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Wired has obtained a copy of a cease and desist letter sent by Google to Microsoft today, demanding Microsoft immediately remove the YouTube app from its Windows Phone Store and disable existing copies on consumers’ devices by May 22.
If you've read our tutorial on how to add a YouTube video to your website, you may be interested in customizing your own videos on YouTube.
To start with, if you are interested in customizing and enhancing your own video (or any video, for that matter), you will need to use a video editor. You can then add a transition (various transitions are provided, including fades, swipes and more) between that video and the next one you select by dragging the transition down to the video path just like you did with the video itself. Once you've arranged the videos and transitions, you can add an audio track by once again selecting the audio track, just like you did with the videos and transitions, and dragging it into the audio path, which is right below the video path, as you can see in the screenshot above.
Once you're satisfied with your videos and audio selections, you can publish your new video to your own YouTube channel by clicking the publish button on the top right of the page (again, you can see it in the image shown above). When you view your video on YouTube, you can click the Edit Video Detail button which is directly above the video itself, on the left side of the screen. You can also select a thumbnail for your video, based on the thumbnails that are taken from the video itself.
Once you have selected the type of annotation, you are able to move the annotation where you want it on the video, enlarge it, and add the annotation (text) itself. If you would like additional information about creating and editing video annotations, YouTube has created a special page devoted to the topic.

As you can see, editing your videos and adding text, links and annotations to them is easy when you are using YouTube's own tools. In this article we will look at some excellent YouTube resources that you may not be aware of, including an online video editor provided by YouTube. While there are many excellent standalone applications out there, there are also some useful online tools that you can use to make your video stand out from the crowd. You are able to choose from videos that you have personally uploaded to YouTube or select from hundreds of Creative Commons videos that are copyright free.
Then you can add another video and repeat the process (you can actually add the videos first, then add the transitions if you wish).
It's not much, but was created using the YouTube editor, and I added a note and an annotation, which is what we're going to discuss next! If your video is locale-based, you can also select a map location, and set the details for 3D video, if your video was created in 3D. You can also edit any existing annotations by selecting them in the dropdown Edit existing annotation field.
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We'll also show you how to add annotations to your YouTube videos (annotations are those little info bubbles we've all seen on YouTube videos). You are also able to make a selection of music from hundreds of audio tracks that YouTube provides to use along with your video(s).
When you are adding an annotation, you can also add a link to a website, and can specify when in the video that the link will appear (in seconds). We request that you immediately withdraw this application from the Windows Phone Store and disable existing downloads of the application by Wednesday, May 22, 2013.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Fortunately a timeline is provided below the video in the annotation selection area, so you won't have to guess.

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