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Prezi's canvas-based nature means that you create the presentation where you'll be showing it. It is easy to insert images using a built-in Google Images search, or from your local computer.
As you present, you move through a progression of these path points, with Prezi automatically animating things as needed. Instead of slides, your presentation flows along path points, which you can change and edit as needed. Internet connections have a tendency to flake out at just the wrong moment, especially in a busy convention center.
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Prezi, a presentation tool with a zooming canvas, has unveiled a whole new line of presentation effects today.
Business owners and professionals who use Prezi can already expect a drastically different presentation style from tools like PowerPoint, which uses slides to present information in a step-by-step format.
Currently, Prezi offers free presentation service online, which includes some core features and 100 MB of storage space.
Prezi can also create custom templates that incorporate your company’s logo, colors, and other branding guidelines so that each presentation is customized with your business in mind. Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides.
Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. If you are a student with a email linked to an institution, you can upgrade free  to a “Enjoy Edu” license, which allows you to use your logo, choose who you share your Prezis with and you can store 500mb worth of Prezis- which is pretty awesome! Source In my fifteen years of life, I’ve definitely had some amazing experiences and well, some not so great experiences.
From using new 3D backgrounds effectively to manipulating multiple objects at once, here are 10 pro tips for using Prezi, the red-hot visual presentation tool. An increasingly popular visual presentation tool (15 million users and counting, according to company reps), Prezi takes a different approach than programs like Microsoft PowerPoint. The new Prezi offers more than 50 templates that make creating complex presentations dead simple. Once you've picked a template for your prezi, you can customize it further by right-clicking anywhere within the prezi window and clicking "Change background." This command opens the Theme Wizard. Prezi's fade-in function allows you to pack several visual elements into the same frame -- without overwhelming your audience. Even the minds behind Prezi admit that the presentation tool's zoom function takes a little getting used to. In Prezi there is a concept of reusable Prezi presentation that let you share your ideas with the Prezi community. Making your Prezis reusable let other users to open the presentation and make a copy in order to reuse your design and data elements. Once a copy is made, the new presentation owner can edit the content without affecting your original Prezi design.
Sharing the Prezi designs and making Prezis ready for reuse helps others get started with Prezi and share your ideas and creativity with the Prezi community.
Click in the Prezi presentation that you want to make reusable or distribute as a Prezi template.
This checkbox let you make reusable Prezis in a way that other users can view it and make copies and use it as a separate Prezi. This creative Prezi template uses modern design techniques to offer a clean design along the entire presentation.
Inside this free Prezi template you can also find reusable data charts like the bar chart example shown below.
By zooming in you can get into the bar chart details during the presentation helping the audience to understand the data. This annual report template for Prezi have placeholders that you can use to enter your revenue growth letting you sent and measure continuous improvement goals . As we do in PowerPoint, in this Prezi template we can also use shapes and graphics to represent business diagrams.
Finally, if you are preparing an Annual Report presentation for your global business then world maps can be strongly helpful. An annual report is a comprehensive report on a company’s activities throughout the preceding year. Prezi unveiled the winners of the First Annual Prezi Awards 2014 introducing the best Prezi presentations (prezis) of the year.
To get the winners, Prezi used lot of data including user’s votes for favorites Prezis.
As they said, picking just one winner in each category was a difficult job because there were lot of terrific Prezis from which to choose.

It combines a nice canvas view containing an Earth illustration and Prezi transitions focusing on each content of interest (specific cities, a global view, etc.). AgriMore is a new way of thinking connecting producers directly to their buyers and skipping the middleman. This Prezi pitch presentation knocks it out of the park with a clear structure that outlines all of the main topics and guides viewers through the presentation. SWOT Analysis is a powerful tool for structured planning  when analysing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of a business , venture , project or particular situation. The Free SWOT Prezi Template is a flexible SWOT diagram, ideal for different purposes, ranging from lectures about strategy and business till real consulting, where consultant need to present their analysis findings.
