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With more and more solid success stories in both the Web and mobile universe, the competition between startups and developers are seriously heating up. Unless of course if you have these 60 free web and mobile GUI sets with promising design and painless modification to use for your projects. If you commute long distances for study or work, there are plenty of ways to put that travel time to good use. The podcast features discussions on developments in the prominent web technologies like HTML, CSS, Ruby, SVG, Polymer etc. On Iterate, the hosts discuss recent technology or trend in web design & development among themselves.
In this podcast, each week the host is joined by guests who are designers and developers (mostly from the thoughtbot team). The hosts share their thoughts on programming for creative applications like gaming, Raspberry Pi, Arduino etc.
This is a twice a week show that runs for a little over 5 minutes where host Matt touches on development & design, and gives out advice that helps you grow as a developer in your life. Coding blocks covers some of the root level topics of development like data, coding and programming practices alongside discussions on any current topics.
Revision Path podcast is a podcast which invites a graphic designer, web designer and web developers on a weekly basis. This podcast is useful for beginner web developers, especially PHP developers, although the topics aren’t limited to PHP only. First of all, you will need to download a style I’ve created and load it into Photoshop. The reason I use Style here is because once they are saved in to a .asl file (the file you downloaded) they are convenient to apply. We will roughly draw them out in Photoshop, each elements in a different layer as illustrated in the image below. As for the rest (MyBlogLog, imified, skype and Linked In), it’s all about dragging their respective style in and match with the correct font. If you look into the Blending Options of each style, you will noticed that most Web 2.0 logos are matter of playing with gradients, strokes with the combination of the right fonts. Create a blank canvas at about 500px (width) x 400px (height) to start off the button design.
With the top portion highlighted and Eclipse Marquee Tool still selected, right click and choose Feather; enter 15px for the radius. You have to be the best of the best in order to overrun others, and great design is critical to attract most potential leads.

Designed with users in mind, Web GUI Kit comes as layered vector shapes, which means you can resize them any time without any quality loss! Rainbow UI kit contains every fundamental elements including login interface and file uploading interface for your web design need. Balio UI kit will prove handy to you, as it is a practical, useful collection of web design elements containing buttons, stickers, icons, pagination, menus, login form and more for your personal and even commercial use! Embrace the flat web design trend with Square, a mega set of sleek elements and interfaces to create your website, web application or even iPhone app. Though it comes as a part of the premium version, Impressionist UI kit is still one of the most impressive kits you can get for your website. It is hard to get leads if you don’t have a futuristic, more importantly professional user interface.
Besides the sweet name, Sticky Butterscotch’s detail is awesome enough to attract 1000+ likes from Dribbble professionals. What you see is not what you get, as Got Wood actually debuted with over 100 hand-crafted design elements for whatever use you prefer. You don’t have to worry about design resources for your site with this Phoebus set, also a red version named Ares is freely available to you too. Jan Semler is generous enough to give away his kick-ass GUI set pre-designed with 4 color options. I personally love the typography, and totally believe that Light Web can be used to transform any website with elegant results. You don’t need too many icons to be content, LinkedIn iPad Redesign can tell you why.
Perfect UI layout for kickstarting web application, and it will even ease your editing pain with its resizable shape layers!
Though web applications have existed years ago, it’s surprisingly hard to find UI kits for it. A mindfully crafted design, loaded with a simple graph, progress meter, table design, and navigation menu for your inspiring web app.
Media Black is a combination of neat web, media and application elements for all-purpose use, just apply them with your creativity!
For instance, you could listen to audiobooks or subscribe to podcasts to listen to on the bus or train.
If you’re on Android, do check out this post on the best podcast apps you can use to listen to your favorite podcast episodes. Sometimes they interview a guest about the projects they are involved in, their design choices, thought process and other materials within the one-hour long episode.

The guests talk about their work, projects, development and design process, and strategies behind their product development. Occasionally they’re joined by other developers, who discuss their latest work (Episode 34 features Eben Upton, the founder of Raspberry Pi). In each episode the hosts are joined by industry experts with the aim to inspire and teach the audience. Sometimes its nice to learn from others, build up the basic skills and start your own creativity from there. If that’s the case, this set of extremely polished flat elements is ready for your use in any second. Prime is also carefully developed to help you update the color easier, talking about user-friendliness!
While there are plenty of great podcasts out there for you to check out, we think you might just want to get down to business right away, so we did the research for you. The podcast is useful for developers who work closely with designers since it covers both genres. The podcast was created to share the stories of African-American developers and designers which makes it different from other podcasts and more inspiring. Drag them directly to background layer, small dot layer and smaller dot layer respectively. Select the Rounded Rectangular Tool, hold SHIFT and draw a round sided square in the center. Some of the earlier episodes of this podcast are tutorial-esque and are worth checking out. Web 2.0 services like blinklist, blogger, bloglines, delicious, digg, engadget, feedburner, flickr, lifelogger, magnolia, netscape, newsgator, newsvine, perfomancing, reddit, rojo, rss, stumbleupon, technorati, wordpress and zhuaxia are included.
If you drag them correctly you will noticed that the layer will now inherits the colors and blending of the style. Now hold ALT, with Eclipse Marquee Tool selected, drag is across to minus out bottom half of the highlighted area.

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