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CyberLink PowerDirector 11 is the latest edition of this popular, feature-packed consumer video editor.
As with previous releases, the program provides everything you need to create professional videos, complete with soundtrack, transitions, special effects and more, before exporting your project to a file, sharing it online, or burning it to disc, complete with your own custom menus. The Titles, Menus, Picture-in-Picture and Particle Effects designers now all run full-screen to help you produce more accurate results. Faster, smarter and more powerful than ever, CyberLink PowerDirector 11 Ultimate is a significant upgrade which includes an excellent mix of new features, and is still one of the best video editors around. ColorDirector – Pro Color Adjustment for Videos ColorDirector brings professional color grading tools to your desktop.
Correct the color temperature and intensity of your videos with sophisticated color balancing tools. Add emotion to your movies with creative color themes and regional color adjustments with mask and motion tracking tools.
Create your own color palettes to apply to your video projects or share your presets with other editors at DirectorZone. Easily import video files to AudioDirector and synchronize audio tracks intuitively and precisely. Record, mix and create and vibrant, rich soundtracks for your video projects in studio quality. Automatically finds the best scenes with faces, zoom, pan and motion and pinpoints scenes requiring enhancements.
Corrects all imperfect parts of the entire footage, such as poor lighting and shaky videos using TrueTheater Technology. Undock the preview window and bring a full HD preview window into the second monitor, for a better, close-up view of every detail. With new ripple editing, you can easily insert or remove video clips on the timeline while keeping all other items on the track aligned. Further speed up your video editing skills with several sets of hotkeys to instantly perform commands. Create unique, professional-looking titles for just the right finishing touches to your video with 4-color gradients, reflections, or edit the entry points using the timeline. Includes a built-in particle object library that you can use to design its animation and control the frequency. Automatically apply Magic Style templates to your movies, complete with effects, titles and credits. Edit effects within a single interface for easy timing and synchronization of each effect on the video timeline. Together with auto scene detection, PowerDirector provides an easy way to trim videos efficiently. Take videos in front of a green sheet or blue sheet and merge with other videos to create special effects like they do in weather broadcasts or Hollywood movies.
Design your own hand-drawn artwork using an array of brushes, then record them or apply distortion effects and action speeds before integrating into your video projects. Browse thousands of free effects and templates on the largest video editing online community: DirectorZone.
Intelligent Smart Video Rendering Technology (SVRT) analyzes an entire project, then selects the best output profile for optimal production speed. OpenCL technology utilizes the power of your system‘s GPU and CPU power to boost the speed of the editing process. PowerDirector 11 is optimized for new generation hardware from Intel 3rd Generation Core technology and AMD 2nd Generation APU technology. PowerDirector lets you output videos in just about every format, letting you burn videos, Blu-rays or DVDs and create video files to watch on mobile devices and to share on social sites.
Create pro-quality videos with clear Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 channel surround sound for a cinema-style movie production. Two professional effect packs from NewBlueFX, featuring Motion Effects and Paint Effects for sensational video editing results. Use this superb set of travel-themed designs to turn your videos into movies that you’ll want to watch over and over again. Six animated DVD menus, each elegantly designed to preserve your most cherished romantic stories.

For the budding beginner or the budget-minded editing aficionado, CyberLink PowerDirector 11 delivers easy-to-use quality results. Having previously adopted the OpenCL standard to enable GPU acceleration among a broad number of graphics cards from NVIDIA. Current users of PowerDirector will have no difficulty adjusting to the new version, and new users will find the learning curve to be quite gentle, particularly with the host of learning resources available to them. Upon opening, four options appear at the top left of the application: Capture, Edit, Produce and Create Disc. Once imported, simply drag and drop the clip onto the timeline and a series of tabs appears. AudioDirector takes the existing WaveEditor several steps further with the ability to work with 7.1 multi-channel sound in LPCM format and broader file support. While PowerDirector 11 has too many features to adequately cover them all, it still has the great 3D stereoscopic support of the previous version, and looking to the future, has added support for 2k and 4k resolutions, which it should handle quite well with the proper hardware and multi-GPU acceleration.
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Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Rather, PowerDirector 11 includes some very significant additions which will make a real difference to the editing experience, and this will be obvious from the moment you launch the program. In just a click you have the program analyze any clip, quickly picking out the important scenes – the shots with zoom, pan, motion, faces and more.
While new multi GPGPU support means the program can, say, use the GPU processor in an integrated and additional graphics card to deliver even more performance (CyberLink quote a 38% speed increase as typical). Whether you want to import 4K footage directly from the latest cameras, edit it more effectively or publish to that resolution yourself, PowerDirector 11 has you covered. This one, PowerDirector 11 Ultimate, contains all the core video editing features you find in Ultra, but also includes some bonus content. You can easily correct colors, adjust tonality, change regional colors with advanced motion tracking and more. AudioDirector – Pro Sound Design Powerful sound tools for building your own soundtracks with multi-track recording and mixing. Content-Aware Editing Content-Aware Editing automatically analyzes and enhances the entire footage for the fastest and most effortless video editing experience.
Dynamic Editing Environment Newly designed interface offers the most efficient and high powered editing environment for the advanced user.
Comes with an extensive library of animated objects and frames, and you can design your own. You can design menus with titles, chapters, particles and PiP objects with your own unique flair. 400+ Editing Tools and Effects Enrich your videos with stores of precision tools and editing effects. Also includes complete tool set to customize photo slideshows with animations and background music. Fast Editing Speed With TrueVelocity 3, PowerDirector 11 supports multi-GPGPU acceleration so you can maximize performance from multi-graphic cards and optimize editing, rendering and effect processing speeds. An intermediate editing software application, PowerDirector 11 is easy on the beginner while holding considerable appeal for more advanced video editors – particularly those on a budget. AMD and Intel, CyberLink has gone a step further with its new TrueVelocity 3 rendering engine. When choosing Capture, PowerDirector detects any attached capture devices and readies them for action.
Clicking the Split tab does exactly that – it splits, or cuts, the clip at the point where the current time indicator is placed. Fit in 99 layers of audio at up to a 32-bit 192kHz sample rate, and plenty of your audio can be processed.

