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Animation-ish is not a free animation software, but it has a 15-day free trial for you to explore. I will personally recommend Animation-ish since the user interface is easy to grasp and allows me to see immediate action results.
Need help in animation?Step By Step Checklist To Realistic Animation (Printable Version)Use this cheat sheet to help you monitor your animation progress.
However, you can always practice with some free software that comes with drawing and animating capability. Its interface is filled with hand drawn graphic, giving a fun cartoon atmosphere and generally easy to learn. You can also download the professional version for another 30-day free trial, so in total you get 60 days of free trial. I've also included check points to help you apply principle of animation which will make your animation looks realistic. There is a color selection tool, pen width tool, a layer tool and simple timeline at the bottom.With timeline features, you can add layers such as a Bitmap Layer, Vector Layer, Sound Layer and Camera Layer.
I've searched on the internet for free software for Mac's Maverick OS that you can consider if you wish to learn to create your own cartoon video. This software makes use of the traditional frame by frame approach to create animation digitally.

Anime Studio is similar to Adobe Flash except that it does not have any interactive aspect. New users will need to spend some time to familiarise with its interface before any project development. Learning animation does not necessarily needs a professional software, albeit it will be the ideal situation. Simply select the font from the drop down menu and type away, you’ll create your first heading in seconds!
The software's interface provides a beginner mode, which simplifies the usage of the tools for new users.
You can still learn the animation fundamentals by having fun with drawing things that you like.
On the Time Line you can also choose to use onion skinning to see the previous frame and the next frame so that you can trace what you drew to animate it.
This is similar to the traditional development where the artist uses light box to see through tracing paper for drawing reference. This software comes with pre-drawn animation which you can easily insert into your canvas and learn from them.
This software comes with powerful animation tools such as bones and rigging tools to control characters easily.

With Blender, you can create 3D models and animation just like other professional 3D software. The final animation video will have a Digicel logo watermark for this trial version until you buy the full version at USD$58. If you like to draw and learn animation, Animation-ish could be great affordable animation software to start with.
When playing your animation you can also decide to loop it so that you don’t have to keep pressing play over and over again.Meanwhile, the entire animation viewing windows can be defined using the camera layer, and you can even add music to your animation using the sound layer.
It's priced at USD$59 and can be downloaded digitally so it is very convenient to get a copy of it.
How do you add a background to your animations without discoloring the character you’re drawing behind?

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