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We would like you to make a trailer that attracts children your age and younger than yourself, and their parents. Once you have put your trailer together, you can show it to the rest of your class and explain why you put it together in this way.
The secret formula of a Hollywood movie trailer has been revealed!  It’s pretty funny too…check it out!
A nice parody that takes all the cliches from movie trailers in a funny and clever animated short film! Those big-budget movie trailers require an orchestra and hours at an editing bay, but any aspiring filmmaker can make a trailer to their movie, regardless of the amount of cash in their bank account.

The best trailers pull the viewer into the movie's plot and characters without giving away too much. These software packages contain storyboard, trimming and title functions, and provide access to quick and easy frame transitions.
You'll need to place your trailer in appropriate theaters anywhere from a few months to a year before its release. The interactive edit suite enables them to manipulate visual and audio material in a way that best suits the audience that they are trying to reach. Think carefully about what you could put in your trailer that will make it appealing to this audience.

And if you have good editing software, a creative mind and a great movie to work with, make a movie trailer that'll advertise your film and expose it to a wider audience. If you're clear with your concept at the outset, it'll save you time and frustration at the computer later.
If you need original music or edited scenes for use in the movie trailer, figure the cost and stick to it.

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