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Lots of people are asking me this question what is Google Adsense in Urdu and how we can make money form it. Not many people know that they can apply for rather than buy Google Adsense without having to own a website of blog. All you have to do is to signup with Flixya which is absolutely free and activate your account via email confirmation. Now let’s search or create some funny and interesting videos online which people want to see on internet. So your account is now filled with images, Videos and blog posts, so its time to apply for it. After that click on Monetize tab, you will then redirect to Ad-sense website for form filling. Bro mein na google adsense ka hosted account approve kia hy or kya ma youtube sa earning kr sakta hn koi problem tu create ni ho gi. If your application was not accepted due to issues with your website, please make sure that you have resolved them before resubmitting….
You need to upload your home address verification document via your Adsense account contact form.
India's leading technology magazine DIGIT, has had in its November 2007 issue, a serious look at what one Indian security analyst claims is a flaw in GoogleA?a‚¬a„?s AdSense. By observing the working of their system he was able to point out how ads are served from their servers and how can he stimulate the process from his own server by a script made by him.
Manish Arora wrote to Google "I would be glad to provide you the complete mechanism, which will take one hour a day, to produce thousand of dollars a month from adsense. He says he did all this to report the flaw to google and hasn't withdrawn any money because his intentions were not bad.
Google has very good algorithms to detect click frauds but there algorithm has this vulnerability. Google’s filter puts red flag on suspicious account and then those should go to click analysts for investigation.
Its a money game, if everything is fine, perfect and in place then why everything is a blackbox? Thanks for clearing the doubts & I am glad that after so much of hard work (I should say smart work), you get to put your point in the media. Well, as from what i read on digit, Manish’s account was disabled for the invalid click activity.

I have heard that most acccount disabling happens on 15th to 20th of the month, ie, time for review . I am dying to get 104 $ back and is there any way to get back 104 $ by doing anything (even wrong) from google. Ya, langkah awal memang harus ditempuh dengan kerja keras dan doa, mengorbankan waktu, tenaga, pikiran, bahkan harta sekalipun.
Please remember that always use Gmail account in order to signup so that this email can also be use for Google Adsense.
This can be your beautiful city or any incident which people are interested around the world.
Don’t worry you can write any thing from little tip to any breaking news you want to share.
A Indian named, Manish Arora has found a way to cheat adsense and make thousands of US$ quickly. Tuzhilin (Professor of Information Systems at the Stern School of Business at New York University), who evaluated GoogleA?a‚¬a„?s invalid click detection efforts.
Withdrawing the money could have really get attention but in that case Manish Arora could have get himself into deep trouble.
But what amaze me is that why people are not ready to accept the fact that google is not completely flawless. Its the matter of fact that I found a critical design issue in AdSense and that’s the way I designed my simulation.
The amount which they credited to my account (~$5000) were only a percentage of what Google got from their clients. When I was approaching media I made Google in loop so that they should take things seriously, but they took that for granted.
I also love to play with such holes… I have lost my 14 adsense account in doing different experiments. They started this program in 2003 and at that time it was very easy to join it and earn online money in Pakistan too. Flixya is a content sharing website like YouTube but unlike YouTube your can share Videos, Pictures and Articles.
So try taking some amazing pictures which can attract people or create your own funny pictures.
Write some unique description and keyword for your blog post in order to be search in Google results.

Remember to check all tick boxes at the end of the form especially which says that allow to manage your account. His claim has been verified by DIGITians and when they reported it to Google, they doesn't seem to take it seriously. The Incident Response Lead, Google Security Team replied that "We've investigated your claim.
Well Manish, some people are arguing that google can remove the non-genuine clicks at the end when they process the payment.
Banyak blogger yang putus asa sebelum meraih kursi kesuksesan di sana dan beralih ke langkah yang lain.
But at that time there was no competition at all in the publishers but today the story is different.
Now you don’t have to be a webmaster or designer in order to earn money with it because it has solved this problem. You can take some pictures and make beautiful slide show or can tell some windows tips and tricks via videos. At this point, all we can verify is that our automated systems terminated your accounts, as a result of your trying to inflate the clicks. They have filters who will check and observe behavior on the basis of some research statistics. Tetapi ini tidak menutup kemungkinan bahwa di sana banyak blogger yang sudah sukses dan meraih kebanggaan serta kegembiraan. There are many way through which you can join this advertising program in Pakistan and start earning money but many of these procedures or not straight forward like you can apply for this program if you have a blog or website. Is google working on the fix or is it something they doesn't care about or is it the way they make money themself? Google logs IPA‚A?s from clickers and to generate such a high volume of clicks, one would asume that the IP is allways the same. Just enter Gmail username and password you use to signup with Flixya and wait for the response form Google.
If you supply us with the code and the technical details of the method you mention, we will investigate further".

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