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Para utilizar Google Analytics, necesita una cuenta de Google y tener acceso al codigo de su sitio web.
Google Analytics puede ser integrado con su cuenta de Google AdWords y AdSense, y le permite hacer un seguimiento de CPC, RCP, conversion de ventas, y el retorno de la inversion para su negocio en linea.
Google Analytics provides an excellent set of tools to monitor and support decision-making to help you improve the performance of your website and lead generation. This article takes you through an example of a dashboard from one of my websites, to give you an outline of what you can gain from your Google Analytics Dashboard. Setting up your Google Analytics Dashboard to display key metrics will enable you to track performance, and monitor the effect of changes and additional content and promotional activities on traffic and conversions. My preference is to set the left column with widgets showing how visitors arrived at the website, the middle column for what they did when they were on the website and the right column for the results and completions, the Goals achieved.
The purpose of the dashboard is to provide insight into what is happening within the website, and to provide evidence to inform decision-making and to track the effects of changes. Visits: reflects the typical higher level of activity of weekdays, with a rising trend through the month.
Visits by Traffic Source: Organic dominates, and needs to be increased, but an objective might be to increase the referrals, social media visits and email generated visits to reduce organic to say 50% of a greater number of visits. Average Visit Duration: this is fairly spikey due to the relatively low volumes of visits, with Sunday traffic being particularly brief. Visits and Page views by Mobile: Interesting to see that already about 10% of visits and views are through mobile devices, and this is only going to increase.
Visits and Duration by Country: Reassuring that the UK is the most visits and the longest average duration, indicating that people are reading the information.
Visits and pages by Country: Again reassuring to see UK leading the table, and multiple pages per visit indicating good engagement. Goal Conversion Rate: The level of the conversions will depend on what you define as your goals, however this is a good top-level indication to track and refine outcomes achieved by the website over time.
Goal Value: On a lead generation website this number is calculated based on what is configured as the nominal value of certain goals.
Goal Completions and Conversions: This is a really useful metric as a top-level indicator of traffic quality, and the differences in goal completions between traffic sources.

Different Dashboards can be created within a profile, so one might be focused on Blog posts, with another on Goals, especially sign-ups and registrations. The time period in the top right can be changed, and the comparison period can be added, as an overlay. It can be addictive to pop in frequently to see what’s happening on your website, and maybe to tweak and fiddle with the site. However, it’s more effective, and better use of time, to do this on a scheduled basis, and to plan the activities for the subsequent period at the same time. For smaller businesses this might be monthly, for other weekly or even daily for more active lead generation for larger sales teams. How to create Goals in Google Analytics to track lead generation Goals in Google Analytics are the core and heart of lead generation for business to business (B2B) websites. Online Lead Generation Part 2 – the Landing Page and Thank-you Page Online lead generation for many business to business (B2B) companies centres on gaining an email address from someone interested in what you offer, and permission to follow-up subsequently.
How to integrate Sales 2.0 and Social Selling to boost your Lead Generation What does the Sales Funnel for a small business look like in the Sales 2.0 and Social Selling world?
I help Business Owners and Sales Leaders to improve lead generation and create new sales opportunities through effective use of LinkedIn for themselves and their business.
Wurlwind helps business owners, consultants and sales leaders to Connect LinkedIn with Sales.
What follows is an outline of the rationale behind the way it is set-up and a brief interpretation of the results. These Goal based metrics are only possible once Goals have been defined within Google Analytics.
However, if significant changes are made to goal definitions this will need to be re-leveled. It also indicates the sources of traffic that contributed the most to the goal completions in point 10.
Techniques include Targeting, Trigger Events and Re-Framing the proposition to start sales conversations. Our prime services are Personal Branding for Sales, LinkedIn Training and Social Selling Consultancy.

Es muy dificil obtener respuestas a estas preguntas si no tiene ningun tipo de estadisticas web. Todo lo que necesitas hace es copiar y pegar el fragmento de codigo JavaScript a todas sus paginas web. For example, adding more goals will increase the achievements, removing some of the ‘softer’ goals such as pages per visit will reduce the goal achievements.
However, it does provide a headline figure to aim for, for example to get to ?1000 by say the end of the month.
In particular I work with technology businesses, professional services firms and knowledge sector organisations.
We rewrite LinkedIn Profiles for senior executives, management consultants, professional services leaders and business development people.
Para realizar el analisis del trafico a su sitio  web, usted va a necesitar estadisticas precisas.
We deliver LinkedIn courses in Bristol and one-company training workshops around the south of England.
Estadisticas que le dira todo acerca de sus visitantes – de donde vienen, que paginas estan viendo, y la cantidad de tiempo que pasaron en su sitio.
Lo importante es que la herramienta realiza analisis de trafico a su sitio web con exactitud. We also advise companies on Social Selling strategy, Social Prospecting, Customer Appreciation, lead generation and other business development techniques to help them find new customers, increase sales to existing customers and grow their businesses. Usted puede acceder a su cuenta de Google Analytics y echar un vistazo a las estadisticas en cualquier momento que desee.

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