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Apparently, Google didn’t find the personal touch of a massive customer relations campaign that personally contacts each merchant, followed by a private email blast to all GAN Affiliates (at a minimum) necessary. Apparently, there was no need to tell employees before the announcement was made via the blog post, either. Many Merchants, Affiliates and OPM’s that relied upon GAN are now finding themselves in a precarious situation that needs to be addressed.
She has her finger on the pulse of Affiliate Marketing and works extensively with all the major networks.
Already, some Affiliate Marketers are publishing help and commentary on the closure of Google Affiliate Network. Those merchants who pay attention to blog posts as their primary method of learning about the closure of important vendors’ services, now know that the GAN platform will no longer be available to provide affiliate tracking solutions. Luckily for some merchants, GAN was simply one of the networks they ran on, and they can simply tell their existing affiliates to swap their GAN links for their other affiliate tracking solution. I remember way back in the good ol’ days, when I ran a company I founded called “Kowabunga!

A few years ago when I made my first list of the top Affiliate Networks, I had given Google Affiliate Network my most controversial review. For years, people have believed that with every new Google update, affiliate marketing would surely meet its death. In 2010, many affiliate marketers stated they were seeing more and more brand web pages outranking their web pages in search results, even though those brands were barely related to that particular search query. In January 2014, when Google posted a blog post notifying affiliates that if their websites do not add value those websites would be penalised, affiliate marketers saw that as a warning again that the end of affiliate marketing was coming. In early 2015, Google started allowing merchants to start showing product reviews and price comparisons alongside their own products in search results. Marketing”, where we provided Affiliate Marketing Tracking and Management Solutions (for In-House Affiliate Programs), a little company out of Chicago called Performics. They already have their foot way too deep in our waters with them controlling how we perform SEO. Another major complaint included Google closing AdSense accounts because Google found websites they classified as bridge pages – pages that existed just to send web visitors to affiliate pages.

Many affiliate marketers believed this move made it harder for value-add affiliates to make a living as this feature encroached on all the things they did to add value: user reviews, price comparisons, attribute enhancements and all those things that happen at the end of the buying cycle. The Google Panda and Penguin updates blew up in the faces of affiliate marketers all around the world. It isn’t obvious now but if Google decided to put their foot in here it would be bad for most affiliate marketers. In October 2015, a survey discovered that 44 per cent of online shoppers skip Google and head right to Amazon to search for products.

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