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BCG helps an automotive manufacturer enter a developing market by reshaping its products, brand, and distribution model. AutoGlobal is a major vehicle manufacturer that had been positioning itself to enter a developing market.  Anticipating a period of evolution in this market, particularly in the manufacture of modern, domestic vehicles, the company believed the best way to position itself was to set up local production facilities. This particular market, however, was different from others that AutoGlobal had entered previously.
BCG worked closely with AutoGlobal to develop and execute a successful market entry strategy.
Our case team facilitated “vehicle clinics” in select cities throughout the targeted market. In addition, we held “brand clinics” to identify brand awareness and to help us understand consumers’ brand association traits. Finally, we used field visits to examine existing sales and after-sales networks to help us to understand consumer expectations and to highlight opportunities for AutoGlobal to differentiate itself. Our vehicle clinics identified important consumer expectations in regard to product and price.

An assessment of the new market’s existing sales and after-sales infrastructure helped AutoGlobal develop a three-tiered distribution network, with each of the tiers differing by size of catchment area, size and fit-out of its primary dealerships, and the number of its sales offices and service centers.
Then, working closely with AutoGlobal's sales and after-sales team, BCG helped create a model designed to increase market size, market share, and production volume.
Average car prices were about one-third of the company’s standard price, local brands dominated the market, and the sales and after-sales model was fundamental and highly fragmented.
This strategy involved all steps of the value chain: setup of local suppliers, research and development, production, and sales and after-sales network.
We presented a range of existing vehicles—client models and competitor models—to customers and dealers and asked participants to specify their respective requirements and to help define the specifications for a new product line.
Based on what we learned, a brand strategy was developed and reviewed at follow-up clinics. We shared this information with AutoGlobal’s research and development department so that appropriate products could be created to meet these expectations. For instance, compared with other, smaller tiers, major commercial hubs required a significantly higher number of sales advisors and more strategically situated dealers and sales offices.

This strategy combined the development of suitable products, an effective branding strategy, and an appropriate distribution network concept. A new strategy would be needed if AutoGlobal was to be successful in addressing these differences.
We surveyed several hundred people, including many who participated in focus group studies.
The data we gathered helped form the foundation of AutoGlobal’s new product entry strategy.

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