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Web Analytics implementations are never ending stories, there is always a small fix or a new feature that requires changes to the code or to the settings of your Analytics tool, always. First, it is essential to have a place where you can test changes to your settings and configurations. Below I start by describing the structure of accounts on Google Analytics (important to understand the tips provided) and then I dive into some common mistakes when it comes to settings and configurations on Google Analytics. The Google Analytics code site offers an in depth explanation of the hierarchy used by the tool to manage report access and data collection. Account: An account is the mother of all Web properties and profiles, and has a unique account ID that can be used to track multiple websites. Web Property: The web property has a unique ID, which is a combination of the account ID and additional digits. The list below is obviously not comprehensive, there are numerous issues that might go wrong in a real life implementation. This should be a simple task if you follow Google Analytics recommendation: "copy and paste the code snippet into your web pages". It is a common practice to use subdomains and multiple domains in order to organize the content and properties of an organization. Let's suppose you read in a random blog that you should create a filter to lowercase URIs for all of your profiles (if you don’t have one yet, check point five on the 10-point checklist). The best way to learn how filters affect your Google Analytics data would be to have two profiles with the exact same settings (the real profile, and the test profile) and apply a new filter only to the test profile.
If you work in the Web Analytics field long enough, you have certainly experienced data loss as a consequence of bad implementations. When it comes to both external and internal changes, context is one of the most important factors for analyzing data. Changes are constantly made to Google Analytics profiles by users: website goals, improved filters, new features, and others. Below is an example of such a form with fields that you might want to create (learm how to build a Google Docs form).
Back in 2010, The Analytics team had announced a feature which in my opinion is one of the most important features of the tool: Google Analytics Annotations.
While annotations can (and should) be used for technical changes to the website (as mentioned above), it is important to keep them at a high level. In this post we discussed ways to avoid bad implementations by putting into place a process that requires users to report on changes made to their Google Analytics accounts.
Google Analytics is a great tool, and one of its greatest qualities is that it makes Analytics ubiquitous, most people in any organization can use it; from Management to Marketing to IT.
Submitted by Daniel Waisberg on June 2012 - Opinions expressed in the article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Online Behavior or its Owners. Note that the ideas described in the article are those of the author only, and not Google's official statements.
Online Behavior discusses online marketing measurement & marketing optimization techniques, tactics, and strategies to help website managers and analysts to understand and optimize websites. Even though I use Google for all of my online searching, it’s still not anywhere near being perfect. For someone like me, there are a lot of times when I simply do not want to see a certain website in the search results. You can create a personal website blocklist in Google Chrome by installing the extension from Google with the exactly that name. Once you install it in Chrome and perform a search in Google, you’ll now see an option to block that site directly under the title and URL for the search result.

If you click on the Show button, then the result will reappear in the original position it was located at and it will be highlighted in a light pink color. If you want to see a list of all the sites you have blocked, just click on the strange icon for the blocklist in your toolbar. In addition to this extension, Google also has the Webspam Report plugin that will allow you to report sites as spam.
Using these two extensions in Chrome, you can really clean up the results more to your liking.
If you’re a Firefox user, you can install a similar add-on that will block unwanted results from Google. About Online Tech TipsWelcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips. Baby Giraffe Cartoon Animal ImagesGiraffe Cartoon Animal Images. Giraffe Cartoon Animal Clip Art Images. And in order not to lose the thread, the analyst must be extremely organized, a real pedant. It is also important to keep track of changes in a way that they can be used to provide a context for analysts, so that when you are looking at incomprehensible spikes in past data, you can check whether any changes were made to the data collection methods (or if an offline campaign was in place during the period analyzed). After the basics are behind us, I proceed to describe four techniques that will help analysts and marketers to improve their data accuracy. However, commercial sites are more complicated than a handful of pages, so if you manage a complex website be sure to check both HubScan and ObservePoint, two good solutions to audit your tag implementation.
Unless setup correctly, this can decrease data accuracy and prevent data streamlining, especially when it comes to traffic sources, new and returning visitors, and custom variables. However, it is also visited by your employees and service providers – and these are not the visitors you want to understand and optimize for. Once it is applied, you can check the data and compare the number to learn if anything went wrong. It happens, and the best we can do is to have a Web Analytics Process in place that will help us avoid it.
Since most websites do have a staging site where changes are tested before going live, I suggest having a different tracking code used for those environments to test code changes on the Google Analytics script (i.e.
For this reason, it is crucial to have a log of changes that affect your data, as well as changes in marketing campaigns and other company efforts. Using such a form will facilitate the collection and sharing of the changes made to a Google Analytics account. This feature allows website managers to provide context for where the numbers live (the graphs on the interface), allowing for richer analyses.
This means that you shouldn't add too much information about your changes, just the overall picture; otherwise the annotations will quickly become overcrowded.
This not only helps avoiding mistakes, but also helps finding the source of problems, and solutions for fixing them quickly.
This means that many hands must deal with the tool, which requires an easy way to deal with the changes to those tool settings and configurations. Daniel is a frequent speaker on industry events and the author of Google Analytics Integrations book (Wiley, 2015). Wilkinson Leave a Comment Our advice in this week’s Reputation Reboot will help you look your best on Google if you are preparing re-enter the job market.  It is in response to an MBA candidate who wants to put her best foot forward when prospective employers research her on the Internet. They change their algorithms pretty much everyday and each change isn’t always for the better. For example, before I buy anything online, I always check on Amazon’s site since I am a prime member.

One useful feature of the extension is that it will tell you at the bottom of the page if any results were blocked. I also have this installed because there are also quite a few times when I get spammy results and it’s better to both report the site as spam and block it rather than just blocking it. It does take some time and patience, but it’s worth the time if you perform hundreds of searches a day like I do.
In this article I will discuss some of the commonest mistakes when it comes to Google Analytics implementations and I will provide some tips on how to avoid losing data and context.
I provide examples on how this can affect the data, and share tips on ways to make them happen. Filters can be applied to profiles in order to segment the data; for example, it is possible to create a profile only with visitors from USA, only from new visitors, etc. Use this guide to configure your Google Analytics if your site spans multiple domains or subdomains. Therefore, create filters that exclude the IP range used by your organisation and its service providers such as web development and marketing agencies.
For this reason, I propose a method that will help to keep track of those changes, especially in large organizations where more than one person is involved with Google Analytics. Therefore, the use of both methods described above (form and annotations) should create an optimal mix.
Add on top of that all the personalization and geo-specific search results and you get a different set of results even if you search for the same thing twice sometimes. That means when I do a search in Google, I don’t care for the Amazon result to show up, which can sometimes take up several slots. In this article, I’ll show you how to block specific websites from your Google search results permanently. I find this useful on some occasions where I want to see what sites got blocked for that particular query.
So if you have a tab open and want to block that site without having to find it in the search results, just click the button and block it. This way if enough people report the site as spam, it’ll eventually get pushed far down in the search results. If you happen to know a way to do this on those browsers, please let us know in the comments. I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Since profiles use the same account and Web property IDs, data for multiple profiles can also be seen in aggregate. The checklist was more focused on the Google Analytics settings that should be configured from inside the tool, so if you want more tips on how to setup your Google Analytics account properly, check the full checklist. This technique is very similar to the one proposed above to check filter changes: it only goes one step further.
These will then be aggregated for historical knowledge that can be used by the whole team (and future teams members).
Not only will they help differentiate yourself from your peers…they can become a major asset in your long-term career development.
When you block a site, it will not only not appear in the results for that query, but it will not appear in the results at all for any query.

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