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Optimizing WordPress is very important, WordPress is simply put rather heavy in terms of PHP built sites. Simple, I hope to encounter more sites with this enable as I work on many different sites each month.
Feel free to leave a comment below and don’t forget to sign up for simple optimization tips, or why not send me an email with your problems and Ill look for a solution. Excellent thanks for the tip, I logged in just now and sure enough there was an option to optimize my websites! At first I thought it was a typo but have called HG and had this confirmed through a JR Admin so all systems go.
Hey thanks for the comment, it can have a dramatic improvement in some cases, as it compresses your content by adding some coding to your .htaccess, usually the one outside of your sites root, so it compresses all your scripts and content. Side effects, so far I havn’t come across any major issues with it as the script that is added, has some variable parts for certain browsers that may not support gzip compression. But anything that makes your sites overall size smaller is generally a good thing for your server, cpu, ram and the end user, ie, the people who visit your site as they dont have to load as much in terms of bit size. Yes, some hosts dont allow it, mainly shared, but if you have VPS you can enable it via easy apache. Having a Facebook page with an audience you are growing opens you up to the potential of tons of free traffic by getting your content liked and shared. To grow your Facebook fan page with free likes install a Facebook Page Plugin (like the one we have for fbAdvance in the top right) into your WordPress website. This is done when you add social media sharing buttons into every page you want people sharing. I also reveal a free tool from Facebook that updates the information they are displaying from your website. All plugins reviewed in this blog post are free to download and use in your self-hosted WordPress blog. Shareaholic is a well designed plugin that also has the ability to enable a Related & Promoted Content widget into the bottom of all of your posts. As you can see from the screen capture below you can choose what types of pages you feature the Shareaholic share buttons on. The red arrows in the image above were added by me and are the two post types I recommend you enable. The order of the buttons and how many buttons are used can be customized and I recommend putting the Facebook share button closest to the arrow.
AddThis Smart Layers is the name of the plugin responsible for the share buttons on the left that follow you as you scroll down the page. These share buttons are one of four features offered by the plugin, and although the other features are decent I use the share feature only on this blog. Below the WYSIWYG editor where you can select the side of your blog these buttons show on and how many buttons display. With the custom API configuration you can get more ninja and specify which social media services you want to feature. I used the custom API mode of this plugin on fbPower to feature just a floating Facebook share button and nothing else. All and all I think this is a powerful plugin that I think more people should be using to get more social media shares.
Floating social bar is a simple bar of social media share buttons that displays at the top of your posts or pages. As it’s name suggests the social sharing bar will float and follow you as you scroll down the page. Since I have a Hello Bar that floats at the top of the page already I have the float feature disabled and these buttons stay stationary.
Your Featured Image is the image Facebook scrapes to display when someone shares your post on Facebook, so make sure it is a good one.
If your featured image is 200 pixels or less it will display the default image for your site (if you have one set). Keep in mind, especially with square images, that Facebook only displays the middle of your content on many devices. The white band in the image below shows the section of a square image that will display on most computers using Facebook.
To ensure your website displays properly in Facebook I recommend testing all posts you publish. The Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress gives you control over how the default settings for how your site will appear in Facebook. Using the Yoast plugin you can specify the default settings for when your site is shared on Facebook. Whenever you publish a new post you should click a Facebook share button to make sure the share preview is displaying properly. If you encounter this issue you can update your featured image then get Facebook to display this new image instead using the Facebook debugger too. The Facebook object debugger is a tool that is used to update Facebook with new information about one of your web pages or blog posts.
If the share image for one of your posts is not showing up update your Featured Image for that post in WordPress and then update your post. The Facebook debugger tools is actually a scraper and scrapes the page you enter into it for information. Now Facebook will display the proper image and meta data when your content is shared on Facebook. Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer, social media strategist, and the founder of this blog! Digital Marketing Agency - ROARlocalWe're A Digital Marketing Agency With A Difference!

