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Obviously, Sony wouldn’t put its engineering muscle behind such products unless it felt confident that they will sell.
But Sony isn’t just planning to drop these products in dealer showrooms and expect them to sell themselves. Hancock said he had expected hi-res to sound better than mp3, and on the track “Don’t Give Up” it certainly did. After the press event, Sony made the products available for poking, prodding, and listening under good conditions. Whether Sony’s new products will ultimately make the audiophile grade under more controlled conditions remains to be seen, but there is no denying the insight, boldness, and virtue of the company’s push to get hi-res audio into the hands and ears of more people. In addition to much more solid construction—lifting the HAP-Z1ES after lifting the HPA-S1 is instructive—the top model has several unique features, including a DSD “remastering engine” that upsamples virtually any audio format to double dsd.

Buttressing its confidence is a recent CEA poll wherein 90% of consumers listed sound quality as the most important element in the listening experience—even higher than content! In addition to executives from Universal, Warner and Sony’s Legacy labels, the company brought out no less a figure than the legendary Herbie Hancock. Along with opening its catalog and introducing new hardware, this marketing drive is the third leg of Sony’s strategy. As for their sound, Sony treated journalists to a system anchored by the company’s estimable SS-NA2ES speakers, driven by Pass electronics and the flagship HAP-Z1ES server.
The flagship includes an internal 1TB hard drive which, as with lower models, is infinitely expandable via one or more NAS drives. Not coincidentally, the CEA is encouraging its member companies, which encompasses pretty much every major consumer electronics maker, to integrate what it calls HRA (High Resolution Audio) into their products.

The session took place in his own studio, playing his own album (his latest: The Imagine Project), which he had personally recorded and mixed on those very premises. In fact, the DSD sounded highly reminiscent of the superbly remastered new ORG LP of this title.

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