Make sure to add text and image placeholders and when you are done, save the presentation by clicking File -> Save As and then enter a name.
If you want to take advantage of most of Prezi features after upgrading your Prezi account then installing  Prezi Desktop for Windows is something you can’t avoid to do. If you already have a Prezi account, just enter the credentials (username and password). These credentials will be used to sign in to Prezi using the Prezi Desktop tool.
By using the desktop version of Prezi you can create and edit your Prezi presentations offline or create Prezi templates that can be saved as .pez file format.
You could have fantastic visuals, but no matter how fancy (or austerely minimalistic) each slide is, it remains a slide. There are an ample number of templates, but there is no way to preview what a template looks like except by starting a project with it. If you want to zoom and pan somewhere when presenting, you'll have to zoom and pan while editing, so you instantly get a feel for what your audience will see. If a given path point covers a small area of the canvas, Prezi will smoothly zoom into it, revealing new details as needed. When I had to insert an image, it let me search Google Images right from within Prezi, and I could tell it to only look for images that are okay to use commercially. To avoid potentially embarrassing situations, Prezi lets you download your presentation for offline viewing.
It is likely your audience is used to slide-based presentations, so Prezi's cinematic nature would wow them.
The Prezi team hopes the new effects will help professionals make business slideshows and presentations even more dynamic and captivating through increased visual appeal and creative tools. Prezi’s slide-free style allows presenters to zoom in on the canvas to display details or zoom out to focus on the big picture. Prezi gives design-minded presenters an entire line of different options for sharing information with colleagues or giving clients an appealing view of what your company has to offer. But the company also offers a few paid options for $59 or $159 per year, which include even more features, support, and storage space. In addition, the software offers the ability to import and edit presentations from PowerPoint, and also to share your presentation with others online and to give them the opportunity to add to or edit your project. When she’s not writing she can be found on her personal blog Wattlebird, and exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer. Would be great if you could compare it to other big competitors in the market like POW-TOON and Go-Animate.
Instead of linear slides, prezis (the company's name for its presentation format) run along paths that zoom the focus to a series of points in the prezi as you click the Next button. Picking the right one for your subject matter can mean the difference between a lackluster presentation and a showstopper.The Prezi team suggests thinking of visuals as an integral component to telling your story, rather than optional tools to include when you have the time. When you add objects, frames and text to these templates, your prezi will display each one by zooming into or away from the 3D background, giving the prezi depth.
From this menu, you can edit the colors of individual theme elements like shapes, borders and text.If you need even more customization, click the "Use the Prezi CSS Editor" option at the bottom of the Theme Wizard menu to custom code your prezi. The items start out invisible and fade in individually as you move through the prezi's path.Once you've inserted your text and images, click the Add Frames button to create a new frame. While creating a prezi, for instance, you can quickly view and change its aspect ratio by pressing Ctrl-Shift-M.
If two or more items need to remain together, you can group them by clicking the first object, then holding down the Ctrl (or Command) key while clicking on other objects. If you need help or just want someone else's input, click on the icon shaped like two people at the top right corner of the Prezi edit window.Click "Share" to show someone your prezi using Facebook, Twitter or a private link (they won't be able to change anything) or click "Invite to Edit" and send the link that appears to colleagues or friends, who will be able to make changes. If you are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint you may find this very close to the idea of PowerPoint templates. This way you can share Prezi assets, animations, sound effect and design elements that you added previously to a Prezi presentation. Your original prezi will always remain untouched but if it is marked as Reusable then other users can make copies of it and adapt the copied presentation with their own content. In one of the categories, there was a winner for the best Prezi template design that you can reuse to make other presentations.
Starting from a logo placeholder that you can replace by your company logo, hexagons and simple icons, this Prezi let you present your data in an effective way.
Here is a process diagram design that uses hexagonal shapes and Prezi icons to represent a simple process flow of up to 3 or 5 steps. Inside this free Annual Report template you can find a nice worldmap design ready for Prezi that you can then animate and apply zooming to focus into any desired location or region.

