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Back in the 1990’s we thought having an animated gif on our web page was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but nowadays using an animated gif is considered a huge FAIL. Now that video production is affordable to all business sizes, we’re beginning to see companies use video on landing pages and not just their homepages. They include customer testimonial videos allowing visitors to see what others are saying about the product.
Not only is Path a beautifully designed mobile app, but their homepage incorporates video right upon landing one it. Social Proof is one of the six “weapons of influence” in Robert Cialdini book Yes! Rather than making users read through all the features, Zoho Books shows you everything you can do in a quick 60 second video.
Steve Young is the Director of Product Marketing for SmartShoot, a marketplace that connects businesses and individuals with freelance photographers and videographers from around the world.. Personally I usually prefer imagery and text, just because I can usually get the information faster by reading than sitting through the video. Same here I guess a combination of Video + Text is a good thing cause Videos often to long or to uninformative.
WVS Global is a video production company, shooting on location and at our green screen studio in MA. GM Vice President of Global Product Development Mark Reuss sometimes has a great job – he gets to ditch the office (arguably one with a corner view) – and do hot laps on the Spring Mountain Raceway, for example. But more importantly than the fact that a scrubbed executive is able to hold its own on the race track is that he’s manning the brand new 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 – and we have inside footage to prove he’s for real.
The Spring Mountain Raceway is the venue where Chevrolet had high profile managers and executives offer shotgun rides to the media representatives.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We promise the long term continuity supply for this product no less than 10 years since 2015. A shipping cost estimate is displayed during online checkout based on the "Ship to" address you provide.

Before returning a product, you must obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from our sales ([email protected]). If you have a product out of warranty that you would like repaired, please also contact with our sales. If a product was damaged during shipping or the order is incorrect, you must notify us within 2 days of receipt. Here are 10 Examples That Don’t… I wanted to take a look at some great landing pages that incorporate video. The Intuit video itself does a great job of relating to potential customers, showcasing its benefits and explaining how easy it is to use.
The top section tells me everything I need to know about the product and how I can get started. For those not in online marketing, AdWords can be a complex system, so I’d put more of an emphasis on getting users to watch the video.
There is a lot to read through on the page and would like to see what happens if UPS remove the right side of the page. Changing the alpha setting on the warehouse image will make the main section stand out more. Allowing users to test drive your service with little or no barriers can lead to increased conversions.
The design of this page is amazing and uses a unified tone of turning photos into amazing, theatrical movies.
Most companies use a thumbnail that is a random scene in the video, but Animoto uses a call-to-action as their thumbnail which can dramatically increase views. That’s pretty impressive and a big part of that success can be attributed to the video preview of the webinar. One of my favorite web apps out there, Dropbox has two options on this page – watch a video or download the app. It might be interesting to test a tag line in case folks don’t want to watch the video and want to learn more the product.
As popular as video is, some people still prefer to read (or read while listening to the video).

I’m working on developing a landing page and using video and this has saved me time and helped our company. Do you include it in the intro copy, incorporate it into the “Play” button section, or somewhere else? Now the sixth generation Camaro ZL1 has just been presented, meaning the model used for the action is still wearing the usual heavy camouflage and is actually a production prototype – the one fitted with all the bells and whistles though, including the all new ten speed automatic.
First request an RMA number from our sales with the information:Part number , Reason for return , Original order number. After we receive the product, we inspect it to determine the cause of any defect, then update by email with our findings.
Great landing pages explain exactly what you do in a brief amount of time, and video is a great asset for accomplishing such a task.
Even if a user does not sign up you may end up with a brand evangelist who can speak to the simplicity and value of your application.
My eye immediately goes to the video then my natural response is to look to the right of the video for the form. We shouldn’t shut out one group while attempting to pull a different one in, you know?
And it’s great seeing how the amazing specs – 640 hp and 640 lb-ft of torque courtesy of the LT4 V8 engine directly taken from the Corvette Z06 – allow this high-performance Camaro to perform in the real world. And judging by the sound, we can tell you the ZL1 holds its own, pitting great balance between the exhaust roar and the supercharger soundtrack. UPS uses Zappos to show the value of their services and how they help Zappos be the consumer friendly brand that we all know and love.

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