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I have gone by another name for nearly 37 years now, a name that I have tried to grow into daily. The persecution against Christians increased for several centuries until Constantine declared that all under his domain were now Christians. The name Christian has accumulated so much baggage over the years it is now very weighty A to carry. I want at times to go back to pre-Constatine days when the name Christian meant something more. Anyway, these groups have settled onto these names which they use for convenience as much as anything else, so if you look them up in the phone book, you’ll know which is which.
In her most recent statements Rice says she is renouncing the Catholic Church, not Christianity. I completely understand a Christ-follower renouncing a particular church or even organized religion in general. A Christian is a sinner saved by the free and unmerited favour of God given by him so joyfully and willingly. My prayer is that we become more compassionate persons today and tomorrow than we were yesterday and this can only happen if we are led by and controlled by the Spirit of Jesus. In fact, if you’re suffering from that much ennui, would you mind coming over and helping me with some chores this weekend? We do it at conferences, at business meetings, at conventions, family reunions, anywhere where we can assume not everyone knows each other but we want to be able to function together–why not at church on Sunday? It turns a church full of Christians into a crowd of conference goers, business meetings, game-show contestants, and convention hounds looking for a new sales lead. Or worse, the gung-ho name tag installer who is overzealous and wants to write your name down, peel off the adhesive backing, and slap that name tag on your shirt and try to shake your hand at the same time. It is very embarrassing to me to see people act this way and makes me very uneasy and uncomfortable to the point where I either try to avoid name tag Sunday altogether or if I really had to go for some reason (an after church committee meeting), arrive very late when the name-tag crew is taking a break between services and it appears that no one else is showing up, wait until they go to the fellowship hall and then go in the church. This mindset has even happened to me at certain Christian retreats (paid in advance) where in order to be admitted, you had to wear the name tag.
Isn’t there a Geico commercial where the registration table at a conference tries to stick a standard-sized nametag on The Gecko? When I was in high school, my church made everybody wear name tags for family night potluck, and I hated them. I find most arguments of that sort rest on generalizations and vagaries rather than specifics. I think every religion (including Judaism and Hinduism) is capable of good and evil, and unless it was started yesterday, has a record of both. It’s okay (in fact much better) to admit that Christianity messed up with the Inquisition, witch-hunts, etc.
I’ve thought before that I should invent a new term or word to use instead of Christian. As for who is a€?in or outa€? of the Kingdom of God, I dona€™t know, nor is it my place to decided. As my dear husband pointed out, however, I take this live-and-let-live view because theological discourse is too smart for me and I tend be a a€?just the factsa€? sort of person. IM now has a group on Facebook, which is designed to help readers of the Internet Monk blog connect and communicate in other ways and places.

To make this as safe and user-friendly as possible, we have made the iMonk Community an invitation only group.
With one decree, those who were known as Christians went from being snack treats for lions to being everyone in the entire Roman empire. So much time is spent by supposed followers of Christ defending their turf for the exclusive usage of the name Christian that could be spent actually living as Jesus lived. When I say I am a Christian, people may automatically assume I am against gay marriage, against national health care, against President Obama, against taxes, against the Democratic party agenda. Founded by people who didn’t want there to be denominations (hence the name), and today most of them can laugh at the irony. When we are walking with God on a daily basis, then (over time despite our many failings) we grow to be more gracious in our relationships with others and more tolerant of differences on peripheral issues. When we fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, then peripheral issues remain peripheral rather than becoming dominant.
Whether the good outweighs the bad is difficult to say, but religion isn’t going to go away.
I often received a litany of the evils perpetuated on the earth by Christians, the more popular being The Crusades, homophobia, patriarchy, child-abuse, not caring about the poor or the environment and (my favorite) intolerance. But I admonish them, whatever they chose, to not a€?believe just becausea€? but to know without doubt they believe the truth.
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The meaning of the name Christian no longer reflected those who followed Jesus, even to their death; it was now simply another way to say Roman.
The first thing that comes to their minds is not how I reflect Jesus in my life, but the cultural and political things I am against.
Christians are poor and rich, skinny and fat, educated and illiterate, Catholic and Protestant. Could it be that everyone’s name is written there, and the reason some are not admitted is because they turn away from the door that leads to life, instead wanting to find a way they can make themselves? The Church(es) of Christ used to be the same group, but they drifted away a hundred years ago over the issue of instrumental music. If a word means something to you and you detest the popular usage, you dona€™t discard the word. Instead of tossing it into the fire he should find ways to carve it into works so inspiring that people began to see why he found it wonderful. We are all created by a loving God for the purpose of entering into a loving relationship with him and others. Jesus never declared himself the Messiah stating that if he were to make such a declaration then it would by its very nature be false. I can understand that concept to keep the people who think they will get in for free from doing so but I still despise the behavior of certain people who act in the ways mentioned above. Over time I learned answers, depending on my relationship to the person, that ranged from quiet listening to invitations to study The Book of Luke or John together or asking where they got their ideas or explaining why I believed, and even saying Ia€™m sorry. With eternity at stake, make sure you are right; ita€™d be dreadful to die and find out youa€™re wrong.
How many of those who call themselves Christians might fit into that box: That is their name, but not their faith? I try not to get sucked into those discussions, because it is so hard to then turn them back to the saving power of Jesus.

Christians are conservative and liberal, gun owners and peaceniks, carnivores and vegetarians.
But Jesus doesn’t share my enthusiasm for exclusivity when it comes to the name Christian. But I think that is a discussion for another day.) Anyone who wants to can put on a name tag and write Christian on it.
It extends to us all for we have all failed to love God with our whole being and others as we love ourselves. When we take our eyes off Jesus of Nazareth (the crucifed, now risen Messiah) then other issues such as theological differences or behavioural differences or political differences etc. I would rather be discovered to be a Christian than announce that I’m a Christian and by that very declaration be a false one. These did not always work, but I learned to defend my faith and not be a coward (which I was).
Sometimes I can evade this craziness, other times I am stopped and shamed into participating.
Does one earn the right to the name for repeating a certain vow or confessing a specific creed? And yet there are many who wear a name tag with Christian written on it who do stand against many or all of these things, and do so loudly. For instance, how is that Anne Rice can say she is renouncing Christianity but not Christ and still be called a Christian?
I don’t want to be in the same group with conservative Rush-quoting, Obama-hating Christians.
He sends his servants to the highways and byways inviting in all kinds of nuts, weirdos, misfits. But start talking about Christ or the bible and you might get a surprise, that to me is a follower of Christ who’s not caught up in appearances. I don’t have time to go through the hundreds of comments that go into spam every day, but let me know and if it's in spam I can do a quick search and set it free. And I don’t feel very comfortable with abortion-advocating, tax-raising liberals either. My concern is not who is in or out a€“ my part is to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and to love my neighbor as myself. It was not, apparently, a name these followers adopted for themselves, but one that was put upon them by observers of their way of life.
I am thankful my part is small; Ia€™m a great deal too foolish to be judging the fate of others. In a short time, to be known as a Christian meant your life and the life of your family was in danger. There are some who are loyal to their church, and some who, like Anne Rice, are fed up with what they see as a game and have quit the church. Do I really have to share my name with someone who confesses prosperity for himself and is out shopping for that new Mercedes?

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