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It’s clear, based on these numbers, that if you want to generate more leads, content marketing is an important avenue to pursue.
Jay was also responsible for creating the Marlboro Man and taking Marlboro cigarettes from an unknown brand to the number one brand by a long margin in a very short time. Now I am not a fan of cigarettes, but I am a fan of using marketing strategies that work to grow your business.

I think you should also.This week's stage activity is straight from Jay Conrad Levinson's playbook. Rather than pay a marketing strategist a large sum of money to build a marketing strategy for your business, you are going to do it in 10 minutes! It may not be as pretty, with all of the bells and whistles that cost you lots of money, but it will cover the 7 critical areas that you must address to have a comprehensive marketing plan for your business.

Simply focus your efforts for 10 minutes on this week's activity - building a Marketing Plan on a Page.To win this stage of the race, you need to set aside any other activity for the next 10 minutes.

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