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In “Techniques Of The Observer, John Crary analyses the evolution of optical devices and their relation with concepts of visions throughout history. This everyday image is one we might know well, since it is one that we might see if we visit the coffee establishment Starbucks.
Last week, we kicked off the class by questioning the difference between looking and gazing, concluding that gazing is the relational act of looking – that is, to see something and to think of its context, its meaning, and looking at it through different points of view. As an advertisement for a snoring remedy, this ad uses an ambiguous narrative to deliver its message. In this sculpture we see a sign representing an architectural dome like structure, that may be evocative of Banerjee’s Indian traditional heritage.
In our last class we talked not only about the meaning of images, but also how we see, look and understand the content of images.
The Eye Gaze team had set out to do a project to help Steve Gleason, a former pro football player who is living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Clear, powerful—and, according to their colleagues and the company’s senior leaders, the most transformative idea to come out of the Hackathon.
On Wednesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Ability Eye Gaze was the global Hackathon’s grand prize winner.
The Ability Eye Gaze team was the Grand Prize Winner of Microsoft’s first-ever companywide Hackathon. After accepting “an amazing piece of hardware” from Nadella, Mack gave a heartfelt speech on what his team worked so hard to try to accomplish: bringing independence to the thousands living with ALS. On early Wednesday morning, Gleason challenged Nadella to participate in what’s known as an ALS ice bucket challenge via Twitter, and Nadella readily accepted.

Jenny Lay-Flurrie, a member of the Ability Eye Gaze team, was impressed with Nadella’s willingness to accept Gleason’s challenge and help fight a disease that, according to the ALS Association, affects nearly 30,000 people in the U.S. All told, more than 12,000 employees registered for the Hackathon from 230 cities and 80 countries. The event amounted to Microsoft’s ultimate suggestion box, said Jeff Ramos, senior director of community outreach for Engineering Excellence. Eye Gaze’s Tammy King, an eight-year Microsoft veteran, has participated in hackathons before.
Like the Eye Gaze team, many of the winners expressed an eagerness to drive their ideas forward. Meanwhile, the team behind A Line in the Sand intends to pitch their manifesto to end sexism in video games to leaders at Xbox and Microsoft Games Studio, said Manuel Tenorio, a manager for Enterprise Commerce IT. For him, the power of employees collaborating across teams was the key takeaway of the Hackathon. It is clear that with technological advances we are now able to massively reproduce a visual image expanding the importance given to visual culture.
It brings forth awareness of the subject and the viewer.We will begin with the brief history of what a human subject is and the evolution throughout the centuries. Even though there are specific cultural connotations, I think the Ad can be understood by anyone on some level. Gleason’s foundation aims to raise awareness about ALS, as well as to give others living with it the “leading edge technology, equipment and services” they need. He also recognized nine other winners, who were selected by their fellow employees’ votes and by Microsoft’s senior leadership team.

Matthew Mack accepted a trophy on behalf of his team from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Wednesday. For those who may not be familiar with it, the ALS ice bucket challenge is a social media movement wherein people post videos of themselves dumping a bucket of ice water over their heads. After a two-day frenzy of hacking, caffeine and (hopefully) a little sleep, employees submitted more than 62,000 votes. I believe Microsoft is the place where smart, curious people can do their best work and the Hackathon embodied that spirit,” Nadella said. The team behind Fit and Smart Kids, who hacked on a techy solution to tackle childhood obesity, plans to literally push themselves forward. They had never met, but they were all gamers who were convinced “Microsoft could draw a line in the sand and say there was a better way,” Cervantes said. The project united two dozen researchers, engineers, designers, program managers and media pros from across Microsoft, and was one of the 3,000-plus teams that participated in Microsoft’s first-ever global Hackathon. Once they’re sopping wet with cold water, they then challenge others to either do the same or make a donation to an organization dedicated to fighting ALS, and that’s just what Nadella did. In honor of the 644 votes they received, they vowed to collectively hike, bike, walk, or jog 664 miles. The team aimed to use Surface 3, Kinect and other Microsoft technologies to give independence to people with disabilities.

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