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If there were ever a television sitcom whose story lines were always fun and never stale, "My Little Margie" had to be it. Margie uses a book on reverse psychology to get Vern to drop Roberta, and he uses it to get her to dump Freddie.
To make Vern believe Freddie has gumption, Margie gives Freddie a fake letter claiming there's uranium on property his aunt left.
When Vern's doctor tells him to get in better shape, he walks home from the office and claims he doesn't want dinner.
Vern prods Margie to find someone ambitious and affirmative, so she teaches him a lesson by dating Honeywell's nephew, an obnoxious efficiency expert who is driving everyone at the office crazy.
To get Margie to drop Freddie, Vern and Honeywell fix him up with Honeywell's niece to make Margie mad. To help Freddie get a job with Vern's new client, who prefers married men, Margie poses as his wife.
To keep Margie away from Lundstrom, a prospective client, Vern hires an actor as decoy, Lindstrom overhears Margie claim that she can show him real Indians in Central Park, and, curious as to why someone is using his identity, offers to be one of her 'Indians'.
Vern and Margie pose as hillbillies in mountain country to gain the confidence of some hillbillies who've been willed stock that Honeywell and Todd needs for control of a company. Margie poses as her newlywed neighbor's bride to ward off a vindictive old flame, while Vern reluctantly occupies the real wife.
Hoping to discourage Margie with the ruggedness of camping, Vern says that if she can last a week on a Canadian hunting trip, he'll take her to Hawaii. After Vern turns down Margie's request for a job, her long lost lookalike cousin arrives looking for work. A new client's daughter, who ran away years ago to marry an artist, doesn't want heroil man father to know about her husband and baby. After only three months of marriage, Margie's neighbor feels his wife is taking him for granted. Although Vern promised years ago to introduce Margie to a client's son when he came to town, Honeywell doesn't want them to meet; so, Margie is sent out of town and Roberta reluctantly takes her place. Margie's notified by a kids show that her son Vern is the one millionth member of the Stratosphere Scouts. Vern is so angry when he learns that Margie is taking care of a chimpanzee, that she doesn't get the chance to tell him it's for his client, who's making a jungle movie. At a health farm where lots of rich women go, Margie switches identities with a friend who wants to be sure that a man she met, who works there, isn't a fortune hunter. A cranky new tenant threatens to cancel her lease and sue after being caught in the elevator, run by Margie, when it goes wild.
Honeywell insists that Vern play along when his new secretary, daughter of a new client, falls for him and proposes marriage.
Vent's new client is the son of a man he went to college with, and he doesn't want Margie to meet him so he tells him he has a son. Vern accidentally leaves behind his entry permit on a trip to South America to sign a client. Vern's fraternity brother, the Shah of Zena, arrives in town and Margie is determined to meet him, over Vern's objections. Todd's wile wants a divorce and to rake her money out of the company,after finding a check written by Todd to a German girl. Roberta's out to prove to her visiting father that New Yorkers are sedate, respectable folks, especially the Albrights. Vern and the coach from his alma mater refuse to take Margie on a trip to nab all All American football player for the team.
Vern feels he's neglecting Margie since she hasn't come to him lately with her problems, so she concocts a tale about falling for a croupier at a nightclub, who cast her aside.
Robert and Margie sneak to a Miami convention where Vern is dating a man's daughter so he'll vote for Honeywell in an election.