Using this Annual Report template for Prezi you can give company shareholders and other interested people information about the company’s activities and financial performance. There were lot of nominated Prezis throughout different contest categories including: business Prezi presentations, educational Prezis or even Prezis with outstanding designs and animations.
The author of this Prezi had a difficult job: sharpen the company story and their visual identity. The authors did a great job using the voiceover feature in Prezi to add voice to the presentations.
The Free SWOT Prezi Template is designed to be generic and also provide detailed content if necessary. As soon as you click Save button in the Save dialog box, the Prezi presentation design will be saved as a .pez file. If it is the first time you use Prezi then a 30 days trial can be activated for free. Click Activate button and then in the next screen click Continue with trial button.
Prezi (various prices, starting at free) tries to change this by turning your presentation into a wide-open canvas on which you can draw your ideas spatially, and then presenting them by zooming and panning all over the canvas. If you start a project with a template and find out it doesn't work for you after all, you can switch over to a different template midway through, but you will have to adjust things to work in the new template. Instead of "slides," Prezi uses "path points": saved states for your presentation, where the viewport shows a portion of the canvas. With the new features, Prezi users can integrate 3D background images to add depth to presentations or fade-in animations to add dynamic reveals for new details or information. The templates allows the addition of Powerpoint slides, videos and pictures quite easily with a click of button. I’m a self asserted History and English nerd but anything extreme, from mountain biking to skydiving, and you can count me in. For instance, one of your main points might be displayed onscreen with a mountaintop in the background.
Thinking in visual metaphors helps: For instance, a template depicting two deer butting heads (called "Resolve the Tension") can explain that you're talking about two clashing ideas -- even before you put a line of text onscreen.
Make sure to zoom in and out only a few times over the course of your prezi.If you're worried about overuse, choose a prezi template that isn't reliant on zoom to tell a story. The nominated was the following free Annual Report Prezi Template that you can use to make other Prezis with your own data and charts. By taking advantage of built-in Prezi features like the ZUI (Zooming User Interface) you can wow your audience while presenting your company annual report.
For this reason each concept is described in a separate coloured Box, matching the letter quadrant. If you are already familiar with the ZUI then you can move forward very quickly or just click Start editing button to create your first presentation using Prezi Desktop for Windows. Next time you run prezi you can be automatically signed so you don’t need to enter your credentials every time. Used well, the end result feels cinematic and engaging in a way traditional presentations rarely are. A recent Prezi feature is the addition of sound: You can now upload sound clips to go along with your presentation, or even narrate the entire presentation so that it can stand on its own.
Until that happens, Prezi is an almost surefire way to create an engaging, surprising, and beautiful presentation. The application creates a poster image and you can zoom in and out of media, text or powerpoint slides like a movie, proving to be an effective visual tool for presentations.
I enjoy classical music to the point that I swear the sound of C-Train doors closing beep to Beethoven’s Fur Elise.
Clicking the "Next" button zooms to the mountain's peak, where your next point is displayed.With help from Prezi's Drew Banks and Zane Groshelle, we uncovered 10 tips for getting the most out of the new Prezi.
Click on the Edit button next to the 3D Background menu item and you'll be able to create your own 3D background with up to three different images. Click Edit Path in the left sidebar that displays thumbnails of your frames, then click the star icon next to your new frame.The Animation window appears. While presenting, move the mouse while holding the X key to pan around your prezi.(To turn on keyboard shortcuts, click Prezi's Settings icon and select Enable. Grouped objects don't just move together; you can also manipulate the whole group's layer position in the prezi or its path. On the templates menu, templates like "The Journey," "The Big Idea" and "Explain a Topic" are good choices if you have an itchy zoom finger. This box content is inside a Prezi Invisible Frame, allowing the user to customize its content with more text, or multimedia matching the analysis, ranging from video, embed images or even data dashboards.

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