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Paragraph 1. What is the title of the job you are applying for and where did you see it advertised? Cornwall College is a statutory corporation set up by order of the Secretary of State under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992.
Excellence in Leadership is what makes Broken Arrow great, from the hundreds of BA City employees that keep things working to the more than 100,000 citizens that make Broken Arrow a great place to live. At my agency, Innovative Marketing Resources, we get the opportunity to speak to both a lot of other inbound marketing agencies and a lot of marketers who are all trying to create marketing that people lovea€¦ which is to say, marketing that generates the greatest number of sales qualified leads.
Objections a€“ what objections will my prospect raise and what answers overcome these objections? Once you have a sense of what your sales process looks like, you can use a platform like HubSpot to implement a marketing machine.
This is what I learned after I took content marketing apart and put it back together again.
When Innovative Marketing Resources works with clients to help them create marketing people love, we use a technique for creating a marketing machine and the content-fuel to power it, called the Content Marketera€™s Blueprinta„?. And yes, one day Millennials will be the elder generation and they will glamorize their generation’s exploits while talking down whoever comes after Gen Z.
These are valuable skillsets that you generally only find in specialists from Gen X and Baby Boomers. Thorin McGee is editor-in-chief and content director of Target Marketing and oversees editorial direction and product development for the magazine, website and other channels.
Having already evolved the GCS branding style for the 2013 Annual Report, we set about translating this new style to the corporate profile. The document includes a great sampler of the stunning on-site photography that we've taken on GCS projects throughout the year. To finish (if you'll pardon the pun), the profile has a UV varnish of the key message  "Your leading supplier of integrated products and services" on the cover.
If your company marketing materials are in dire need of some brand-love, we'd love to have a chat and discuss some ways we can make your next project a success.
Despite the rise of social media solutions, a professionally produced Company Profile is still our preferred marketing tool for presenting our business.
Make sure you are mentioning skills and experience the employers are looking for, not just what you think is great. Nominate someone that makes Broken Arrow great today and you could win a $100 gift card to Stone Mill BBQ and Steakhouse!

I find it fascinating to understand how things work and I know that I really understand something when I can put it back together and it still does what it was intended to do (I didna€™t break it!). Simply creating a lot of great content and expecting it to attract prospects and convert them into sales qualified leads on your website is like pouring gasoline on four tires and a pile of engine parts and expecting them to take you to Boston.
When you implement your sales process on a platform like HubSpot, youa€™ll be creating a flow of educating content that your prospects can participate in. Ita€™s a client-specific plan to create a marketing machine that reflects the clienta€™s sales process, the content to fuel that process plus the analytics to ensure the machine is running at peak performance.
Many Millennials enter the workforce knowing how to shoot and edit video the same way I knew how to use Word and Excel.
Many Millennials picked them up on the side, and bring them to employers essentially for free. To give the document a professional and unique feel, we decided that a 4-page gate-fold central spread would work a treat. They are a dramatic and engaging presence in the document and help give the reader a full understanding of the bredth of GCS's services and work. The high-gloss UV varnish finish against the matt-laminated solid red cover really stands out and give the document a sophisticated and very professional feel. It allows GCS to quickly and easily present key information to both existing and potential customers as well as investors.
So when my agency dedicated itself to creating marketing that people love and being really good at content marketing, I set about taking content marketing apart to see what makes it tick. You can keep pouring gasoline on that pile of parts but ita€™s not going anywhere unless that pile of parts is assembled into a car. Youa€™re going to have to learn about your sales process, which means talking to sales, in order to do it right. This flow is created with things like calls-to-action, forms, landing pages, nurturing emails, list segmentations and workflows. If someone comes to you saying they are doing content marketing, ask them about their sales process.
We create Content Marketera€™s Blueprints for our prospects, at no cost, before we propose any services or quote any prices. It happens to every generation (and here’s a selection of historical quotes to show you just how far back that goes).
These bonus skills alone mean Millennials have the opportunity to move your marketing forward like no generation before them. The centre pages fold out into the full spread from the centre, giving the appearance of a gate.

Design City have done an outstanding job with our latest Profile, helping us to further build our image and add credibility to our company. I wanted to learn the secrets of great content that converted casual prospects into sales qualified leads.
A platform like HubSpot is cool because ita€™s both a collection of all the tools required for building a marketing machine and also integrated diagnostics that enable you to tune your machine to create marketing that people love.
If they cana€™t tell you why people are looking for them online and how they solve prospecta€™s problems better than anyone else, or how they address objections to their brand, you can be pretty certain that theya€™re not doing content marketing and theya€™re not creating marketing people love a€“ even if theya€™re blogging 5 times a weeka€¦  and they are not consistently generating sales qualified leads, guaranteed. Yes, ita€™s radical, but we find that prospects who really want to create marketing that people love make the best customers. Content is the fuel that makes your marketing machine goa€¦ but you have to build your marketing machine, otherwise simply stockpiling fuel by writing more content isna€™t going to do you any good. We think this is so powerful and game-changing that we've even started teaching other inbound agencies how to sell services and manage clients using the Content Marketer's Blueprint.
If youa€™d like to learn more about the Content Marketera€™s Blueprint, you can view a short video clip here. The term content marketing a€“ which I claim is widely misused - only partially describes what makes content marketing work and how you should be using content to create marketing that people love.
And if it does work, why arena€™t more people, even professional marketing agencies, successful with it? If youa€™re selling by these methods, content marketing isna€™t going to help you no matter how hard you try. Without it, your great content isna€™t going to help you consistently generate sales qualified leads. You have to understand the process by which your business helps people solve problems in a way that causes a prospect to become a customer by paying for what you do. You can imagine a prospect finding you (because you have great content and have done excellent SEO), learning about what you do, deciding you know what youa€™re talking about, choosing to learn more about your brand of solution, overcoming objections to purchasing your brand and finally signaling readiness for a sales call to close the deal.
But since our agency is usually talking to marketers, we often refer to the sales process in content marketing as a marketing machine.

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