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Vine has added two massive features to its iOS and Android apps today; the ability to save video projects as drafts and then edit all of the shots that you’ve already taken in the build-up to your next six-second masterpiece. Draft videos, referred to as ‘Sessions’, allow you to save a Vine that you’re currently working on and then return to it at a later date. Now, you won’t have to work on Vines one-by-one or keep the app open in order to avoid losing all of your work. Today’s update also includes a new ‘Time Travel’ feature which gives you the ability to delete, replace and reorganize shots before saving and uploading your succinct clip.
When Instagram added video recording to its own mobile apps, the ability to delete the most recent shot was a standout feature.
The improved iOS and Android apps should be available right now in their respective digital storefronts. Vine may have caught on in a fairly big way, but it's been a decidedly limited app even beyond the six-second constraint on videos. From crushing G-force to complete weightlessness, we experience the extremes of space travel. Since its launch in 2013, Vine has successfully acquired over 200 million users and stand a serious challenge to the other such networks.
You might be disappointed with this, but the app doesn’t allow you to upload pre-recorded videos. There are some tools available to improve your videos and provide some additional functionality. If you are looking forward to record a stable video or creating a stop-motion, maybe using a tripod or holder is a nice option, this will avoid the auto focus or blur of the images. You can use it as a great promotional tool to spread your ideas or share your skills with others. You can put your phone on a tripod or hold the phone still to prevent auto adjusting focus. Mary brings a perfect balance of beautiful illustrations and modern video editing techniques to the EI team. The best thing about Vine has always been how crazy simple the app makes it to shoot and share a looping six-second video. Launch Vine and its main screen remains a scrollable list of videos by the users you follow, but the buttons are all moved around. The new app also has a Find People button at the top-left, letting you search for new Vine pals from your address book or Twitter contacts.
To import video, just hit the Record button, and then tap the Import button on the far lefta€”it looks like a half a square with an arrow pointing at it. Once you click Add, the clip is added to your Vine, and if it doesna€™t take up the whole six seconds, you can add more (either from your Camera Roll or by shooting them in the app). If youa€™re shooting part or all of your Vine inside the Vine app, youa€™ve got some new tools that can make the process easier. The Ghost button was in the last version of Vine tooa€”it can make filming stop-motion Vines easier. The bottom line is, Vinea€™s new tools should make it easier for power users to crank out even more creative work, while staying out of the way of amateurs like me who just like to amuse themselves at concerts by looping six seconds of youthful exuberance.
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When Instagram brought video to its app, quite a lot of users and app reviewers, including myself, were convinced that it had a much more intuitive capture scheme compared to the then leader of the video sharing scene, Vine.
Swipe left or right to switch between sessions, tap a preview to continue from where you left off or select the thumbnail on the extreme right to return to the recording screen without reopening a session.
When you’re done editing, you can tap Save and proceed to the next screen to share the video or return to the previous screen to record some more. You could record a bunch of instances, delete the ones that aren’t satisfactory, return to the recording screen to redo them and then rearrange your instances once again in the editor.

