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The free blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value. Imagine you are part of the world’s largest library, so full of books and information that the end of it can’t be seen. Content curation is a lifesaver to an audience drowning in information, which is why we made a rather awesome new Chrome extension content curation tool to help you help your audience. I’m probably preaching to the choir, here, because one of the reasons we created our Chrome extension was it was top on the list of things our users wanted. Sharing the content of others is one of the best ways to show that you’re not all about you, and that you value a variety of perspectives beyond your own.
As the Buffer blog points out (a tool that has long been all about social media content curation), your social media content curation needs to be a part of your plan (i.e. No one wants their social feed filled with garbage, so simply publishing posts for the sake of needing to do it is a bad idea. Curate and share only the best content your audience is talking about that is actually helpful. If a tool makes it easy to fill your content curation schedule with recommended content without you having to read it, be careful.
Once you have set up a collection of tools and places where you’ve identified that you can find quality content, it’s time to create the plan (and habit) of checking them. What I like about the 5-3-2 approach is that last bit, though, the inclusion of something personal. This mixture (from content marketers Andrew Davis and Joe Pulizzi), mentioned by Shai Coggins, is based on the idea that you have to take it easy on self-promotion, and that self-promotion has to be heavily outweighed. While you can’t exactly plan social media engagement on your editorial calendar, you can make it part of a daily habit. In Coggins’ recipe, it’s less about the ration (basically one-for-one) and more about making sure you have all the components in the mix (yours, others, engagement).
You can see, once again, there is a difference between your helpful content and your promotional content. Well-known blogger Michael Hyatt doesn’t follow a specific approach to the T, but he instead follows a philosophy which places generosity and helpfulness before everything else. I love his concept; it helps clarify that when you market to people, you are drawing against the goodwill you’ve established by being helpful. The new CoSchedule Chrome extension makes social media curation planning and publishing a breeze. As I mentioned in the Buffer recipe, your approach will depend on how established you are as a content marketer, as well as what you want to achieve. One key element, though, can be found in all of these recipes: Hardcore marketing and promotional social tweets should be the lowest amount in any recipe you ultimately use.
Join one of our resident customer coaches for a 20-minute guided tour, followed by a Q&A session. Save time scheduling social media in bulk & work more strategically with premium integrations.
Work smarter with robust social automation, auto-pilot publishing, and data driven intelligence. A calendar that will give you more control and even better insight over your team's schedule.
Useful tips, tricks and information to help you get the most out of your content marketing strategy. If you’re a digital marketing agency, or a specialized content marketing or inbound marketing agency, it’s likely that blogging is a cornerstone of your services. It’s entirely possible to create a thriving business blog through content creation alone, by writing and publishing as many blog posts as your creativity and productivity will allow. Thankfully, you can boost your business blogging efforts without setting metaphorical pen to virtual paper; by combining content creation with content curation. Content curation is the process of compiling relevant blog posts and resources from other blogs and businesses. As well as marketing and promoting your own content, you share and promote the best pieces of industry content from other sources.
Even though you won’t receive direct traffic by curating content, you will benefit from increased social media engagement. This method is designed to boost your content marketing strategy, without any additional time and resource input. Ryan is the founder of Contender Content, an Economics and Sociology Graduate from the University of Sheffield, and a prolific writer of enthralling web content, short stories and anything even vaguely related to weightlifting.
This video on curating features Shel Holtz who has great experience in the realm of leveraging communication, having written several books on topics from corporate blogging to podcasting for business. Here, Shel posits that search engines are no longer efficient in their primary function because of the sheer volume of data that is present on the web. Shel focuses on online and social media, internal communications, crisis management and other dimensions of organizational communication. Curation is about shifting through a lot of information to find the gems in the topic areas that I help me and my network learn. It has lead to me interesting people and interesting conversations – that is for sure!
It could be an efficient way for nonprofits to implement a content strategy for social channels.
Finding and collecting resources for library patrons is nothing new, and in the digital age, librarians are still doing just that. For me, I first collaborate with the content area teacher on the lesson or assignment that requires students to conduct research. One of the things that I like best about creating these digital resources is that with just a little editing and updating, I can share and reuse them year after year. What I like best about Livebinders is the ability to easily upload photos, videos, document files, websites, and articles from our school’s subscription databases.

