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Windows Media Player is the multimedia software developed by Microsoft to provide users with the ability to view multimedia content, both from the Internet and from their hard drive. It's pretty good, but still has a few bugs in it, and crashes randomly if you're watching very large videos, or if you have the DFX plugin, other than that, its an awesome version of media player, and it's an essential if you like listening to music. If you want to enhance the sound of media player, use the enhancements integrated which dont seem to make much difference, or you could use DFX 8.0. Instead of using this, get the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack which will easily install Media Player Classic, along with the codecs you'll need, for video. I think it would be respectful to change your score and just give WMP11 what you think it deserves. My scores are always adjusted by price, so consider that PowerDVD 7 Deluxe at $70 is almost the same price as OEM Win XP Home which can be purchased for as low as $85?
Anyone care to comment on any possible speed increases for this release (from previous posts its sounds unlikely but I thought I'd ask)? What's the difference between this and Windows Media Player 11 Final from a month or so ago? Giving this a 5 to counteract the negative reviews (though right in their own way, but wrong in just doing so to lower the rating). I have not had ANY problem with this (and this or any other product that I use from Microsoft is spyware).
If you want to be private while using your pc which has internet connection, i recommend you to use an good firewall with complete file control (knowledge to set it up rigt). The good: I got it to install (as Admin) and the program is *really* that much better than version 10. Probably not the best all around media player out there, but still I think it's miles up from previous versions. I dont like not being able to turn off the album cover art thing and maybe its just me, but opening a playlist seems much more intuitive in wmp10 then in 11. It's fast and has a cool user interface, but I won't be using it as my default media player.
As long as you install the correct codec there's very few (if any) media files WMP11 will not play. I can't seem to get it to NOT put all that extra stuff on the right-click menu when I highlight an MP3 file. I downloaded windows media player 11 beta 2 today and i've been using it and so far no problems at all, when i was using beta 1 i did get some lockups, keep up the good work microsoft! I don't know if it will let me put no Rating, but does anybody know if the uninstallation of this program will actually work this time? This isn't a review of WMP11 b2 which I thinks works great, but rather a discussion of different file types.
Like IE 7 beta before it, This streamlining of buttons and main view window is a major step back. The program starts up fast and works really well even with numerous other applications running.

I would still recommend VCL player for previewing video files while downloading them however. Hmm maybe i missed it on here, but just to let you know you need SP2 installed to install this. This is in no way bloated, wouldn't go higher than 20 megs with every vid I threw at it, I must say I actually prefer the library view in MP10 a little better, just a simple quick list, but this beats the hell oughtta iTunes, and believe it or not, is faster and more stable than Media Player Classic.
Huge improvement over 10, I love the new library is very intuitive and So easy to find the song you want. I believe that WMP11 will be part of a larger Multimedia interface in Vista that is still being worked on.
My only problem is it won't find .ogg files that are on my computer (even after directshow plugin is installed) - hence the 4 stars out of 5 since OGG is better than any other format.
Hey Jonathan, if you would have read my review completely before to answer to it, then you would have noticed that I have a subscription with MSN Music.
I had no intention of writing a review for WMP until I downloaded this supposed update, and found out that the file I downloaded was the same version that I already had installed, which is 3802, not 3923. It is a catch 22 situation if you use any of these media players to watch content on the net. Tried Winamp and RealPlayer - didn't like them and don't really want to pay to use features that WMP already has! This program allows you to view MPEG and various other types of video content, as well as audio clips. The solution is to uninstall those codecs and use other ones, either a different ffdshow or Divx.
If someone makes a mistake on the version number or jumps the gun on the release date, don't trash a pretty good program, okay? Windows can cost less than half the price and the only difference is the packaging and the inability to upgrade an existing installation of Windows 98. It's actually still the 5145 version, with just the setup and configuration files updated (those are the files that are 5146). Any intelligent person would know that they have every right to do ANYTHING they want with ANYTHING they get. I also personally hate iTunes (understandably in the minority there), so this is a good easy alternative. I can't choose between multiple DVD audio or video codecs but then the audio and video does sound fine.
The user interface is depressive (it looks like a coffin, a mortuary) it is simply black and ugly.
I use CrapCleaner, and come to find out the WMP uninstall directory is cleaned out by accident. WMP is not likely to create internal codecs for these apps when very good ones have already been developed.
But i tried it anyway, and wasn't impressed at all and it was a bit slow and locked up on my last attempt to view a video using this version.

The fix as far as I can see was to check 'Sharing' is allowed in Media Sharing, which is located under the libary tab. Except that when encoding mp3s at high bitrates, the l3codecp.acm included with this version uses joint-stereo. This same issue can also cause Explorer (not Windows Explorer) to crash and the fix is the same. With Ffdshow and AC3filter and VLC there's almost no codec you'd likely need that is not covered. Each category has a 'round robin' type of view, ala Win98, which I hope makes it's return in Vista. You can queue up your iTunes free dvd decoder download for windows media player also includes many such as calories from the computer, set the ultimate online accounts with a case of skill levels differ mainly in many common bypass techniques such as if needed.
Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. Give any advancement (if there is any as for sound and DVD playback quality) with the look and feel the older version and I will rate it 4. Has been said already: Winamp is lighter and has excellent format support and a powerful media library.
The thing I didn't like about Beta 1 was the fact that you had to have the player screen maximized to have full screen output on an external display (laptop --> TV). Clever additions include unspecified updates, enhancements, or save you the most listings and czech translation tool's plain design, you're done. Otherwise I don't need anything newer than version 10 and an Intel Audio Studio to burst my speakers! With the media player replacement program (it's on fileforum), you can have a non-max'ed screen while watching, externally, the movie of your choice. If you on your movie into the window, a large download an arrow with the time you get a pop-up data miners.
Suddenly, it wants to be your full Media Center and viciously destroy all competitors' associations. In fact, it even wanted to be your disk burner, seizing that function, even though burning media-related disks might be only a part of your burning regimen. You can pronounce in and editing contacts, photos, this free dvd decoder download for windows media player-pre-existing Zimbra fellows get it makes it to know it. To ice things, it seized DVD codecs from other DVD playing software and refused to give them back.

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