Needless to say, this is a huge improvement over the old recording scheme and a welcome change for the more creative users of Vine who spend more time than most on their videos.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. You can work on up to ten clips at once, which will no doubt appeal to artistic types who are working on projects with multiple shots from different locations.
Just save your progress within the app by selecting the new ‘Save for later’ option and then return to the project when it’s a convenient time to start shooting again. The addition transforms both the iOS and Android versions of Vine into self-contained mobile video editors.
At the time, Vine didn’t have any in-app editing features, which made creating artistic or humorous clips all the more difficult for newcomers. While we only ever write about products we think deserve to be on the pages of our site, The Next Web may earn a small commission if you click through and buy the product in question. It's become a bit more capable today, though, with two new features giving users more room to work with.
Share life experiences or capture hilarious and funny moments, and you can have them on Vine, one popular video sharing platform that has changed how we look at videos itself.
Users can record short (6 second) videos and share them on their account and also to other social networks.
Don’t you worry, here are some tips and guidelines to help you with this application and use it as a creative tool.
Compatible with Android, Windows and iOS, you can download and signup using your twitter or email account.
Now here’s the catch, you can continue recording until you press the button, once your finger is off the button, the recording pauses. However, that’s what make it special, share your moments and live it with your friends and the same moment.
You press the screen to shoot, lift up your finger to stop shooting, and thata€™s pretty much it.
The previous version of Vine for iOS had the Record button at the top-right and a home button at the top-left that produced a drop-down menu of the other screens: Explore, Activity, Profile, and Messages. Previously, the Find Contacts screen was hidden on your Profile page, so this change makes it a lot easier to finda€”and Ia€™m sure that Vine hopes that the more people you follow, the more engaged youa€™ll stay with the app. This is long overduea€”rival Instagram has had this capability for a year nowa€”and will get me to post way, way more Vines.
Herea€™s one I shot with Action Movie FX of a fake car being dropped on my office, probably by Godzilla or something.
That shows a grid of video clips in your Camera Roll, and you can preview a clip by tapping it.
Once you reach the six-second limit, or you tap the forward arrow again, you get to the Preview screen.
Tap the big green checkmark to post the video to Vine, or the little floppy disk button to save it for later, without posting it.
When youa€™re filming a little stop-motion with your Lego minifigs, ita€™s handy to see where they were standing in the last clip so you could move them just so before shooting the next clip. Now Vine just needs a feature to let you make each clip in your video a uniform length, so I can stop counting a€?One, one-thousand, two, one-thousanda€? when timing my finger-presses.
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This button shows the number of sessions that you have saved, and tapping it displays a carousel of preview thumbnails for all saved sessions along with a green bar atop each, showing the length of the recorded video. You can delete individual sessions by tapping the trash button in the bottom-left corner of their preview thumbnails. Every time you hold your finger down on the screen to record, Vine creates a recording instance.
In Vine’s video editor, you can drag the thumbnail of any around to rearrange it in the sequence or onto the trash bin at the top to delete it.

We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Unlike before, where you would have to nail the perfect take first time round, you can now correct your mistakes and experiment with the app’s unusual six-second time restriction. The tools that Vine has added today certainly supersede those in Instagram and should encourage its thriving community of videographers to create even more imaginative pieces. The first of those, called Sessions, will let you save and work on up to ten posts over time before sharing them, which should please those looking to cram as much into those six seconds as possible. Vinea€™s latest update, which just landed on iOS and will come to Android later, adds some new tools and the long-needed ability to import video shot with other apps. The new version puts a row of buttons at the bottom, with the bright green Record button right at the center, surrounded by Home, Explore, Activity, and Profile.
Messages is moved to the top-right, and both the Find People and Messages buttons stay where they are as you navigate around Vinea€™s various tabs, simplifying navigation. Lately Ia€™ve restricted myself to posting Vines from concerts, whereas videos of my friends or my child only ever wind up on Instagram. If your clip is longer than six seconds (the running times are helpfully displayed), the preview shows the whole clip, even though youa€™re still limited to six-seconds when producing your Vine. You can push the timeline itself around inside the orange box if you want to start the Vine a few seconds into the video itself. Buttons along the bottom let you duplicate a clip, trash just that clip without affecting the rest of the video, or mute that clip. You tap it once, then tap the screen where you want your video to be focused; the icon then changes to a padlock so you know the focus is locked.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements.
You can also enter the video editor at any time by tapping the green video progress bar at the top. The other new feature, Time Travel, will let you go back and edit a post and remove, shift or replace shots as you like.
Maybe there are pieces you wish to remove, drag those frames to the trash bin on the top of the screen. That makes the Record button easier to push with your thumb, especially if (when?) larger-screened iPhones hit the scene, and this update rolls out to Android phones. Thata€™s because I prefer to shoot with my iPhonea€™s Camera app, and Instagram had video importing capabilities that Vine lacked up until now. Muting is a nice touch, but it seems odd that you cana€™t then record a voiceover or otherwise add new soundsa€”only take all the sound away. The Grid button was in the last version of Vine, but now if you tap it a second time, you get a bubble level designed to help you achieve a perfectly straight horizona€”or a perfectly slanted one, if thata€™s how you roll. More than just a few times, I’ve seen users and professional Viners alike complain about the lack of editing features. So, if you held down on the screen, say, four times while recording a video, you should see four thumbnails. The update covers both iOS and Android versions of the app, and is available for download now.
In its latest update, the Vine app for Android and iOS delivers both editing features and saving multiple recording sessions for later! The editing features, while not as snappy as those offered by Instagram Video, are definitely more powerful in comparison.

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