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That assumption is out the window, and now it’s time for the rise of the niche companies across social media. There’s no justifiable reason your company has any less claim to be visible on social media. Jon Gibs, Vice President, Media Analytics, The Nielsen CompanySUMMARY: Why do advertisers still debate the value of online advertising? Last week the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) extended it’s remit to cover marketing claims made by companies on their websites and in other non-paid for space they control, including social media.
This means companies now have to think very carefully about any marketing collateral they put online to ensure it meets criteria in the ASA’s CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) code. In practice, the new developments mean that companies must ensure all marketing communications (defined as something that primarily sets out to sell a product or service) don’t mislead, harm or offend. The IAB has been instrumental in bringing about the extension to the ASA’s remit and has released a number of really useful PDFs and guides for marketers who are keen to understand what the developments could mean for their business. Tink Taylor, Business Development Director, dotMailer, has many years experience in the field of interactive electronic communications. About UsBCW (Business Computing World) is a leading point of communications between business technology leaders and their audiences. 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Tink has wide ranging experience in introducing the concept of digital marketing to companies large and small.

It provides knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to help business technology leaders be more effective in communicating analysis and insight on information technology trends, to help the understanding of IT's role in achieving business goals. He is an elected member of the Direct Marketing Association's Email Marketing Council and also a member of the Internet Advertising Bureaus E-communications Council. What you do have is testimonials, previous projects and pictures upon pictures of your work. What’s needed is a shift in metrics for audience targeting from impressions to dwell time, increasing the cost per thousand in the process.Because of their simplicity, we in media research tend to overlook the core principles of successful advertising.
The online advertising industry is very good at measuring “how many?” in the form of ad serving reports. We have also developed multiple models around “did it work?”, from branding studies to offline sales impact. We, however, have spent little time on the second question, “who?” The irony is that this question—the demographics of those people exposed to the ad campaign—is at the core of ad delivery reporting in almost all other media.The missing linkMeasures of demographic delivery are critical for every other form of media buying. Online publishers have spent a decade trying to answer the question “Does online advertising work?” The problem is, that’s the wrong question. This question has driven advertisers to focus on direct response metrics, such as click through, or short term brand lift, without any consideration of the long-term branding impacts on the advertisers’ targets.The right question is “who does the advertising reach?”The right question is “who does the advertising reach?” This is the question asked of almost all other media, where there is an understanding that a great deal of the impact of the advertising is related to the creative, rather than the media placement. To get to the answer of “who”, the industry needs to develop a standardized, robust, post-buy reporting structure to help keep the targeters on target, and prove from end-to-end, the value of Internet advertising.Targeting for todayTargeting in the Internet world refers to any form of online advertising that is not run-of-site, run- of-network or content section-specific. One of the great advantages of online advertising is that, unlike traditional media, targeting happens on the execution side, not just in planning.
Some chalk it up to the fact that audience delivery metrics aren’t sexy, while a more cynical group asserts that it has more to do with not wanting agencies or publishers to look bad if results fall short.Yet another opinion points to the fact that measurement firms have only recently started to produce post-buy reports.

Since each research company uses a slightly different methodology, it is impossible to compare results across campaigns and vendors. Also, in many cases, these reports can’t be generated for some forms of behavioral targeting without the client revealing proprietary information.Prime examplesExamples of online measurement at work for a mobile phone manufacturer include one case using household income as a segmentation criterion, the other using age as a criterion. In the first scenario, the company wanted to market a low-cost smart phone to middle income households in the $50,000–$75,000 per-year range.According to a Nielsen analysis, the campaign failed badly. Even more disheartening, the supposedly targeted campaign impacted 9% fewer target audience members than a more general run-of-network buy.
Three out of four ad dollars were wasted on other segments.Killer appIn a second example, the mobile phone manufacturer was rolling out its new killer app—an iPhone substitute designed for young adults ages 18–24 primarily, and 25–34 secondarily. The bad news: 62% of impressions accrued to consumers age 35+, outside of the preferred demographic. Since publishers are paid on the number of ads served, many have created cluttered environments that increase inventory levels beyond demand—therefore driving down CPMs.This decline in CPMs is made up by serving more ads and therefore, continuing to decrease the value of any individual ad unit.
This cycle creates a financial situation where publishers are disincentivized in the short-term to provide a good advertising environment because they need to create more clutter.

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