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Sending a clear message to a well-defined target audience was the only way to build a brand. In fact, many marketers are facing an increasingly complex landscape of consumers, media platforms and service providers that can cause them to spend more time trying to save their jobs than creating effective marketing.Multifarious marketing is multiple groups working toward multiple goals on multiple platforms and reaching multiple audiences with one core message.
These days, your company’s message should be about your core purpose and benefits rather than the tightly-defined needs of some small group. Live out your message in the media you choose and the campaigns you run.Multiple PlatformsUsing a single platform to deliver your message (whether it’s TV, Facebook, print or email) is just leaving customers and sales on the table. Smart marketers now expect their plans to be integrated, but the complexity comes in ideation.

The very successful Tweet-a-Beer campaign by tenfour + Waggener Edstrom must have been created in an environment where there was no predisposition to the 30-second TV spot.
Most marketing teams don’t conceive of ideas outside of their experience and comfort zone. If new ideas are just old ideas combined or used in a new way, people who have diverse experiences and skill sets simply have more to draw from.
Design schools are hip to this and have begun turning out graduates with broad-based skills and knowledge, and the best agencies are snatching them up. ROI is tough to measure, and CMOs are being pressured more and more by the rest of the C-suite to produce. Is growing a Facebook following important, or is traffic on your own website a better goal?

In a single year, the family-man was named AMA-Atlanta’s Agency Marketer of the Year, Catalyst Magazine’s No.
When not brainstorming at the office or helping a client, McMullen spends time with his wife and two kids, probably reading Dr.

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