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Record audio from any input losslessly with schedule ability and save as audio files and edit tons of audio files: cut, copy, paste, trim, mix, silent, etc.
Wide range of supported formats enables you to process recordings and audio files and save them to playable formats on any devices to share with friends and families. For users who don't have experience with audio processing as well as pros trying to save some efforts from settings parameters, this audio editor provides quality preset for quick access. Whenever you find a video with sound that you want to save as an audio file, use Cool Record Edit Pro to extract audio from video.
With the editing features and audio effects, you can create ringtones for all your cellphones. The integrated Text-to-Speech (TTS) converter enables you to input text and turn them into spoken audio in human voice.
An Audio CD ripper with free CDDB support is included to help rip Audio CD tracks to audio files for portable playback and backup. Cool Record Edit Pro can be used to record any sound from microphone, line-in, streaming audio from Internet or music played by media player software and so on. Cool Record Edit Pro has a built-in Audio CD Burner to create playable audio CD for those who are music fans and have several GB of songs stored in their hard disk.
Whether you’re an advanced digital darkroom enthusiast, or just a casual snapper looking to straighten horizons and remove red-eye, the internet is awash with free photo-editing software.
While most new cameras come with some kind of photo-editing software supplied in the box, they tend to be fairly basic and aren’t always very user-friendly. You can, of course, shell out a wad of cash on something like Adobe Photoshop Elements or Corel PaintShop Pro, however there are plenty of free alternatives available to download via the internet that work just as well.

The first thing to bear in mind about free editing software is that it comes in all shapes and sizes, so the first thing you really need to decide is just how advanced you really need it to be.
Are you looking for sophisticated software that offers support for advanced image manipulation, or are you just looking for something easy-to-use that can straighten horizons, remove red-eye and perhaps add an artistic effect to your images?
FotoFlexer is a cloud-based application that doesn’t require you to download any software, it allows you to edit your images via a web-based application. Expand the main editing page to full-screen mode to cut out the annoying ads at the top of the page.
In addition to uploading images from your desktop computer, FotoFlexer also allows you to upload images directly from a number of social networking and photo storage sites including Facebook and Flickr. All in all, while FotoFlexer might lack the grunt of more advanced image editors it’s still a fun and easy way to spice up your images.
AVS Video Editor is best video editing software for professional-looking video creation and processing.
40 different effects and 284 various transitions and styles which the digital video editing offers to help you edit video, will make video editing creative and add a strong air of individuality to your videos. Create, edit video and upload your video to wide range of mobile devices - portable players, including Sony PSP, Apple iPod, Archos DVR, Creative Zen Vision, mobile phones capable of video playback, portable DVD players and more! You can edit video input files of practically all formats and save them to AVI (DivX, XviD, etc.), MP4 (inc. Insert one or more audio tracks in your media file, mix audio clips, trim and edit audio tracks, apply effects and filters together with video editing. Automatic scene detection algorithm allows you to navigate and edit video files faster and achieve accuracy when deleting or combining scenes, making video editing much easier.

Note: Capturing option is available only when the capturing device is properly connected to your computer and all necessary drivers are installed.
Easily put together professional promotional materials and documents for your business club or charity. Create amazing artwork, technical drawings, logos and much more – the perfect platform to express your creativity. With Serif, you can engage every pupil to create professional graphics, video and multimedia in every subject. It can also schedule recording to save your beloved online music or radio broadcasting when you are not around. Personalized and ear-catching ringtones will be much easier to get from your favorite music. You can save the converted speech as an audio file or insert it to current track for further usage. Amazingly it can be used to record voice from microphone, internet streaming audio or music played on any devices. These are fairly self-explanatory, making FotoFlexer an easy application to navigate and use. The interface is customizable to suit your habits and there are hotkeys, shortcuts and key tips for fast access.

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