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TaskAgent is an inexpensive and easy-to-use list and task manager that syncs (using Dropbox) with matching iOS apps. Youa€™ve got plenty of choices for to-do-list apps, so why choose TaskAgent (Mac App Store link)? But unlike most task and list managers, TaskAgent stores and syncs its data using plain-text files stored in Dropbox, so you can view (and even edit) your lists from any computer or device with a Web browsera€”no app required. Each task or list item can include a separate note, and you can search and sort your lists quickly and easily.
I know there are other methods for doing HD, particularly on Windows, by using Avisynth scripts and VirtualDubMod. Before starting on the HD tutorials, it might not hurt to show you some examples of HD fan videos made using this process or something similar. If your video software opens the MJPEG AVI files that Avidemux makes, then youa€™re halfway there. In my most recent tests, I had no problems editing in the MJPEG AVI files (some which were converted within MPEG Streamclip). Set up your project properties as either HDV 720-25p (for PAL footage) or HDV 720-30p (for NTSC footage). Edit your video as usual, then export out as either HD WMV, or uncompressed AVI with the custom frame size of 1280x720. I was able to successfully edit MJPEG AVI files that were converted in MPEG Streamclip with Corel VideoStudio X2. I had set up my project as 25 frames per second (PAL and SEACAM) so I was given the a€?25pa€? option. I then opened this file in MPEG Streamclip and converted it to an H.264 MP4 file (keeping the frame size at 1280x720 and with a data rate of 4000). Sample downloads: I made a sample fan video that is so abysmal that I darena€™t have it hosted on my regular fan video site (RAfanvids) so it is an a€?exclusivea€? to this site. Corel VideoStudio HD video featuring Guy of Gisborne (H.264 MP4) Right-click to download file. The XviD AVI file looks a little lighter and might look a€?washed outa€? compared to the MP4 file. When I import the clips, I select a€?Optimize video:a€? and choose a€?Full Size.a€? This keeps the HD clips at HD! Yeah, I know that iMovie warns you that this might a€?degrade video playbacka€? and it might if you have less RAM or an older Mac.
You want to convert your files (aka a€?Optimizea€?) because playback will be smoother and more stable (compared to trying to get iMovie 09 to edit compressed H.264 files) and if you want to speed up or slow down any clip, youa€™re going to end up converting it any way. Edit your video as usual, and then when ita€™s time to export it, choose to save it as a Quicktime file, and follow the exporting tutorial as outlined in the iMovie 6 HD page (the process is identical, as both applications use Quicktime to export the video). Caveat about iMovie 09: There is some quality loss (in the form of a more a€?blockya€? effect sometimes showing up in backgrounds and shadows) but your HD video will still have a lot of the HD detail, so in my opinion ita€™s still completely worth it to edit HD in iMovie 09. Tutorial keywords: HD editing for vidding, fan videos, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Sony Vegas Pro, Corel VideoStudio, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, vids vidder, HD fanvids tutorial.
HD for Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro.A  Since writing that tutorial, Ia€™ve upgraded to Final Cut Pro 7, and am now experimenting with editing HD in the codec ProRes LT, and so far am liking it. Want to make your pictures pop but don't have the time or money to invest in a photo-editing tool?