You can make the Livebinder interactive by embedding a Padlet wall into a tab and require your students to post answers or comments to a specific prompt. I have created online binders for ACT and SAT test prep as well as college scholarship opportunities. I have also created a Symbaloo just for the students so they have an easy starting point to find all school and library-related websites. Along with sites that offer images with creative commons licenses, I have included a short video instructing students how to find free to use images when conducting a Google search. For the social studies wiki, I have been able to separate the information for the students, making it easy for them to find requirements, assistance in selecting topics, links to resources and databases, writing guides, and help in creating citations and formatting their paper.
I have attempted to make this tool a one stop shop for this specific research paper so that all students have access to the same information, and if there are any questions, I can answer through the wiki for everyone to read.
Wikispaces has also been a great tool to house information and links I want to share with attendees of presentations that I’ve given at conferences, as well as for all the librarians in my district, giving them a place to find and share information about school libraries.
I use Slideshare when I design a PowerPoint presentation that has links and instructions for assignments. Here is an example on Slideshare of a lesson that was crated to celebrate Banned Books Week. To find curated tools for collaborative lessons that I have designed for the students at my school, open here. More in Featured, Reading8 Apps for Testing Student-Created CurriculumBy Chawanna Bethany Chambers, PhD For centuries, one of teachers’ primary responsibilities was curriculum development.
You’re trying to find some specific information, but this library is without a card catalog.
You have a bunch of people who have decided to follow you through its masses of information because they trust that you won’t allow them to get lost, be forgotten, or left behind in the stacks. You’re out there reading stuff online, and you want to be able to easily add it to your editorial calendar with a click or two. You’re going to be sharing content by the leaders in your industry, opening the doors to communicating with them. You’re helping your audience connect with other people and ideas that may hover on the far edge of your niche.
Content marketing leader Heidi Cohen found that lack of time, producing enough content, producing engaging content, lack of a budget, and producing a variety of content are the top challenges facing content marketers. Find the best content, the content you enjoyed, the content your audience members are sharing and talking about, the content that is actually helpful. You have to be willing to go past the headline and make sure the content you’re going to share is well-written, well-thought, and (here’s a pet peeve of mine) accessible if your audience member doesn’t have a subscription to a website. You are trusting them to curate for you and your audience is expecting you to be the tour guide in the library, not someone else. Sign up for Google Alerts on topics your readers care about, but be cautious about two things: a) make your search as narrow as possible, or you’ll regret the flood of information, and b) read the content you find, since it’s a bit of a wild card what Google will dig up for you.
Places like and other similar industry or niche related forums are perfect places to find currently hot content. Find great email newsletters that consistently share content that you might not otherwise find. Websites where anyone can post any time without much restriction are only going to be the places to find content, not the best content.
It’s a proportionally based recipe, so you would keep the proportions the same when planning, whether you’re going daily or weekly. The 5-3 content pieces are all relevant to your niche and to your audience, but by including the 2, you personalize your brand to your audience and make them care about you. You have to be sure you have a clear line between self-serving and non-self-serving content that you create. I like that Coggins added engagement to the mix because it really is a part of the entire social media kingdom. That’s something to keep in mind: Your social media content curation recipes may change as you become more established (more on this in a bit). He sees content marketing as a kind of relationship bank, and his recipe draws on that analogy. Hyatt clearly is well established, yet he wants very much to maintain a relational approach to people.
Content curation is not where you get your content or try to pass of large chunks of content as your own, and if that’s the approach you take, you’re doing it wrong.
By writing unique and industry-relevant content, you improve a website’s visibility and search engine presence through keywords and inbound links.
However, if you’re a busy digital agency, managing multiple clients and their blogs, this isn’t a viable strategy.
The more great content you share, the more likely you are to attract new followers and readers, and sharing external content will still contribute to your overall traffic.
Sharing rival content creates an atmosphere of openness and legitimacy for the blogging business, and compiling the web’s best content into one place makes your blog a one-stop shop for killer resources.
They benefit from increased exposure and direct traffic, making it lucrative for both parties. It’s as simple as browsing your social networks and rival blogs, finding popular content that your target audience will benefit from. It allows you to capitalize on third-party content, whilst still promoting your own killer posts.
