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According to the Salesforce 2015 State of Marketing report, marketers are changing their digital marketing priorities for 2015. The report surveyed over 5,000 marketers about their budgets, metrics and strategies for 2015.
A “customer journey” is the experience individuals have with your brand, products or services over time from prospect to brand advocate. Every aspect of your company’s communications should be examined from a customer perspective to ensure that the journey is strategically sound. Both B2B and B2C reported higher success rates in other channels and technologies with the implementation of mobile marketing. For example, newsletters are implemented most often but don’t perform well, while mobile opt-in campaigns are regarded as the most effective, but only used by 26% of marketers. Think like a customer, observe technological trends and determine how you like to be spoken to by your favorite brands. Digital marketing continues to change rapidly each year and, for B2B marketers, new business development continues to be the most pressing business challenge.

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While last year marketers scattered their attention across multiple disciplines, this year marketers are focusing on social and mobile channels.
While revenue growth is still the top metric for success, marketers are shifting attention from traditional metrics like conversion rates to metrics that better reflect customer satisfaction. A cohesive customer journey factors in each person’s personality, how they interact with your messages and how they perceive your company based on actions and preferences.
Then, to measure the effectiveness of various technologies in creating a cohesive customer journey, many marketers are using mobile applications, marketing automation and CRM tools to continue to track and optimize the journey. With 72% of US online adults sending or receiving personal emails via smartphone at least weekly, and tablets and smartphones increasing the time people spend online, this is fertile ground for attracting new business.
The study found that “those who haven’t integrated mobile cite their number-one challenge as creating a personalized cross-channel experience (one-to-one customer journey).” They’re also in the minority of marketers. Start optimizing your content for mobile by updating landing pages, your website, apps, social media, and email.

This huge increase is an indicator at how successful social media marketing is proving to be. For instance, new information spotlights the weekend as the time when most consumers are engaged with social media. With mobile usage on the rise, marketers need to think like a customer and figure out how to best tweak their email strategy to harmonize with this industry shift. By following these trends, your firm can stay ahead of the competition and focus on the initiatives that will get results. In order to find the right social media channel for your firm, research your customers and see where they are most active. While Facebook was reported as a fan favorite, newer social media sites like Tagged also performed well.

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