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In this article, I will cover the basics of Google AdWords account setup and share some tips on recent market changes. Campaign structure is important, because budgets are set at the campaign level. Establish your campaigns based on how you want to allocate and manage your PPC investment. Once you have decided upon your campaign structure, you need to develop ad groups within each campaign.
A campaign can target the Search Network only, the Display Network, a combination of both, or remarketing (where you are re-targeting previous website visitors based upon an action or lack of action taken on your site). The key (no pun intended) to successful keyword research is to understand how your customers search. Google’s keyword planner is an excellent resource to help you identify potential keywords. This will allow you to identify additional search terms to include in your campaigns that are relevant to your product or service offering.
Negative keywords help save you money by preventing your ad from showing on non-relevant search queries. Today, understanding how and where users are searching plays a key factor in the success of your overall paid search program. Be sure to pay close attention to the device usage data and make necessary adjustments. Mobile bid adjustments allow you to show your ad more or less frequently to users searching on their preferred device. A negative bid adjustment will decrease the number of times your ad is shown on a mobile device, while a positive bid adjustment will increase your mobile ad presence. You can launch a successful paid search program by following the basic steps outlined above.
Getting the most out of your Google AdWords Account requires that you take the time to review and analyze your campaign results data. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Michelle Cruz is a Senior Paid Search Specialist at SmartSearch Marketing with over 14 years experience in the digital marketing industry.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. The newest Russian search engine Sputnik was launched in spring 2014 by state-owned telecommunication company Rostelecom. The search engine did not make any sizeable monetization efforts until last week, when Sputnik became a part of Yandex Advertising Network (YAN). Anna OshkaloAnna is a blogger and online marketing consultant specializing in SEO and SEM for Russian search engines. Russian SEM spend in 2012 was valued at 1.4 billion US dollars, which is a 44% increase comparing to 2011, reported Russian bid management service eLama.
While the main players are still the same as in 2011, there are some major shifts: Begun lost significant part of the market, while both Yandex and Google gained market share. The recent statement of Matt Cutts during Pubcon about the possibility of being penalized for having too many ads on the page triggered a lot of discussions among SEOs this week. Google is most known for its incredibly powerful web search and Android mobile operating system. While the basic account structure and setup process have remained relatively consistent over the years, there have been a few recent changes that are worth mentioning. You will want to include a few obvious search terms, along with your landing page URL, when using the keyword planning tool. The planner can also help you identify negative search terms that you will want to implement in your campaign. In general, ad extensions will increase ad impressions and will improve click-through rate.

Mobile bid adjustments can be set between a wide range starting at -90 percent to +300 percent. You need to collect the ad impression and click data required to start optimizing your program. To maximize results, make sure you capitalize on some of the newer success factors, including site links and device targeting. Her expertise includes PPC advertising, lead generation ad programs, mobile and local campaigns, retargeting, display, branding and direct marketing solutions. I heard mentions of this fact throughout last year, but here is how it looks in absolute numbers.
The problem is too many search engine optimization specialists (SEOs) not only rely on outdated tactics, many use search engine optimization strategies that can actually hurt your website.
Sputnik is Rostelecom’s attempt to keep up with the growing Internet usage in Russia as well as to uncover potential for new revenue streams.
Callouts allow you to provide detailed information about your business, helping searchers to make more informed decisions before clicking on your ad. Please try again later.Featured Posts Exclusive interview: Alexander Sadovsky about low quality links in Yandex SEO Meet RST Digital, our new Russian SEO agency!
Yes, competition will make it harder for some than others but ultimately, it comes down to the work you put into it. Unlike a trick that may move a web page to the top for a short time the tips I’m going to show you below will help you move to the top and stay there.
Form a Partnership with Google The problem with too many SEO types is that they see Google as the enemy, a powerful force waiting to rain down penalties on the innocent. To do that you need to think like Google or more important the person using the Google search engine.Google succeeds when someone searching Google finds the information they need. If Google fails to provide that information, people will find other tools to provide that information. They were moving it back where it belonged in the search engine rankings making way for the information the Google user wanted. When they search the internet with questions about the services you provide, what do they ask?
Guide them through the steps they can fix on their own and lead them to your services with the bigger problems. Find Terms (Keywords) Your Target Audience is Using Even more important than thinking like Google, you need to think like your target audience. Although keywords have long been a target of SEO abuse, common sense key word research and optimization can help your target audience find your information.Start by making a list of the questions you can answer for your target audience through a blog post, video presentation or other form of content. A If I was an estate attorney, you can bet I’d be publishing a sample will that demonstrates what is needed in a will. However, look at how that phrase only gets 1,900 global searches yet theA competitionA is high.
According to Google’s Matt Cutts, just using WordPress takes care of 80-90% of your search engine needs. Write Strong Meta Titles and Descriptions The meta title is one of the most important search engine road signs on a webpage.
Be sure to include your targeted keyword in the title, preferably toward the front of the title. Meta titles should also be no more than 70 characters.The meta description is also used to guide the search engines to your content and should also include your target keyword. Along with helping the search engines, the meta title and description needs to encourage the user to click through to your website.
Use the title and description to sell your content with a headline and description that appeals to your target audience.Most website content management systems include an easy way to add meta data to a blog post or webpage.
Note the preview showing how it will look in the search engine returns (SERP) along with fields for basic keyword optimization and research.