When Vern refuses to take Margie along on a trip to London to settle the estate of a new Earl, she gets a handsome stranger to pretend they are going to elope as soon as Vern leaves. On a trip to San Francisco to win a wealthy Chinese client, Vern's rival cons Margie into helping a young romance that's being thwarted by a family feud, and she doesn't know it's Vern's client's daughter whom she's helping.Mr. To give Vern subliminal suggestions to say NO to Honeywell, Margie plays some records while he sleeps.
When Margie buys herself a mink coat, Vern tells her to return it or go to work and earn the money to pay for it herself. Vern and Honeywell pretend they want Margie's help in getting a client to renew his contract, hoping she'll cause enough trouble so that he'll cancel, and they can sign his competitor. On a Bermuda vacation to calm Vem's nerves, Margie thinks she sees a murder taking place in a room across from theirs.
The Albrights sneak home during a vacation for some things, not wanting Honeywell to know they're in town for fear that Vern's vacation will be cut short. One of Vern's clients is having trouble making up his mind about a trip to Hawaii, which could include Margie and Mrs. Learning that an actress client in Hawaii prefers younger men, Vern tells Margie that their trip is off, faking an emergency trip to Alaska and leaving Margie to trade in the Hawaii plane tickets. Through 126 episodes, Gale Storm and a peerless cast kept the audience glued to their television screens. But they each think their scheme has backfired when they all end up on a train to Greenwich. Seeing his photo as a homely child, she becomes a gawky little kid, in clothes borrowed from the eleven-year-old for which she babysits. Odetts leaves a power of attorney paper there and her grandchildren are snooping around trying to find it, and along with clients, Honeywell, and Roberta, there's nothing but misunderstandings for everyone.Mrs. Vern agrees to have dinner at the apartment with a female client, since Roberta, who's insanely jealous of the woman, is out of town, but she comes back early. To scare her out of the idea, Vern gets an actor to pose as a thug to threaten her, and he'll be there to rescue her. Vern happens to be at the man's office at the same time, so she pretends to faint to avoid coming face to face with her father.
But the neighbor's noise angers Margie and then Vern, and they fight an all-out war without anyone realizing the other's identity.
Odetts has been sending letters to servicemen,signing Margie's name and enclosing her pictures to cheer them up. She goes along with it but drops the disguise to win the man's attention by posing as her cousin Carolyn. Determined to get him promoted, she convinces Todd that their biggest competitor wants him, but Vern thinks it's a genuine offer, and quits after an argument with Todd over the offer. Vern loves the peace and quiet, and to keep Margie there he arranges for her to find a phony treasure map. Overheruing Margie's plot, they play along and Vern ends up in hot water, as usual, but Margie saves his job and the company's money when she learns the truth.
Odetts accidentally shoots a painting of Margie( as a little girl) off the wall, solving her problem of what to get Vem for his birthday. Margie agrees to take the baby for awhile, and is forced into a pretense that it's her own baby, keeping it secret from Vern by using Mrs.
Odetts' wacky sister helps her become obese by inflating her dress with helium so the man won't want to go out with her. He pays Freddie to kidnap the chimp, and when he squeals to Margie, she has him go through with it to teach Vern a lesson. Margie plots to keep the landlord away from Vern until she can leave on a planned trip to Sun Valley. Insulted, his educated son refuses to meet them, but when he gets a glimpse of Margie he poses as his dashing cousin to court her.

She finds a lady at a lonely hearts club, but when she turns out to be a gold digger, Margie and Mrs.
Detained at the border, he flees and begins running, unaware that the commander who's after him. But Freddie is caring for a kangaroo in their apartment trying to keep it hidden from Vern-who comes off like a drunk when he claims to see a kangaroo appearing and disappearing.Mr.
Thinking she's involved in the case, two of the maharaja's enemies search her apartment, leaving Vern tied up in a closet. Vern doesn't believe that the man's parrot told Margie it's in a clock, so she and the bird's keeper set out through the house, which is filled with clocks the man collected, to find the right one. She gets him a job as a maitre'd by passing him off as a world famous headwaiter, and then has to try to keep him on the job for a whole week.
Margie tries to get him out of it by making the woman think his family are a bunch of loonies, but by mistake she goes into her act when a prospective woman client arrives.
She gets a crush on the photographer, and to make him notice her she breaches her contract by posing with a body builder. In fact, the audience was also happily glued to their radios because "My Little Margie" went from TV to radio beginning on December 7, 1952.
But when the young man turns out to be handsome, Margie has to pose as the little girl and her older sister.
But her money is tied up in a trust fund and she tries to make her banker think she wants $6000 for a young girl who's in trouble from gambling. Vern is called by police, and then by the girl's suitor, asking for Margie's hand in marriage.
She ends up gambling as a favor for the man's niece; and when he gets suspicious of her winning streak, she flees-ending up in a beauty contest in which the girls are masked until the finalists are chosen.
The radio cast consisted of Gale and Charlie (reprising their screen roles), Gill Stratton Jr.
He and Freddie rush there, and Margie has them detained by a huge nurse so they won't spill the beans about the identity switch.
Odetts dress up as East Indian women, and go to a night club where the detective is, hoping to get his attention, and the two hoods overhear them and think Mrs. Odetts is ecstatic and Margie doesn't want her heart broken, so she gets a wealthy Texan friend to play the admirer. The following provides sample documents, articles and other resources to help lawyers in carrying out your duties andDec 6, 2009 - Sample NDA forms can be found online. These radio plays were not merely simulcasts of the TV show, but different original episodes.Fans can track down comic books (''My Little Margie" and "Margie's Boyfriends") and paper dolls.
Usually, after some experience, startups are able to negotiate the agreements without too much [YOUR LOGO HERE]. TV magazines of the time usually featured an article on Gale Storm or on the series."My Little Margie" remains one of the best-loved television shows of all time despite the fact that it isn't in wide circulation on television these days.
Collectors trade tapes of the shows-dealers sell tapes of the shows and fans hold this series in their hearts and cherish every precious moment.
May 12, 2011 - This Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (the principal business address at 99 University Avenue, Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6. Confidential Information is in an electronic format, deleted in such manner that the Sample Confidentiality Agreement.

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