PowerDirector 11 is a solid performer that delivers a lot of power for the price, is easy to use, includes some impressive professional features and is well worth a serious look.
All you have to do is select these with the mouse, and import them for further work: much quicker and easier than ever before. This bonus content includes Travel Pack 2, the Holiday MagicStyle Pack and Romance Pack v3. On the flip side, where normally you would spend a thousand hours editing an hour of footage, PowerDirector also gives you the option to select one of its automatic editing features, which will produce a cut in minutes, decorated with effects, transitions, titles, and music — excellent for home movies. Whether you’re a color pro or an aspiring colorist, ColorDirector gives your videos the professional film look. Design Studio New Design Studio lets you easily customize PiP, particles, titles and menus. Magic Movies in Minutes Magic movie tools provide you with an easy automated way to edit your videos. TrueTheater Enhancement Technology Part of the Content-Aware Editing feature, TrueTheater Technology corrects all imperfect parts of the entire footage, such as poor lighting and shaky videos. It also features an enhanced video de-interlacing engine with sub-pixel level processing, and it produces greatly improved output quality especially in fast motion and zoomed-in scenes.
TrueVelocity 3 supports multi-GPGPU or multiple graphics processor acceleration, for significant gains in rendering speed. The Modify tab displays the PiP Designer, allowing you to adjust a number of properties such as chromakey. If you don’t happen to have the suite, both are available as separate stand-alone versions for $130 each. Clicking the back button takes you back to PowerDirector where your changes are reflected immediately for seamless round-trip editing convenience. Like PowerDirector, ColorDirector is designed with a simple workflow so that you can focus on your art.
Advanced tools include AudioClipper for smartphones, the ideal solution for recording sound that can be later edited in AudioDirector. Simply select the videos and photos you want to use in your creation, and Magic Movie tool will automatically add stylish templates, transitions and music, and will complete your video within minutes. You can use PowerDirector to produce DVDs, Blu-ray and AVCHD discs or video files with the best quality. Of course, you will need the right hardware to take advantage of the TrueVelocity technology, but for those who do, it’s a great time-saving feature.
The media room has options for importing files and folders from internal or attached drives or content from the Internet. In ColorDirector, many options are available: tone adjustments, one-click white balance correction, controls for exposure, contrast, brightness, clarity, vibrancy, hue, saturation, and more – with keyframing capabilities to boot! A window appears showing a separate track for each, with an indicator where each condition occurs in the clip. A set of presets apply grain, old film and various other looks to your footage, or you can create your own presets, and share them with others via PowerDirector’s online community, DirectorZone.
The idea to save time slogging through hours of footage by letting the application show you where the people and action are located, with the assumption that those are the things you’re interested in.
The Power Tools tab lets you reverse, crop, rotate, adjust speed for your video and even convert 2D to 3D.
ColorDirector also lets you mask selected areas and change within or outside the masked areas, you may then motion track the mask as you wish.
Portions with shaky video or poor lighting are quickly corrected with the click of a single button. Clicking the Keyframe tab displays clip properties on separate tracks and allows you to change values over time by applying keyframes to create custom effects. In practice, you can only apply Content-Aware Editing to one clip at a time so a large number of clips will still take some time to get through and results are a bit mixed, depending on what’s happening in the particular scene.
Edit Audio opens the WaveEditor audio program and, if you have the Ultimate Suite version, you’ll have more options with AudioDirector.

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