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If you're a beginner to making clips, a GoPro enthusiast, a video blogger or an amateur filmmaker and want to make better videos, check out this list of tutorials on video editing. Please note that even though these examples are for Magix Movie Edit Pro (my favorite video editor), you can use the same principles in most video editing programs. All this is based on my own editing experience so if you have any questions, drop a comment and I'll reply. How To Edit Picture in Picture Videos - Find out how to overlay an object (video, picture, graphics) onto a video background. Split Screen Tutorial - Crop & mirror flip your video when editing vlogs, interviews or video chat videos. How To Clone Yourself in a Video - Create a ghost of yourself (duplicate of character) in your video.
How To Do Slow Motion and Time Lapse Videos with Footage - You need a camera that shoots at 60 fps or higher in order to get smooth slo' mo'.
How To Add and Animate Titles - Add titles to your videos, animate them using keyframes and add sound effects on each movement of the title.
How To Do Time Lapse Videos with Still Images (Timelapse Photography) - Same thing here - I took GoPro pictures as an example but you can follow the process for any time-lapse project.
How To Edit Videos with Keyframes - Learn to play with the intensity of video effects within a video scene. How To Get the High Pitch (Chipmunk) Voice Effect - Talk like a funny chipmunk in your vlogs. Color Correction - How To Change and Enhance The Colors of Your Video - You can alter any color in your video by using the eyedropper tool for selection.
How To Do The Vertigo Effect (Dolly Zoom) - A cool trick you can do to make your videos more dramatic.
How To Capture Audio Separately and How To Synchronize Your Sound with Your Footage - When you want to get high quality sound. 3 Ways To Make Your Videos Look Better - Small yet essential details which can make the difference between a good video and a bad video. How To Vlog - 5 Quick Tips for Your Vlogging Career - Being YouTube famous as a vlogger requires some technical know how and a lot of psychology.
How To Batch Convert MP4 to AVI - If for some reason you don't wanna work with MP4 files and wanna convert them to AVI format, follow this process using MPEG Streamclip.
How To Convert AVI to MP4 for Smaller File Size and Faster Online Upload - I recommend exporting in AVI for best quality when editing with Magix. How To Edit GoPro MP4 Files Even with a Slow Laptop Computer - Follow this process if your computer is too slow for editing HD videos. If your computer is not that strong (maybe old), close all other applications when editing your videos and use a laptop cooler. Let me know what other problems you are facing when editing videos and I may write a tutorial on it. Strategic project management bridges the gap between the lofty ambitions of strategists and staff that do the work. Strategy therefore requires making explicit choices – to do some things and not others – and building a business around those choices.
Playing To Win shows how well P&G’s strategic choices significantly improved the company’s results. Whether you are managing a single project or a set of projects, the need to manage priorities is ever present. Tip: Listen to the Manager Tools podcast “Got Email?” for further guidance on effective email habits.
According to Gartner research in 2013, 68% of stakeholders perceive their PMOs to be bureaucratic.

Seventy five percent of high performing organizations call on their project management offices to contribute to strategic planning (source: The State of the Project Management Office (PMO) 2014).
If you’re already active in the project management office, then you need to get up to speed on strategy.
Tip: Read the Chapter 2 (Level 5 Leadership) in “Good To Great” by Jim Collins for an additional evidence showing that leaders ambitious for the organizations deliver better results.
All that expense and effort goes to waste unless you revisit the strategy and measure progress.
Project Management Offices (PMOs) are one of the best ways for project professionals to contribute to the strategic conversation. Based on a survey of more than 3,000 professionals around the world, this report gives an excellent overview of the state of strategic project management. Studying decline of great organizations began with Edward Gibbons`s research landmark books on the Roman Empire.
It also means, organizations should ensure that project managers are not unnecessarily engaged in tactical activities like calling up resources for project status update, organizing status meeting, etc. Before you buy your top original software, watch some tutorials so you know it's right for you. I just like Magix coz it lets me import most formats (MP4, MKV, MOV, MTS - AVCHD, M2TS, VOB, etc.), it's easy to use and delivers professional results. In YouTube you can make those areas clickable so you can promote your other videos as well. With Magix, you simply adjust the playback speed factor and you either slow down or speed up your videos - it's very easy to do.
If you want, you can make the whole image black and white and keep just one color in normal saturation. Helpful if you sell stuff online through your own shop or on other platforms like Ebay or Amazon. Synch the footage across all cameras and edit like a live broadcaster - you have a main monitor and the source cameras, then you edit by simply clicking on the cam that has the right angle at the right time.
But then you end up with a large file - that's why you should compress it with Leawo before uploading it to YouTube. A basic fade and some dissolves here and there will do but stick to simple cuts for the most part. According to the authors, P&G doubled its sales (and quadrupled its profits) from 2000 to 2009 as a result of strategic choices. In fact, that’s an excellent way to assess your strategy – does it give you a framework to make decisions and achieve results? If organization is struggling to achieve its current strategy or pursuing new goals, projects are the answer. As an example, let’s say your organization has made a strategic choice to obtain college educated customers aged 30-40 in large cities.
When you read a change request to study the young adult demographic (16-25), you can turn it down by referencing the organization’s customer strategy.
In the case of engaging with a new customer segment, that task could be reading a market research report. If you’re like most people, you tend to have more energy in the morning before your will power is consumed.
In some firms, PMOs operate similar to a financial reporting department – issuing reports, measuring spending and other monitoring responsibilities. On the other hand, if you’re a growing project professional, you may have limited input on strategy today.
In fact, Ryan Holiday recommends this reading approach when tackling a large subjects like the Civil War.

Throughout the book, the authors provided in-depth examples of how Proctor & Gamble approached strategic questions. To learn more about where corporate strategy came from and where it is going, read this book. In this short 2009 Business Week article, Jim Collins explores the warning signs that indicate that decline is approaching.
As October develops, more articles will be published here exploring strategic project management.
It is advisable to go for automated project management software which will relieve PMs from their routine activities that are best handled by a tool. The best way to do is is editing the template in PowerPoint using Slide Master view ( click View -> Slide Master ).
Then you combine all those photos and create a video that looks as when you fast forward a film. It makes your video Hollywood style and it also allows you to get a better frame composition for each shot. Capture the sound on an external voice recorder and sync it with your video in post production.
To continue the metaphor, a strategic approach compels you to prevent fires rather than simply fighting them as they emerge. Lafley, explore strategy at Proctor & Gamble, one of the largest companies in the world.
More specifically, strategy is an integrated series of choices that uniquely positions the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage and superior value relative to the competition. The habit is driven by curiosity (what’s happening in the world?), ego (did anybody mention me on social media?) and other factors. You could also contact influential people in the demographic and seek them out for interviews. If your project depends on enthusiasm, creativity or problem solving, ignoring energy levels is a recipe for failure.
You may be tempted to use other criteria such as working on technically interesting projects. At the CEO level, a relentless drive for glory means previous little time for developing other leaders. It might be satisfying to complete the ERP implementation, but is that what the organization really needs?
If your work involves selecting or designing new offerings for customers, this book will be especially valuable.
IF you’re seeking a broad introduction to multiple strategy thinkers, you may want to consider “The Financial Times guide to the gurus strategy : the top 20 strategic thinkers and what they can do for you” by Vaughan Evans.
Even the best strategy (and the most successful project manager) needs to change and adapt from time to time.
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