The 10:4:1 rule allows you to create a structured and measurable approach to content curation, improving the efficacy of your blogging without eating up hours of your valuable time! Download my free Inbound Marketing Explained eGuide, and discover how Inbound Marketing can help your B2B business stand out from its competitors! To deal with this, companies are tapping into content curation in order to become relevant and trustworthy, and in turn drive traffic.

He brings nearly 35 years of experience to his work developing content and communication strategies for large and mid-sized organizations. By using Livebinders, I am able to collect all the pieces and parts of the lesson or unit in one place that the teacher can share through email or a learning management system.
I have created a Symbaloo just for the teachers in my building so that they have easy access to websites for the school, the district, and the state. Another Symbaloo that has proved invaluable is the one that I created for students to use when they’re looking for royalty free images for school projects. There are other ways to share a PowerPoint with the students, but the reason that I use Slideshare is the ability to edit.
This has also been an invaluable tool to use when sharing presentations that I’ve given as professional development.
While you might not be prepared to dive in and cover some content topics in detail, sharing the work of someone who has to an audience that might be interested is helpful. It’s that you don’t have enough time to create massive amounts of content, yet you still have to be active on social media. Nothing is more irksome than following a link to a piece of content I can’t read unless I subscribe. Categorize them tightly into narrowly focused topical groupings so you can better plan on the topics you’ll share when the planning stage comes. You can send these alerts to your RSS reader based on the topic of the search, or to your email. Having all of the users in your general news feed isn’t helpful if you are trying to curate according to topic when it comes time to plan.
They’re doing curation of their own, and there’s nothing stopping you from making use of their finds.
It’s going to take you way too much time to slog through pages and pages of people posting anything and everything.
Instead of the five-to-five recipe above, it’s a five-to-one recipe, and that isn’t going to provide much in terms of benefits (e.g. Hyatt admits he doesn’t have the data to back up his approach, but instead finds it is a rule of thumb.
If you are less established, it’s important to share and participate, in a higher degree, with the content of others.
The content creator gets visibility, you make your audience happy, and your audience gets good information. She has been blogging since 2002 at her Lone Prairie blog, and works as a freelance writer and visual artist. This, in turn, attracts greater traffic to a website and allows your client to engage with more leads as a result. Writing insightful, engaging blog posts multiple times a week requires hours of research, drafting, and editing – time that you don’t have. Content is the heart and soul of a SMM campaign, and with many content marketers advocating upwards of 10 unique Tweets a day, it makes sense to curate content.
Remember to relate every piece of content back to your buyer persona – because if it isn’t relevant to your target audience, you’re wasting time and energy.
Examples already include Petsmart and Clorox who curate within their respective web presence. I’m also working on a book (not about curation), but the process is helping find new ideas for the book. You get main tabs, and are able to create any number of sub-tabs under each main tab, making it very user friendly; I always upload pictures to the main tabs to make the tool inviting for students. I have even created bibliographies of the library’s print resources and uploaded the list of books into the Livebinder. This has proved invaluable for new teachers to keep them from being overwhelmed with all the Google docs and spreadsheets that they create for sharing school information. I have used this tool as the portal for the social studies research paper that all the students at my school must complete to receive honors credit.
If I need to make changes to the presentation, I can upload the new PowerPoint to Slideshare, and the students will automatically have access to the new content because the link does not change. It’s best to focus on your content niche, but sharing related and peripheral content will hit those audience members who are interested out on the edge without you veering off your content plan. Curated content is especially susceptible, since it’s not attached to content you’ve created.
Unless you know your audience is mostly subscribed to a site, share that content by linking, summarizing, commenting on, and quoting it in your own standalone blog post.
Just as you want to categorize your RSS feeds, you ought to do the same with your social feeds. Pieces that die in silence without much reaction can be seen as being downvoted by the crowd, and probably not something your audience is going to want to read and talk about, either. You want to find a limited set of information, one that you’ve created and defined, or one that with an admin doing the work to cull the less desirable content. They trust that you’ll know them well enough that you’ll do a better job finding information that an algorithm or computer can’t quite master. Once you are established, you may want to start exhibiting authority by sharing more of your own content.

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