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But all is not lost for those who want to just dip their marketing toes in the automation waters. The VB Marketing Automation Index: 1,000 marketing pros rated the top systems in 24 categories.
That’s why, he says, his company built a product to do what Hubspot does, but at a price point he wanted to pay. Leadsius is a three-year-old Swedish company that just released its product from a long-standing beta two weeks ago. Sales Autopilot is fairly typical of low-cost entry-level marketing automation solutions: It tries to do a little bit of everything, including some basic customer relationship management (CRM).
Based in Hungary, Sales Autopilot offers complete functionality for free for its fairly extensive list of features, as long as you stay below 400 emails a month and one user. Azuqua is another of those quasi-hybrid systems that does a bit of sales, a bit of marketing, and a bit of customer service.
But still, for a fairly inexpensive price you get a marketing automation starter system which focuses on inbound leads via content marketing and social media.
Like Leadsius, JumpLead first approached marketing automation from a web visitor profiling perspective, with a product that could identify visitors by their IP addresses.
Building features for themselves, JumpLead’s engineers soon found themselves with a product that they could sell to others, with landing page creation, email marketing, contact management, and analytics joining the original visitor identification capability.
What facilitates that wide reach are an extremely simple interface and the ability to use the system as a stand-alone tool. Infusionsoft is possibly the best-known and most successful marketing automation system in this list, and there are some good reasons why.
That helped it achieve eighth place on our VB Marketing Automation Index among much bigger, tough competition. Genoo says it marries old-school email marketing software and new-school marketing automation in a way that allows you to do more with less.
The lowest price level doesn’t include everything, but Genoo does have a very broad marketing automation toolset for its price. Infusionsoft provides the leading sales and marketing software for small businesses, designed to help them get organized, grow sales and save time.

Do you wonder whether marketing automation planning can actually help all that much in building your business? Let’s say you are another step ahead of the average business owner, and you did follow up with your list prospects; did you do it manually?
A prospective customer visits your business to view a particular item he is considering for purchase. The salesperson gives the prospect a free guide on things to look for when purchasing this particular item in exchange for his contact information. The prospect’s contact information is then entered into the marketing automation system by the salesperson. Day 1 – The marketing automation system sends an email to the prospect and thanks him for visiting the store. Day 8 – An email is automatically sent to the prospect with a special discount offer to use in the store. Day 10 – The prospect returns to the store with the special discount offer and buys the item he was originally interested in. If marketing automation had not been in place, the prospect may not have came back to the store to make the purchase. The store gained the sale because the marketing automation system followed up with the prospect and kept the store in the forefront of his mind while considering the purchase. Every day you fail to follow up with your prospective customers, you risk losing a sale to the competition. Which is probably one of the reasons why bringing high-end solutions like Eloqua, Marketo, or IBM into your company can cost thousands and thousands of dollars.
But the company might be strongest in website visitor tracking and analytics, since that’s where the company first began. In other words, it’s incredibly easy to say yes to Sales Autopilot, and yet it can expand up to as many as two million emails a month for thousands of dollars in monthly cost. In some sense that can be a bad sign, and sometimes all-in-one system do everything adequately but nothing extremely well, but in another sense it speaks to the ongoing melting of marketing and sales and customer support into a single set of activities with different foci in each. The system then analyzes the tweet for sentiment, and routes it to different departments such as sales or customer service depending on what it finds in the tweet.

That product, however, generated large amounts of data which the company couldn’t handle. Some people will use Nurture within their larger company as a personal or project tool, while some will use it for their entire small business. Even though its price is low, Infusionsoft offers an all-in-one system that combines aspects of CRM, marketing automation, social media marketing, and e-commerce tools into one package that is very attractive for small business. It’s also the system that generated the most responses in our surveys from companies with under $25 million in revenue. If marketing automation had been set up when you received contact information from a prospect, none of this would concern you.
Once you have the Four Step Marketing Method working for your business, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.
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Make your follow up process much easier and much more efficient using marketing automation from Simao Marketing Solutions. That creates actions in, for instance, Salesforce, which then trigger customer or prospect contacts from your team.
Search engine optimization (SEO) help in creating your content to attract leads via search marketing. And, despite the low cost, it ranked well in our reader survey on its ability to meet most or all of organizations’ marketing needs.
Did you manually address numerous postcards in your last direct mail campaign and spend hours doing it?

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