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Pictures, videos, and photos aren’t the only types of images you can use to build your brand.
Although this is number three, it’s one of the most important rule of building brands through visual media.
Pictures and video are fantastic centerpieces to spark a conversion between readers and encourage silent readers to comment for the first time. Using visual media will turn your ordinary content strategy into a stronger, complete brand building technique, which helps to develop brand loyalty. Filed Under: Social Media About Yi YunYi Yun Lin is well versed in visual and graphic marketing. Follow us to receive regular insight to Search Engine Marketing, as well as tips & tricks to making social signals work for you!
I’ve been saying for going on five years now that freelance writers should add social media marketing to their lists of service offerings. Yesterday, I received the following email from a fellow freelance writer asking about strategy – as in, how to come up with one for a new client for which she’d already accepted the gig.
I accepted this gig for the experience of learning how to do something new that I can then add to my menu of services. When it comes to creating an effective social media marketing strategy, always start with what the client’s end goal is.
Also, don’t “give away the store” as I alluded to up front – unless and until you’ve been hired. Also, things change once you get “in the thick of it,” so be sure clients know that if they’re wondering, “why can’t you provide x or tell me about y up front.” For example, you may do a post that goes viral and instead of moving ahead with a pre-calendered topic, you may decide to stick with Topic X because readers are responding to it.
I brainstormed some social media strategy and ideas with a couple of friends who have businesses. Unfortunately, these type of business owners have bought into the idea that big splash brings traffic and consequently sales. Ironically, the social media strategist has to decide, just as they are telling their client, that they too are in the relationship business and want to forge relationships that lead to strategies that work and future referrals. I think a social media strategist might find it more fulfilling to work with businesses who see the value in relationship. If a business person doesn’t get that, then their are plenty of other SM strategist to serve them. Some businesses just want a copy writer who can instill their copy in sound bites for as cheap as possible.
It’s so much more satisfying to work with clients who is excited about building their business and a solid brand reputation rather than just big numbers of followers. So there are lots of different types of clients — those who want an in-depth strategy, those who require simple maintenance, and those who want ongoing campaigns that are tweaked along the way.
Thanks for sharing your feelings on this subject — definitely great insight for freelancers who might be thinking of dipping their toes into the social media marketing waters. A $50,000 Editing Contract Landed via a Content Mill … Hmmm, Is It Time to Re-Evaluate These Sites?
How to Start a Successful Freelance Career Newsletter: Get concrete specifics on how to start, grow and run a successful freelance writing business.
After you set up your business profile on a social media platform decide how often and what you will post on each platform. If all you do is talk about your business and throw out links to your product, you aren’t going to get much if any following.
Google plus is really new and pretty wide open with a high percent of men than women with a more techy following than the rest of the social media playgrounds. I have a social media strategy template to help you get started managing your social media strategy. Also, if you step away for a week or a month to heal and rest your contacts will still be there. Thanks for the inspirational post Elizabeth – I need a better plan of action in place for my social media strategy so I look forward to using the tool you've offered here!

This is a good reminder and an easy outline to follow to develop my social media strategies for 2013.
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Other visual images, like sketches, charts and graphs, add variety and favor to your efforts. From the smile on the subject’s face to the background, every aspect of a picture adds to the image of the brand in the potential customer’s head. You can ask your followers to create a tag line for an image or ask a question about something related to the image to start a debate.
Creating images, photos, sketches and graphs will help a business build their brand and ensure that the company is the only source of those images or videos. Being that I am working on diversifying my services, I accepted the gig (and the 50% deposit), but what I submitted isn’t what the client was looking for. The client’s end goal is to create a buzz about the nationwide launch of a new product. The pay is unbelievably low, but I’m really wanting to move into other areas of freelancing and thought this would be a good starting point.
Give away the store on this one (you already have anyway), and look at it as a learning experience.
Creating an effective social media strategy can require a lot of work (depending on what the client’s end goals are). It’s a fine line, but you want to give clients enough so that they know you can handle the job, but not so much that they can take it and use your blueprint and hire someone else to do the job. I also have taken some courses related to the field and engaged in discussion with people in this field. You made a resolution to use social media to grow your business but did you write down how to do it?
Facebook has a very visual audience so do it with a graphic and some of your best content to be shared on Facebook.
If your goal is to increase blog traffic to your business website then looking at your Google Analytics is a good way to see where traffic is coming from. Twitter has a younger audience, Facebook has more middle-aged, Pinterest has 85% females users base, and LinkedIn has higher level income subscribers.
Just sign up and I’ll send you a copy to help get started on setting real goals for leveraging social media. There are a wealth of sites that offer free pictures that can make such a difference to a page. The technology world is exploding with platforms to communicate and share information with a variety of audiences.
The solution is as easy as contacting us to assist you in examining social media demographics and utilizing them to grow your business. As technology expands and presents new communication opportunities, business strategies need to evolve.

Your customers get impressed by seeing your product and services which is displayed beautifully and creatively. Here we have web site designers who have minimum 3 years of Industry experience and who are aware of the trendy designing. For example, a travel agency might select a picture of an airplane and ask followers what they like most about traveling by plane.
In a world where penguins and pandas rule, business need to control everything about their web presence, including the quality and quantity of images. It’ll give you some insight into what it takes to come up with an effective social media marketing strategy.
Depending on where they are right now, you may see some traction right away, but let them know not to expect miracles. It is already available in two cities, they have some major backing and the product will be made available to the rest of the country next month. Relationships are what build solid sales as well as a good quality product or service and professional sales experience.
I would say, as you suggested, to feel the client out and explore just specifically what they want. Put content out there that people can interact with like a question to be answered, helpful advice about your industry, or even something funny.
You will see which platform is sending the most traffic and what customers do on your site when they get there.
I read a lot in my spare time trying to find out everything I can to make my site better and discover what it is that people actually want.
Examining data will lend tremendous insight regarding which social media networks would reach your audience. Also, a good design compels your website visitors to explore your website further and much deeper.
In all of its forms, visual media are like little nuggets of gold; Each makes your brand shine and stand out.
I was actually hired by a third-party company who is handling all of this for the startup that created the product, so I haven’t had any direct communication with the actual client. Often what they want are dollars and they could care less about nurturing their brand and relationships. I am not afraid to try something new or to stop doing something because it isn't working. Both understanding and remaining current with social media demographics is a key component in maintaining a fluid business marketing plan.
The only way to keep your customers engaged and increase your sale is good content, easy-to-use features and exciting offers.
By carefully selecting the images and videos, they become priceless to your brand and business. Secondly, you would need to watch and scrutinize the video in its entirety to ensure that it matches your brand’s image. If that’s what they want, there are businesses online that can provide private label rights. Examining the top social networks, fastest growing platforms, age groups and even the gender users will all lend insight for developing a solid marketing plan. The best thing about our designing team is they are always ready to provide with endless ideas and possibilities.
If you require any creative assistance, they are here to assist you with proper suggestion.

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