerful marketing methods to create online traffic and visibility for each listing. Jim then crossed over to the production side as a Production Manager on theatrical and IMAX films. More than this, they also have their very own filming locations which are built in their compound and which people can visit. Later, as a Senior Producer on the ad-agency side, he produced some of the most notable and memorable commercials in history with acclaimed director Jim Gartner. Paramount Pictures was able to produce several box office hits and it continuously produces films to entertain people all across the globe.
He’s won dozens of awards producing commercials, documentaries, and IMAX films over the past 25 years.

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