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Last year’s winner was The Guilt, a 13-minute tale about a man obsessed with avenging his wife’s murder.
YouTube is an obvious player in Internet film festivals, but even an “old media” company has gotten in on the fun. Annual film festivals are great, but the Internet also frees such events from time constraints.
If you like more of a bloodsport feel to your film festivals, FilmFights hosts a series of battles that pit several short films against each other.
Because the web caters to all tastes, you’ll find Internet film festivals that serve niche audiences. On the slightly less socially conscious scale, cat litter maker Fresh Step is hosting the Catdance Film Festival.
A haunting adventure fantasy about a pair of cursed lovers who are transformed into animal shapes during alternate periods of the day. I pledge upon my honor that I have neither given nor received any unauthorized help on this work. Thanks to the web, attending a film festival takes no more effort than a couple of mouse clicks. Spanish filmmaker David Victori received a $500,000 grant to create original work for his YouTube channel. Each film in a fight must adhere to the rules established on the subjects title, genre, and time limit. A program of the Canadian Film Centre, Shortsnonstop awards a cash prize of $1,500 for its competitions.

For the socially conscious, Culture Unplugged Studios has hosted an online film festival since 2008. Broderick, who provides comic relief, is appealing as the couple's young friend, and ultimately, their rescuer. She reluctantly returns to assist in an investigation involving a reopened unsolved serial killer case she had worked on in the past. Convenience aside, Internet film festivals are also usually more interactive and social than traditional film festivals, as many sites let the viewers decide their favorites in real time and integrate social networks like Facebook into the experience. Currently, there’s no word on when or if YouTube will host another Your Film Festival, but all 50 films from last year’s semifinalists are available for viewing. The quality of films is often astonishing, as evidenced by the recently announced Short of the Year: The Eagleman Stag, Mikey Please’s beautiful stop-motion animated tale concerning the nature of time. Every Wednesday, the film receiving the highest rating from the site’s judges is awarded an Official Selection honor, giving the movie a week-long slot on the site’s homepage.
There are well over 1,000 films currently archived on the site, so binge viewers: you’re welcome. The site features documentaries that explore topics such as hunger and poverty, war, human trafficking, and globalization. Following the killer's clues she is soon shocked to learn that the murderer is her own brother.
The finalists’ work was screened at the Venice Film Festival, with the grand prize selected by a jury that included director Ridley Scott and actor Michael Fassbender. Viewers can vote for their favorite by “liking” it on the PBS Festival page or on PBS’ YouTube channel.

Each year’s festival focuses on a specific theme, such as Humanity Explored or Spirit Enlightened.
Surprisingly — refreshingly — the finalists’ entries are well-made, story-driven shorts, not just a parade of, well, funny cats dancing. Delving deeper into the past, she enlists the aid of an ex-boyfriend (Leland Orser) as she tries to find her brother before he kills again.
Take a look below at last year’s winner, Horse You See, from Melissa Henry and Alfredo Perez.
The film with the most social media shares will also earn a spot on the homepage with the Official Selection winner. For the current fight, “Fortune Cookie,” films must be one minute or less and find a way to include the post-dinner snack commonly found in Chinese restaurants. This year’s theme, Green Unplugged — which includes films on climate change, farming, and other issues dealing with nature — will launch in June. The site also offers iPhone and iPad apps that let you watch the documentaries on those devices.

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