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Three renegades on a rescue mission battle a powerful vampire master and an unscrupulous land baron on the wild frontier of colonial New Zealand. Ita€™s 1840 and throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, niho taniwha (vampire) clans ruled by their master Maku terrorize the kainga (villages) and pa (fortified settlements) of the MA?ori population.

For settlers pouring into the country in the belief theya€™re going to start life in the a€?Britain of the Southa€™, talk of evil cannibalistic monsters who drain their victims of blood at night is just native superstition designed to discourage them from spreading throughout the land.Aided by human familiar, land agent William Croft, Maku and his clans begin to prey on the settlers, while seeking to perpetuate the myth surrounding their presence. In their way, three brave souls running from their pastsa€”feisty red-headed beauty Sarah Marlow, MA?ori warrior Tutahua, and Father Thomas Oa€™Hara, a catholic priesta€”who go on a crusade to rid the expanding colony of its bloodsucking curse as they seek to rescue a young girl kidnapped by niho taniwha to be reared for food.

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