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If you want to have more creative ideas you need to work with, not against, the part of your brain that comes up with ideas: the pre-frontal cortex. If you want to have more creative ideas you need to work with the part of your brain that comes up with ideas: the pre-frontal cortex. The digital era has brought an unprecedented level of access to cheap and addictive digital entertainment, notably games.
Kungfu Brain proposes to tackle this issue by strenghtening the pre-frontal cortex of a gamer’s brain.
This report is brought to you by the inventor of Letter Hound, Spell Quest, Word Edge, Beautiful Worm, Number Pharaoh, Primary, Word Bridge, Digi Crush, Super Math Invaders and Memon’s Quest.
Whether you are an artist, writer, scientist, web designer, marketer, sales person or business executive, being more creative means youa€™ll come up with more and better ideas and have more fun while you are doing it.

If Kungfu Brain is played cooperatively by two gamers, it might hypothetically achieve the side-benefit of social or family bonding, but the validity of this claim cannot be proven either analytically or experimentally, so it’s beyond the scope of this initiative. Specifically, gamers find themselves saddled with an enormous catalog of purchased but unconsumed games.
The difficulty ramps up gradually, and the gamers are encouraged to survive the mini games for as long as they can. But the pre-frontal cortex has some interesting and idiosyncratic ways of working, so there are things you can do that help it do its work, and things that hinder. Kungfu Brain strives to provide an introductory training platform to kickstart the initiative. Dupa ce cantaretul de la Akcent a fost filmat la Iasi, de, cand isi insela iubita, femeia cu cele mai lungi picioare din Romania l-a parasit.

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