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Free Simple Timeline Template for PowerPoint is a timeline design for presentations with three years. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. Show the child the blue numbers on the horizontal axis and the red numbers on the vertical axis. Show the child how to place one finger on the red 5 (on the vertical axis) and another finger on the blue 3 (on the horizontal axis). Once the child understands what to do with his fingers, have him write the equation he chooses from the basket and record the answer.
Slide your two fingers to the right to the same distance to where your right index finger can no longer move forward.
Have the child take out the tablets and place them in numerical order to the left of the chart. Have the child place the correct tablet (the 11 tablet) on the spot where his fingers meet.
From time to time, ask the child if he knows that answer before looking it up on the charts.
This is a free PowerPoint chart template that you can download if you need to prepare awesome charts for your PowerPoint presentations. These three donut charts can be very useful if you need to prepare a finance presentation to show the business growth during certain period or if you need to make a sales presentation in PowerPoint.

The figure above shows a simple chart design created in PowerPoint with three different series. Free horizontal Process funnel analysis template for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations is an original and unique PPT presentation template with horizontal funnel diagram that you can use to make stunning marketing and business PowerPoint presentations. The free horizontal funnel template contains four unique slide designs with different funnel states, including black and white funnel diagram and colored funnel diagram. You can also use the specific funnel step colors to highlight a funnel step within the diagram. You can use this timeline PPT template to make project planning and management PowerPoint presentations with creative timeline designs. You can download this simple editable timeline design for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations.
The various charts give the possibility of repetition, which helps to fix these in the memory of the child.
Inside this PPT template with charts you can find some good examples of charts that you can customize for your own presentation needs.
Sales chart for PowerPoint, you can learn more about how to present sales report in PowerPoint 2010. It is important to understand that before you insert a chart you must close any open dialog box, otherwise you will receive a notification message.

You can quickly switch to any other chart design by right clicking over the chart series, for example if you want to change the shape used for the chart. The free funnel analysis template for PowerPoint contains a unique diagram and funnel process design with colored bubbles and horizontal funnel created with shapes. Funnel diagram can also be used to represent a bottleneck situation in a business presentation or for decision making presentations. It can be updated to match your presentation visual identity or presentation requirements as it is entirely created with PowerPoint shapes giving you 100% flexibility to modify the PowerPoint graphics. In order to change the chart type you can right click over the chart and then choose Change Chart Type option. Other useful applications of this funnel diagram includes matching Supply with Demand slide designs, funnel analysis, bottleneck analysis, continuous flow and product oriented analysis. Moreover, you can download other free graphics for PowerPoint including roadmap slides or clipart designs to decorate your presentations with style and make modern slides.

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