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Since quite a long time, Windows Media Player has been integrated with almost every version of Microsoft windows operating system. As discussed above, since majority of users nowadays prefer third-party media players, administrators can disable automatic Windows Media Player updates in order to preserve Internet bandwidth that is otherwise wasted. On the desktop screen, press the Windows + R keys simultaneously to initiate the Run command box.
On the Local Group Policy Editor window, double-click to expand Computer Configuration from the left pane. On the Prevent Automatic Updates box, click to select the Enabled radio button to turn off Windows Media Player automatic updates.
VLC Media Player is one of the most popular applications that have been recently updated to the 1.0 version, and now a new flavor has been released to users. As many of you might already know, VLC Media Player comes as a highly portable multimedia player that also works as a multimedia framework that can play back almost all the audio and video formats available today, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, MPEG-1, mp3, ogg, aac, and more. The new improvements add to the already existing features of the VLC Media Player, such as Live recording, Instant pausing and Frame-by-Frame support, Zipped file playback, Customizable toolbars, AirTunes streaming, MTP devices on linux, Video scaling in fullscreen, RTSP Trickplay support, or the fact that it can be used as server to stream on IPv4 or IPv6 via high-bandwidth networks. In other words in order to make Windows Media Player operational, users must either play media file using WMP or they must manually initiate the Windows Media Player after Windows 8 installation.
In addition, the player can also read DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs and a series of streaming protocols.
VLC Media Player comes as a free application, released under the GNU General Public License. Although Windows Media Player is the default media player in Windows 8 operating system, majority of users prefer other media players over the default WMP.

Once Windows Media Player is initiated and becomes operational, it can automatically download updates from Microsoft server in order to remain updated.
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Download new skins and logos from the GOM Media Player website!Codec FinderSome uncommon video types aren’t supported by GOM Media Player by default.
The reason why users prefer other media players is that third-party media players offer more versatile features and support various other media file formats that are otherwise not supported by Windows Media Player. So, having a powerful media player is essentially important which can play almost every media files.
Moreover, Windows Media Player in Windows 8 does not normally support video DVD because of codec issues and therefore users are compelled to go for third-party media players in case they want to play a DVD while using Windows 8 computer.
This Top 10 list is covering 10 most popular media players for Windows which are very powerful to play almost any media content and easy to use too. VLC Media PlayerVLC (or VideoLAN) is the best media player both for playing videos as well as audio files. KMP Media PlayerKMPlayer is a tough competitor of VLC Media Player and it also have potential to play almost every media file.
Windows Media Player ClassicWindows Media Player Classic is a very old and popular media player with support to lots of popular video and audio files. GOM Media PlayerDeveloped at South Korea, GOM Media Player is one of the best and most utilized freemium software to ever hit the web.
It is a full-featured media player that can play all popular audio and video formats from AAC to FLV very easily.

The modern interface looks great and essential tools are provided at the obvious locations. It is however not only the video player but also a great video converter and media server alongside. While helping you to play almost any time of media, it can help you in doing small video editing too.Download DivX Video Player7.
Pot Player is not a minimal interface player, it has a lots of buttons and tools provided at screen but it is not making the screen cluttered.
The combination of interface-overloaded design and ease of use make Pot Player a media player worth checking out.Download Pot Player8. SMPlayerNot having a good interface, SMPlayer is still falling in this top 10 list because of its great functionalities which will make you to ignore its lacking aesthetics. With built-in codecs, SMPlayer will handle almost anything you throw at it right away. You can search YouTube videos straight inside SMPlayer and you can download the video or record while playing it. It not only let you to only play your media files but also you can make your media beautiful by editing through the tools provided in Plex. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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