Use Simple URLs Which Include Your Key Word Although there is some disagreement regarding including date or other info in the URL, from an SEO perspective the cleaner the URL the better.
If using a keyword phrase, separate words with a hyphen (see the url above on this post for an example). Include keywords but don’t overdue it Yes, you should still include your keyword in the actual post but only as it naturally occurs.
Attempts to keyword stuff only make the text look awkward and don’t fool the search engines. If anything, keyword stuffing can get in the way of an otherwise quality post.Use the keyword in the opening of the post in order to make a connection with the reader coming from the search engines and again when it works. Make it easy to share Social recognition and sharing is having a bigger and bigger influence in the search engines.
This is only going to increase as Google+ continues to grow and Facebook implements Graph Search. When appropriate, share the content yourself by creating discussion on Twitter, in Google+ Communities and among other networks where your target audience gathers.
I’ll help you develop a plan to make friends with Google and move your content to the top of the search engine rankings. I have seen PDFs come up in my search results sometimes, so Google must be finding them somehow.
Are there steps I need to make sure I take whenever I want to create and post PDFs on my site?Reply Jon saysMarch 1, 2013 at 2:16 pm You will find SEO consultants argue about this.
Ita€™s not ideal to have PDF’s as when Google reads them it might not interpret them 100% and the format it reads them may be different to the one you see in the PDF.
I’ve seen a number of poorly made websites though where a pdf file is used in place of a webpage. They just know that the SEO company has promised to move them to the top of the search engine rankings.
I had a sports blog and all the bloggers in my niche sold text link ads in the sidebars.Makes me sort of wonder about banner ads. They must have just been doing a sweep of every link in the client profile, poor client.Educating the client is a must, at least the basics and what you will do to their asset, the website. I operate what is arguably the biggest and most informative site about Western Australia on the internet.
There is a mass of content and I have tried to take note of using good titles and following the various SEO rules that are commonly quoted. To me this means Google is the one failing as it is not providing its users with the best content, just content that is paid for.
I was just going back through this post and it looks like I missed your comment when you originally posted it.Good content does equal good standing in Google search results but only to an extent.
On a page about Japanese culture in Western Australia, you have meta tags for everything including car, hire, south, north, golden…the list goes on.
The post demonstrating how to set up Google Authorship is sitting in the draft folder waiting for me to add final touches.Reply Kenneth Villegas saysMarch 22, 2013 at 7:11 pm Great Jim! Glad you liked it.Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Whether working with an agency or building in house, our 10 step checklist will help you build your next website. Free Ebook - Blog Your Way to the TopLearn how blogging can drive your business to the top of the search engine rankings and bring in qualified leads.
Shared Media and the Impact on Content Marketing Success Google+ Embedded Posts; Viral Gold Mine or Context Nightmare?

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