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Every end of year is a good time to reflect on what brands have done right and wrong in social media.
In the meantime, we can always celebrate the successful and inspiring campaigns that have been launched in the last 12 months. It had several components, one being “New Friend Requests,” a witty and humorous video released on Facebook and YouTube that plays around the concept of friending and de-friending.
Other parts of the campaign involved two TV commercials “capturing the confident, swaggering attitude of A.1.
And what about Honda’s 2015 Fit Kit campaign (#FitKit), “the first production car you build yourself, in the convenience of your own home”? Takeaway: Humor may be a great tool, but it only works if it fits your brand’s personality and is relevant to your usual messages. To raise awareness of the issue, Samsung New Zealand partnered with animal photographer Rachael Hale McKenna and the Auckland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The social campaign may not have taken off on YouTube, but the reach on Facebook was massive: over 33,500 views, 4,250 likes, 1,170 shares, and 570 comments.
Takeaway: A successful product launch requires a smart balance between subtle promotion, emotions, and relevancy. However, from this piece there is no doubt that social media marketing is the crux of many business today – online or offline.
This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. You don't have to be in the market for a Super Bowl ad to learn from the world's biggest marketers. With this in mind, the following social media campaigns from marketers big and small are designed to be idea generators. What you can learn from this: This is a low-cost way to track down potential fans on Twitter. When Swedish ad agencies Grey Stockholm and Ogilvy Stockholm merged last year, they wanted to get social media fans involved. What you can learn from this: This was another inexpensive way to get fans literally enmeshed with the brand. What you can learn from this: Creating an event, especially one that involves social media fans, is an alternative to launching an ad campaign. Pet food brand GranataPet earned worldwide attention last year for its billboard in Agenta, Germany. What you can learn from this: In the social media age, a single ad or a single billboard can generate images, press and videos, but only if it's clever enough. Another German brand, Reinert Sausages, transcended its roots with a clever Facebook app that let users upload their photo and receive a "Wurst Face," a graven image of themselves in cold cuts. What you can learn from this: If you can create an app that's social, fun and brand-appropriate, it will function more effectively than even a high-budget ad campaign. Sometimes business owners can learn a thing or two about social media management from sports stars and celebrities. When managing social media for your startup, you can better connect and relate with your customers by being more transparent and authentic like Bryant. Not every brand has the recognition or number of social followers that a sports star like Bryant has. Show imagery of your culture. This can include company parties, contests and other fun things. Be humble, but also know when to brag a little. Express excitement for major accomplishments and industry awards.

Express concern. To your injured or sick employees, or their family members, you can share your best wishes and hope for a speedy recovery. While 2013 ended with a glimmer of hope despite some huge blunders, 2014 seems to have witnessed some notable improvements.
Everything,” a creative re-branding campaign aimed at showing consumers that the sauce is the perfect complement for other foods. Sauce fans who do things their own way” and a Pinterest page with boards containing a variety of foods and recipes. And while risks are often involved, don’t forget that your audience is anything but uniform. The goal of the Facebook-exclusive campaign is to turn Christmas into a good-will event via the use of Amazon wish lists. We may be busy shopping and enjoy good deals, but we also love brands that care and give more than they take. Lou Gehrig’s Disease), a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord and eventually leads to death.
Together, they created an instructional video to help people take better photos of black cats with the GALAXY S5, one of its new phones. The architectural, engineering and construction industry has been slower than others to make social media a vital activity. In fact, as a quick trip to Facebook illustrates, social media has a leveling effect: Whether you're Coca-Cola or Jones Soda, your Facebook Page looks pretty much the same.
This isn't a ranking of the most effective social media campaigns of the year, but rather the ones that have the most to offer an entrepreneur with big ideas and a not-so-big marketing budget.
All you have to do is search a given term and identify two people who tweet the same phrase at (roughly) the same time. Another alternative is to create a real-life mosaic based on pictures of your Facebook fans, a project that Mashable recently completed.
That was the thinking behind a BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota program last year that put Scott Jorgenson, a St.
The name "Wurst Face" comes from the extra piece of sausage that kids get for free at the butcher.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Lakers and Golden State Warriors, Lakers star Kobe Bryant tore his left Achilles’ tendon. But sharing your brand personality and culture with the masses can go a long way toward allowing people to connect with your brand.
Take it head on and apologize while also communicating how you can resolve any issues and do better next time. Initially, participants had to donate money to the ALS Association or dump ici water on their heads, and challenge their friends to do the same. From Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jessica Alba, the challenge united millions of people around the world who posted videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Here are 5 social media lessons that other brands can learn from Flipkart.The field of e-Commerce has changed a lot over the last few years, and the methods used within it have also. In return, you'll gain goodwill, a likely follower and probably some good word-of-mouth buzz on the social network. Every time new people logged on to the dedicated site, the logo added their profile picture. It was rigged so that if a consumer checked in on Foursquare, the billboard would dispense some of the company's dog food.

The following night, while still awaiting surgery, the All-Star shooting guard took to Facebook to vent about his feelings and whether or not it could be a career-ending injury. But the more proactive they are to make amends and learn important lessons, the better it will be for everyone. Unsurprisingly, there have been plenty of sites out there that try their best to show they are more lucrative than what they really are. With every picture, the logo got a little bigger, until 2,890 fan photos comprised the full name, Ingo, over a four-hour period.
To demonstrate the recuperative effects of exercise, Jorgenson was put on a workout routine for the month that compelled him to exercise three to five times a day, in 10-minute spurts. In a social media twist, Twitter and Facebook followers dictated the type of exercise for each session. Social ListeningIt’s no secret that social media can be used to follow conversations of customers. No brand can be all things to all people, but letting a customer know you are aware of their situation and troubleshooting it that does a lot to ease the aggravation.
Every brand receives backlash, the beauty lies in the way they handle it.On Flipkart whenever they receive complaints on their online properties, they are prompt on replying and courteous. This re-instates the customer’s belief that once the product is sold it isn’t forgotten Flipkart does a great job on handling their customer queries, complaints and provides them with solutions as well.2. Social Media as a WholeEvery Social Media platform has its own uniqueness and the way they work is also different.
The reason that many brands do not effectively connect is because they cannot be easily found or recognized on social media that is due to lack of information and integration. Running a Facebook campaign doesn’t mean you cannot talk about it on Twitter, and that is where flipkart got it right.On Flipkarts website as you scroll down you will see an option where they can be connected on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ thus making the customers aware of their presence. If its an occasion around the corner, Flipkart makes sure how to connect people with their products. Thus keeping in mind that Flipkart is running a contest on Twitter, where your tweets can win you a gift they have linked it across all their networks.
They have even shared these advertisements on their social networks to spread awareness as well.4. Re-MarketingRe-Marketing is a way of following customers that didn’t convert the first time they visited your brands website.
So with this you can target your customers with the ads that are relevant to the pages or products the customers viewed on your site.
Know the PlatformIt is very important for brands to be aware of changes happening on social network’s if they are not adhering to those changes they are clearly losing out more ways to expand their reach. Like if you go on their Facebook page, you will see now they share more and more links and that is because, links on Facebook are working as good as photos these days (report suggests).Most brands don’t even have a page on Google+; even if they do it’s like a Ghost Town forgotten! Flipkart handles all their online properties very consistently and is a follower of the most important saying that the only thing constant on social media is “Change”.Now it’s your turnThough I am wondering why Flipkart doesn’t have a YouTube Channel?
If this is the official one, they surely need to revisit it again and at least add a profile pic there.What do you think about Flipkart?

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