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Should Censor Board allow such 'C' grade Promotion of Films Like Mastizaade and Kya Kool Hai Hum-3 ? Murali - a Pune Film and Television Institute pass out, who has cranked the camera for the recent sensation, Madras. My spoken Tamil dialect will have traces of Telugu and Kannada put together, which invariably helped me for Madras since the slangs are really similar. Carnatic music was really hard for me to learn, and when I was in search of an alternate expression, that's when the nearest form of art, painting appealed me. When through seniors I came to know about the prestigious FTI in Pune, I so badly wanted to join there. Since then, we had known each other and have dreamt of working together for a feature film.
I've been associated with the product right from the scripting stage and I knew everything about the story before it transformed into a Karthi starrer. I believed in the vision of the director and I was sure about being part of a product with a difference. When films talk on globalized topics, I was floored by Ranjith's detail on a very microscopic view of a place in Chennai and the political memos of it.

When we went on location scouting to areas in Vyasarpadi and Ramana Nagar, I realized, if we could literally capture the colors out there, half my work is already done.
But the minute we went on floors to shoot and when people knew it was a Karthi film, the crowd became uncontrollable.
The intricacies and the spacing of the location spot were really hard to shoot, but later with the help of the art department we've doubled up shots of the interiors with the exteriors of the same street. Certain shot, especially the climax portion where the paint was thrown on the walls was a real challenge.
We had close to 200 people in the atmosphere and there were movements planned in the mise en scene.
The script was visually treated in such a manner that it doesn't stray from the narration.
I opted for the bird's eye view, establishment and wide angle shots only when required.
I preferred extreme close ups and bokeh shots for emotional scenes, mid-range shots for the character Johnny to particularly record his body language, top angle shots to ascertain the demographic setting and low angle to show the importance of the wall. During the group shots, I have desaturated Catherine's face a little more during post production to make her look like one among them.

Since the setting was already filled with vibrant colors, it was a challenge to tone down potions of remorse, pain, grief and loneliness. Coming to the shadow shot, it was something Ranjith and I planned out during script discussion. Though Kali being an angry young lad throughout the film, that is one instance where he resurrects from the losses incurred, takes the time to gather all the outburst and finally settles down to score it even. The interviews are generally personal views of the guest about their projects and film related matters. People looking for information about actors, actresses, directors, music directors, cameramen and other technicians will find this page useful.

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