The program supports a wide range of image file types, including JPG, RAW, TIFF, PNG and GIF. We'll help you learn some key maneuvers, such as how to crop, straighten, adjust exposure and use filters tastefully so you can make your pictures better with Photos for OS X.
Photographers often talk about the rule of thirds: Place your picture's subject along the vertical and horizontal thirds of the frame for a more interesting and pleasing composition.
Drag the brackets at the corners of your image, and use the grid lines on the screen to help compose your picture. Sometimes, a photo that you snapped in a hurry turns out darker or lighter than you expected.
You can either drag the slider on the Light spectrum next to the picture, or click the down arrow next to the word "Light" for more-precise controls, such as exposure, brightness and contrast. As you are setting the brightness or exposure values, keep an eye on the live preview, especially the lightest and darkest parts, to ensure that you're not blowing out the brighter parts of your picture or making the dark parts turn grayish and grainy-looking.
A dull-looking image can get some oomph with a boost in saturation, making colors more vibrant and eye-catching.
I found the picture I took from a helicopter of the Manhattan skyline at dusk was too blue, especially in the foreground, so I opened it in Photos. One of my favorite new features in the Photos app is the healing brush (represented by a bandage on the toolbar).
After clicking the bandage icon (last on the toolbar), select a brush size by dragging up and down on the vertical slider next to your image. If you're trying to get the blemish to blend in with a specific part of the picture, hold down the Option button, and click the point you want it to look like. Give your memories a vintage look, or make them stand out, with one of Photos' eight filters. Staff writer Cherlynn Low edits pictures on Photoshop, but also loves the simplicity of Photos.
Every day (except Sunday) from mid-July until late September, the Macworld staff will use the Mac Gems blog to briefly cover a standout free or low-cost program. Once a list is complete, you can choose to archive it, rather than delete it, for future reference.
But combined with its iOS counterparts, TaskAgent is a convenient and useful way to maintain simple shopping and to-do lists. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
Ia€™m NOT saying that my way is better or less complicated, but it might be less intimidating to some users. If not, you can convert the files to MJPEG AVI (again!) in MPEG Streamclip, or to JPEG 2000 in MPEG Streamclip.
If you find that you cana€™t get that to work, try opening the big MJPEG AVI files (that Avidemux made) in MPEG Streamclip, and converting to JPEG 2000 MOV files.
If you set up your Corel VideoStudio software as NTSC (you are given the choice between PAL and NTSC when you first install VideoStudio) then your export settings will be different (30p instead of 25p).
Whichever way you choose, iMovie will take its time importing the clips and CONVERTING each one to a large MOV file with the Apple Intermediate Codec. You can make changes and undo them in Photos (by pressing Command-Z) until you settle on something you like.

If you weren't able to frame your shot perfectly, you can still adjust it by using the crop tool in Photos. In the Colors area, you can edit saturation (richness of color), contrast and cast (white balance, or overall color cast).
When I clicked the magic-wand icon (first on the toolbar) for auto enhancement, Photos actually made the image even bluer. Dragging the Cast slider to the right, I managed to get a warmer (less-blue) white balance, bringing out the yellow, orange and red neon lights.
You should set a size that's slightly larger than the offending mark and simply click on that spot.
Whenever possible, avoid dragging the healing brush on the picture, as that can create a smudged, artificial look. Filters work best when you want to evoke a specific mood, such as nostalgia for a Throwback Thursday portrait, or reverence with black-and-white for a memorial picture. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to adjust the intensity of the filter, as you can on Instagram. A bad time to use filters is when your picture is supposed to depict exactly what a scene looked like. You can view a list of this yeara€™s apps, updated daily, on our handy GemFest page, and you can visit the Mac Gems homepage for past Mac Gems reviews.
And thanks to its use of text files and Dropbox, ita€™s also great for sharing lists with family and friends. But Ia€™d never discourage someone from going the route, because I have no doubt that the quality is gorgeous. Or, follow one of the other exporting tutorials on the Foolish Passion video forums, but export at the HD frame size of 1280x720, with a data rate of 4000 or above. With the latest version of OS X Yosemite, Apple is including the new Photos app, which packs effective, comprehensive image-editing tools to help you enhance your shots. Also, the edits are "nondestructive," which means you can always revert to the original version of the photo. For example, sliding right on Brightness makes the picture lighter, and doing the same on Highlights lightens up the brightest parts.
For smaller blemishes, I recommend zooming into the picture (pinch gesture on the touchpad) for a more natural-looking result. Apple's range of filters are Fade, Chrome, Process, Transfer, Instant and three monochrome (black and white) ones, Mono, Tonal and Noir. If part of an image looks completely white and is close to a light source, it's probably overexposed beyond rescue.
If you want more precise control, you can double-click the number at the end of each row to type in a specific value (0 to 1 in two-decimal-place increments). Photos is easy enough for beginners to learn but also offers more-advanced editors the ability to fine-tune details.

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