Search engine optimisation is among the most effective ways to position your small business for the future. On-site SEO optimisation is among the most effective ways to revolutionise your brand’s bottom line by capturing more organic traffic and leads from important search terms in your industry. If you haven’t optimised or measured your load time, all of your other efforts to optimise your site’s content may not even matter. As search engines become increasingly human-like in their ability to rate and rank websites, user experience is becoming a more and more important part of on-site SEO optimisation.
Poor page titles, confusing site navigation, and low-quality content aren’t just negative for your SEO, they can frustrate your prospects and customers, too! Creating more site pages, including landing pages and blogs, is a critical way to increase your chances of ranking for important search terms in your industry.
Not only will it improve your authority in the eyes of major search engines, it’s an important way to build off-page SEO. Your ability to create high-value content around the right keywords and phrases affects around 15% of your site’s ranking, according to Moz’s research. When keyword targeting, it’s critical to consider how effectively you’ve used the word or phrase in your page headings and sub headings. Unfortunately, vague and non-descriptive page titles are among the most common small business SEO mistakes, and won’t help your on-page SEO optimisation efforts. Google’s own quality guidelines recommend that you “make your website stand out from others in your field.” Defining and creating content around your brand’s unique values, product differentiators, or how you fit into your industry is an important form of on-page SEO optimisation. FREE - Fast SEO Audit For Your WebsiteEnter your URL below to get full in-depth SEO report and tips. Uploading visuals to your website is a pretty simple process, so simple that it can sometimes overshadow the importance of image optimization.
Its seems to e very impressive.thanks for sharing this and images are really worth for any website. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas.
Please Share:11030131Pinterest is an amazing site that has become a great resource for recipes, helpful tips, and, let’s face it—humorous time wasting.
Recent polls have shown that people who have profiles on this particular social media outlet and call themselves regular users, tend to spend at least five hours a week on it.
On average, Pinterest profile holders in general spend an hour a month on the site, which is more than the overall average user spends on Facebook or LinkedIn, as evidenced by the #5 listing on this very interesting list of mind boggling facts about Pinterest marketing.
This may not seem like a lot, but keep in mind that this averages all the profiles in existence, including those no longer in use or that are not used often at all. The entire make-up of the Pinterest system is designed to have visual images that link to websites.
If you are hoping to use this format to help draw traffic to your site, then you are not wrong. The best ways to do this are to add a Pinterest “Pin It” button to your site and at the end of all your posts, fill your posts with pinnable images, and create content that will be appealing to the people that are found skimming Pinterest boards and profiles.
This is not hard to do even if it sounds somewhat intimidating for those who are not well versed in the world of HTML and website design. If you are running this show yourself, then each hosting program will have different ways to add this link, but they are all pretty straight forward. New images for this purpose are always being created, so stay updated by helpful sites like BloggerSentral to know the new things popping up. No matter how clever and helpful your web content is, very few people will desire to click through on the Pinterest format if there is not an eye-catching and soul-pleasing image to accompany the link. This image, that is linking to a similar, and better written list, has had only 12 re-pins in the last year.
A picture really does say a thousand words, so make sure to scream your message through well-chosen images. When you spend some time on this site, it will not take long for you to get a better idea of what people are looking for. Every post you create should include an image that will make people smile while also conveying the main idea of your post. The most popular topics found on Pinterest are food (recipes and restaurant reviews), helpful tips, crafts, humor, self-help articles, and oddly enough—tattoos.
Whatever your business entails, if you can create some content on your site that fits into any of these genres, then you will be able to better utilize this site for your Internet marketing needs. Not every business post on your site is going to lend itself well the to the Pinterst world, but that does not mean that it is impossible to still utilize this marketing tool for your needs. Does your business offer services that help people with things like reducing stress or improving productivity?
These are sneaky ways for you to incorporate the general Pinterest audience into your Internet traffic. In the end, if you can draw them in, make them smile, and subtly introduce what your company is about, then you will see a marked increase in your website traffic and your conversions from clicks to purchases. SEO and speed to the two main key factors and I always emphasize this with my clients sites.
For those on shared hosting, an alternative is to get a CDN like Max CDN, as stated in my footer, its all I use. The optimize website is simple using apache to compress, which is a mod that is installed on your server, if you have a dedicated server you can enable a variety of mods and this is just one them that they kindly allow shared hosting sites use. Please note though that this is not enabled by default in all cPanel installations as it requires the server to have mod_deflate enabled on it and not all hosts enable this option by default.
