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Ahora puedes reproducir tus archivos FLV desde tu tarjeta SD con este sencillo reproductor.No es necesario instalar Flash Player Plugin ® o cualquier otro plugin para usar esta aplicacion. FLV Player is a program with a title that pretty much explains its functionality - it can play video files with the FLV extension.
In addition, you can open a directory or playlist, DVD from file or drive, VCD, audio CD and file from URL. But you can also manage a TV and radio list, as well as use basic media player functions like navigate back and forth within the track, adjust the volume, create and view a playlist, and switch to full screen mode.
Furthermore, you can jump to a particular frame, set the speed, A and B markers (to play a particular selection), zoom in and out, as well as change the size, aspect ratio and deinterlace mode. When it comes to audio, you can select the track or load an external file, apply filters (e.g.

Furthermore, you can load subtitles and set their delay time, enable closed caption, find subtitles online, as well as go to the DVD menu, title, angle or chapter, and many others. The software requires moderate system resources, ran smoothly during our tests and we haven't come across any issues. It is quickly installed and id doesn’t consume a lot of computer memory even being a program that works with videos.
Although convoluted, FLV Player controls are very simple: allowing to increase the size of the image, leave the screen in full screen mode, or consult the meta data Panel file that is playing. FLV Player is very useful since it allows inserting video files in your blog or web page quickly and easily. Nevertheless, FLV Player is an excellent tool for playing FLV files and we highly recommend it to all users.

The video player use streaming so you can start watching the video before the complete download. The user can adjust the volume and the volume will be memorised so the next time he watches a video, the volume will be automatically adjusted.

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