We Use Scientific Advertising Methods To Make You More Money OnlineWe use scientific advertising methods to bring more visitors to your website, we optimise your website so more visitors become profit making customers for you. Google processes 100 billion searches each month, and 75% of search users today never scroll past the first page of search results.

If you haven’t set up a blog, this is among the most effective ways to capitalise on the fresh content bias. HubSpot research has found that companies that blog acquire 97% more inbound links, and writing content that’s shared across social networks will build your site’s authority.
This doesn’t mean you should stuff in keywords, or publish thin content just to have a page that fits a certain term. Google, Bing, and Yahoo place more weight on headers and sub headers than the body content of your text. If your site doesn’t clearly explain these differentiating factors, search engines will have a tough time telling the difference too.
Providing clear, unique value that your prospects can’t find on your competitions’ web pages can cause your rankings to soar. Define image quality: Almost all photo editors today allow you to save images to your desktop at different levels of quality (and you can always use free online tools like Pixlr if you need more options). Utilize titles and descriptions: When you upload an image to your website, you can add a title and a few words to describe what the image stands for. Think about the dimensions: Choosing how much space your image takes up can be just as important as the picture itself.
Wix is a website builder thathas everything you need to build a fully-personalized, high-quality free website. A web service that sends alerts, via email, when your website receives new pins on Pinterest. The images should draw people in and give them a positive and accurate idea about what will be found on the other side of the link. Many companies have found a lot of success in pulling traffic to their site through this social media outlet.
If you have someone hired to handle the web design needs of your company, then give them this order, and they should know just how to handle it. Head to the settings and options tab for your layout and posts, and there should already be an option for you to add a Pinterest tab or gadget. For example, this image, simple as it may be, has garnered almost 1,000 re-pins since it was posted 9 weeks ago. By my recent calculations, if there is any way to incorporate a picture of a cat using poor grammar, then you are sure to bring in the clicks. I linked the following photo to a post on my blog for about an hour, and it was re-pinned about 80 times in that amount of time.
It can be hard to convey the true meaning of your post without boring your audience, and it can be hard to place humorous images that can really have a pertinent meaning to the content on your site. Mashable has some more in depth statistics on those topics, and how they are drawing in the public. Your business may involve services and products that have nothing to do with these subjects.
It appears that you use HostGator as your web host and they do enable this by default on all thier Shared, Reseller, and SEO servers. If your site isn’t at the top of the first page results, your business will struggle to capture the attention of prospects.
Nearly half of consumers today expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and slow websites can suffer from poor rankings and high bounce rates.
According to SEO expert Rand Fishkin, over the last year Google is “trying to show more and more fresh results” for search terms. Discover the terms that are driving search in your industry, and create content on the topic that provides more value than anything your competitors have published to date. Contrary to what some people think, saving an image with the highest quality isn’t always your best bet.
This text is the meta information that search engines read about your images, and it helps them understand your site better, which in turn helps with your SEO ranking. The recommended height and width of your website images largely depends on the layout that you chose, the emphasis you wish to place on the visual content of your site, and how your site will look on mobile devices.
Site speed is one of more than 200 factors which Google considers when ranking content, and it’s only becoming more important as consumers increasingly use mobile devices to conduct searches. What you may not know yet is that different file formats behave differently and determine the way an image will load and look.
Large images like backgrounds, and pictures that don’t need high definition, can be saved at a slightly above-average quality in order to reduce the file size and improve your site’s loading speed. More than an just easy way to keep track of your photos, your file name is used to categorized your pictures on image search engine results.
Choosing the right dimension for your images will not only improve the overall look of your website, but it will also help your website achieve a more professional and put-together look. To get the effects you are hoping for, you will have to do things in the right way to make your efforts effective. Web designers decide on an image’s ideal file format by factoring in aspects like colors, size, density of information and more. The idea image text is a perfect balance between your website’s keywords and a truthful description of the image content. You can start improving your images today by reading this great article about  the three main image formats.
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